By His Stripes

About a year ago I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, a terminal lung disease giving around 2 to 5 years after diagnosis. It’s not a very well known disease. Basically what happens is that the lungs gradually become stiff and hard making it impossible to breath as it progresses. There is no effective medical treatment available.

Many people started to pray and I was anointed with oil twice. I subsequently went through many investigations like CT scans, blood tests, x-rays, MRI scans etc. During this time I was living with an incredible peace all due to do much prayer support.

A friend sent me a link to one of Carlie’s talks and I was blown away by her testimony of being healed from kidney failure and blood clots etc. She put a whole new perspective on being healed and how we have to stand on the promises of God, even still having the symptoms still believe that we are healed.

Recently at Guys hospital in London my consultant gave me the result of a recent CT scan. She told me that the disease in my lungs had almost completely resolved and that my lung function tests showed that my lungs are now better than the average person of my age!! Oh my goodness, I could scarcely believe it! This is a miracle! By the stripes of His Jesus I have been healed! Praise Jesus!

My auto immune system is still out of order but I’m believing God for healing there too!
Thank you so much for your teaching Carlie! It has been amazing!