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I never thought I'd hear the Lord say the cat is eating your pie by Terradez Ministries

I Never Thought That I Would Hear the Lord Say….

The Cat is Eating Your Pie

In a farmhouse long ago, on a rainy afternoon, I decided to bake a pie. It doesn’t sound particularly spiritual, but everyone was out and about, and I had a rare moment of alone time to do something creative. So, the pie baking commenced and filled the house with glorious odours of yumminess. I set the pie on top of the stove to cool while I sat down to check emails. Our three farm cats, aka the mousers, assembled themselves around me to stare at the moving images on the computer screen and periodically trample across my keyboard.

In my journey with Jesus, I had recently discovered that small talk was as equally important with Him as it was in any earthly relationship. Hearing God in the little things, learning to tune in to His still small voice for direction, and following it was vital. Sometimes life got busy, and taking time to develop spiritual listening ears was a new adventure.

You Can Hear Him

However, as I pecked away at the keyboard that afternoon, the last thing that I thought I would hear the Lord say was, “The cat is eating your pie!” It sounded so off the wall that I did what most people do and ignored it, thinking that it was a result of eating too much cheese. The three cats were sitting next to me, all present and certainly not eating my pie. After the third time, the thought on the inside of me was so loud in my head that I looked around me at the cats and decided that I had to go and get a visual of my pie anyway, just to be safe.

As I headed into the kitchen, there on the stovetop was a cat—eating my pie! Greater than the shock of a strange cat finding its way into my kitchen and eating my pie, was the fact that God, the Creator of the universe, was so in tune with my life that He would take the time to speak to me about a pie and that I could hear Him!

The truth is that we can all hear Him, all of the time. He is constantly thinking about us and talking to us.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” — John 10:27 

Why Is Hearing God Important?

Why is it important to be able to hear God’s voice?

For many reasons, but mostly because He knows the way ahead. He knows us, our future, and the path that will most fulfill our hopes and dreams. The Holy Spirit leads us into truth, shows a way of escape in times of danger, reveals our future and purpose, convicts and teaches us, opens doors of opportunity for us, and loves us with an everlasting love.

This ability to hear God was made more real to me that day, but I didn’t realize how important that would prove to be until a few days later. I was driving down the hedge-lined country lane taking our children to school, when I heard inside of me, “Brake!!” I didn’t question it: I immediately stomped on the brake without thinking. Out of a hidden farm gate in front of me shot another vehicle! We would have collided head-on at 60 mph if I had not stopped when I did. Listening to the Lord that day probably saved our lives.

Take time today to hang out with Jesus. Talk about the little things! Small talk is a powerful part of developing an intimate relationship. It is amazing what we will hear when we take time to listen.

“Be still and know that I am God.” — Psalm 46:10


I Never Thought That I Would Hear the Lord Say….