Get Out of My Way! How to Overcome Fear and Live Boldly

Carlie’s real-life examples of fear—both the rational and completely ridiculous—will cause you to laugh your way into godly boldness! Her inspirational style will reveal limiting fears you may have been completely unaware of, but also show you how you can break free of them. Tell fear, “Get out of my way!” Read this excerpt from Carlie’s book, Fearless, and learn how to overcome fear and live boldly!


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according to his word

According to His Word

There are so many powerful lessons we can learn from the Christmas story! The season isn’t about our families, Christmas trees, gift exchanges, or delicious food. Although those are all

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All is not lost - your path from trauma to victory - girl sitting on tree branch

All Is Not Lost

Enjoy this excerpt from Carlie’s new book, All Is Not Lost: Your Path from Trauma to Victory: Just as it was not God’s plan for me to suffer at the

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god wants you rich

God Wants You Rich

Please enjoy this excerpt of Ashley’s book, God Wants You Rich: The Scandalous Truth: What is God’s will for your life concerning finances? Does God want you rich, or does

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get your hopes up

Get Your Hopes Up!

It certainly appears that the world in which we live is getting darker. However, We need to be selective about the reports we listen to because they move us at

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Divine Appointments by Terradez Ministries - real estate sign in front of a house

Divine Appointments

God always keeps His promises to us, no matter how impossible it may seem in the natural. One way He blesses us and answers our prayers is through divine appointments.

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Think God's Thoughts by Terradez Ministries

Think God’s Thoughts

God has great plans for you! Walking in those plans takes a mind shift from the world’s perspective to God’s perspective. You must begin to see things the way God

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You know what to do by Terradez Ministries

You Know What to Do

What do I do now? Where is God? Why hasn’t He done something? Every believer encounters these questions. But, God wants to lead us and direct us. He’s delighted to guide

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