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Chronic Digestive Issues HEALED

No more medication!

After hearing Ashley and Carlie preach the Word of God and minister on receiving physical healing. Nomvuyo knew that Jesus had healed her body from head to toe and she woke up the next day with all of her digestive issues and stomach pain GONE!


Below, you find real-life testimonies of God’s goodness! Use the search feature to find stories of victory in the areas of healing, finances, and encouragement. Or read them all to build up your faith in every area of your life!

If you have a testimony, we would love for you to share it with us! Our form allows you to write your story and even include a link to a video testimony. All testimonies will be reviewed by ministry staff to ensure appropriate content before publishing to the list below.

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Rebecca Silva
United States

I Am Already Healed

After not having a period for six months I started bleeding in November. It went on continually (some days much better than others) for three months. God led me to […]

$1000 Seed Turns into Harvest!

In November, I sowed a $1,000 seed into Terradez Ministries. I felt like, if I did, the Lord would bless my daughter and I with a home to live in. […]


Healed from knee pain and stomach pain

We overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and by our testimony! Last year as I watched “The Cure”, I was healed from stomach and knee pain. That […]



While watching power hour last Thursday broadcast from the hotel room in London Carlli prayed for someone with a bruised eye and face and a fractured cheekbone. Due to a […]

Emily Edwards
United Kingdom

Healing from Asthma & IBS

Once I had revelation that healing is part of the atonement, I began fervently declaring daily healing scriptures over my life. Just prior to COVID I was told I have […]

Joan Nelson
United States


I have been listening to power hour and have been standing on what the word says that Jesus healed them all. I have found a lump in my left breast […]

Leigh Cagle
United States


I watched Healing Now at Charis Bible College online and Carlie spoke out hernia healing ❤️‍🩹. She said it to be “sucked back into the body “ and healed and […]


Heart healed completely!

My wife and I are Terradez Partners here in southeast Arizona, and being Partners with you has helped us in so many ways! I suffered a heart attack in October […]


Thank you!

Praise Jesus for His Love and Healing! I thank you Carlie and Ashley for making your videos available and for putting together the “39 Reasons Healing is Yours”. Last week […]


Healed of lower limps neuropathy

Hello brothers and sisters, celebrate with me the goodness of the Lord!!! I called Terradez Ministries in August 2023 and sis Donnah picked the phone on the other side, i […]

Sharon Duthie

I received 10 fold within 12 hours of giving!

Hi Ashley & Carlie, Thank you for all your teachings. I’ve been off work sick since February with multiple health issues I’ve had for many years and kept pushing through […]



Hello Ashley and Carlie, I thank God for you men of God for helping me to come out of fear and the same time got healed after listening and reading […]


Trach removed

My son Bryce was attacked by the beast ADEM in January of 2020, at the time we were baby Christian’s without a revelation of grace through faith but throughout Bryce’s […]



We thank God for you and the Power Academy! Since we’ve been study your teaching, our ministry has turned into a healing ministry just about 90% everyone we minister healing […]


Stomach Healed

I have the most wonderful praise Report! Firstly, thank you for the free resources made available to me. After contacting you, asking for prayer for my stomach, you sent me […]