My husband and I attended Abundant Life last year. At the time, our 6-month old son had been hospitalized since birth, having been diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome and expected to die within days. His organs had begun shutting down and doctors insisted we make funeral plans because they were certain we would not come back to meet him alive. During the conference, Ashley agreed in prayer with us that Derek would live to declare the works of the Lord. Carlie also told us to never stop speaking life over him and to not be moved by what we saw. We got Carlie’s book and it soon became our soundtrack to daily life. I even audio recorded it (that may have been presumptuous of me!) and played it over and over in Derek’s hospital room to grow our faith and stretch our expectations. WIthin 4 months, our son was well enough to leave the hospital, and is today stable and regaining all the enemy stole from him. We thank you for emboldening our faith through your teachings and testimony. Yesterday, I was on the phone with his doctors to get clearance for him to travel with me to Colorado Springs for this year’s conference. It struck me that indeed God has been good to us–last year we were making funeral plans, but this year, we are making travel plans! Praise the Lord!