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Freedom from fear

Thank you, Terradez Ministries, for all the recent teachings on overcoming fear and other attacks on the mind. I have seen these types of attacks on so many believers this year, including me.

I had a number of very difficult events happen over the past year, including a big loss, which led to some panic attacks starting. Through Jesus, I saw these panic attacks leave me, but I still struggled with a daily attack of fear. These would feel like a choking, tight feeling in my neck and tight shoulders, and fear would bring along a lot of other attacks like doubt, etc…. It was a daily huge struggle, and I kept trying to get rid of the fear feeling, without seeming to get success.

I had to deal with the disappointment, and God showed me I had to trust in Him with all my heart instead of leaning on my own understanding. But, one thing that God revealed is that He commanded me to let not my heart be troubled. He never said to let not my neck and shoulders feel tight. That was a huge revelation; God was showing me that I was allowing the physical symptoms of fear to make me think that I was afraid. Once I stopped worrying about the physical symptoms, I was able to stay in peace even though I had physical symptoms of fear (which would eventually go away). God showed me it was like standing for physical healing. We can have symptoms, but should not agree with sickness because of symptoms.

Praise Jesus!