Effect Of Your Teaching

Hello Mr and Mrs Terradez. I’m very grateful to God for giving you the grace to reach out to the world. Your teachings have changed my life greatly. I watch you on TBN from Nigeria and since I’ve started listening to you I’ve had so much faith to live an abundant life. I noticed my knee was bad 3 months ago and it kept getting worse that I couldn’t stand myself neither could I sit, i was in so much pains. But one day I listened to your teaching and had so much faith to pray for healing. That same day I realised I could stand and sit normally again, I didn’t believe it and I waited till the following morning, I had already gotten up to my daily activities before I realised I got up the bed myself without any chronic pain. My knee have been completely healed since then, I was already telling my husband to take me to the hospital the weekend after I heard your teaching. I was saved from what would have been a terrible health situation.

I watch your shows every morning and I thank God for you. You’ve also helped me grow in Christ, and given me so much knowledge to live an abundant life. I love your ministry and your family. God Bless you for impacting the world.

My finances have also gotten better and I pray to God for more increase so I’ll come back to share another abundant testimony.

Before I end this I would love to state how much I love how both of you teach in such gentility and the jokes your husband makes with you during the show is so amazing and fun. May God Keep Blessing Your Ministry. Amen.