Your Best Life
    is every day
    In the Purpose &
Promises of God

We hope that you will take advantage of these free resources. Be empowered as you access everything Jesus has provided for you to live Your Best Life.

The Your Best Life track features teachings from Terradez Ministries, assembled to help you live every day in the purpose and promises of God:

  • Possessing the Promises
  • More Than Enough
  • Healed + Whole

Also featuring a special week of programs from prophetic voice Joseph & Heather Z!


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Terradez Ministries is empowering believers in the promises of God. Founders Ashley & Carlie Terradez have a special teaching ministry emphasizing what Jesus Christ provided for us, especially health and financial provision.

Possessing the Promises USB

2 Corinthians 1:20 says, “For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen…” God’s promises for healing, financial provision, and abundant life are ours, but they don’t happen by accident.

More Than Enough CD

Do you have enough? The Bible is full of scenarios where the people of God faced hunger, slavery, or lack, that threatened to prevent them from fulfilling God’s purpose on their lives. Yet, God provided for them in miraculous ways. We shouldn’t allow our expectations for increase to be limited to only natural solutions. God is the God of the impossible.

Healed + Whole USB

God wants us walking in health – physically and emotionally, yet so many still struggle. This 15-part video course will help you grow in your relationship with God as you learn about faith and how it works.

Your Best Life
    Product Bundle

The Your Best Life teachings are available in your favorite format so that you can take them wherever you go. This product bundle includes:

  • More Than Enough CD Set
  • Healed + Whole USB
  • Possessing the Promises USB
  • Confession Card Magnet
  • Your Life with God Booklet

$99 normally $122

Joseph & Heather Z

The Your Best Life features a special week of programs from Joseph & Heather Z. Z Ministries is an international prophetic voice that builds lives by the Word of God in the church, government, and marketplace.

These special episodes about the Voice of God, featuring Joseph and Heather Z, will air on broadcast television from August 26th through 30th.