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30-60-100 Fold

(From the Healing and Miracle Night at New Creation Church in Ontario, Canada)

I had 36 dollars when I walked in on Saturday. I gave 20 at the offering request.

I came back Monday morning and was a little scared…
Why did people not pay me the money they owed? Why have people not come through when they said they would.

Ashley asked for an offering again. I was clinging to my remaining $16.00.
Then I remembered – if what I have is NOT a harvest…it’s probably supposed to be a seed!

I decided to take all my money – all $16.00 and put it in the offering envelope.
It must have been weird for Ashleigh and Carly to open an envelope and find a FIVE a TEN and a LOONIE.
Two days. $36.00…. it was all I had.

Tuesday night – the next day – I received a call from a potential future client…she said, “There has been a misunderstanding as to how we want to avail ourselves of your time Barry – If we give you $3,000.00 extra can you double the amount of time you share with us?”
The same night, a lady I met in 2012 called and asked if I could share some ideas with her. She offered me just over $600.00 (Canadian$) for my time.

$3,000 + $600 = $3,600 on a $36 offering.

Jesus delivered on His promise again… 100 FOLD!!!
Thank You Jesus!
Barry Spilchuck