Double healing at healing is here in Calgary Alberta

I started losing my eyesight in April it was decreasing so fast! I went though many doctor appointments had an mri, brain scans, and had seen about 5 different specialists. The Conclusion was that I had an auto immune disease attacking my eyes causing sever uveitis and vision loss to the point where I was on steroids for months already with nothing working. I had pain every single day and suffered getting through the days with my eye sight coming and going while trying to take care of my own 2 children and I was nannying a child at the time. I saw that Carlie and Ashley were in Calgary doing a healing conference. I have been following Andrews ministries for a few years now and received an email. I told my husband that I wanted to go,( we live 6 hours away)the timing wasn’t great as we had company coming so I decided to go alone but my husband being the supportive man he is cancelled on our visitors and said he was going with me. My husband has had a back condition for the past 8 years from a car accident but he learnt to live with is all these years. When we got the the conference I could feel Gods presence so strong. We sat though the conference and listened to everything Carlie had talked about. At the end she prayed with authority over different sicknesses and diseases. At one point she said that the Holy Spirit was telling her that someone in this room had been in a car accident years ago and has been dealing with back pain, she said every time this person moved their shoulder they have a cracking and crunching feeling and constant pain, she spoke against that and healing was immediately released over my husband, he didn’t realize until the next day that he was completely healed.we rejoiced! I accepted my own healing at the co defence for my eyes but didn’t see any progress however if anything it got worse, I was rebuking the devils attacks but for some reason my eyes would not get better. About a week or so after the conference my husband had a revelation as a word came to him from the bible, he read it to me and something clicked, we cried together and he prayed over me and reminded me that I was healed and he then felt the need to take medication away. The next morning I woke up and was 100% healed and restored! Today is 6 months since my healing and still no symptoms! Praise God! My Husbands healing has brought him so much closer to God and I love how God works. Thank you Carlie and Ashley for traveling and doing Gods work!