God is our Healer and He cares about helping us with simple things!

Praise Reports!-God is our Healer and He speaks to us even about simple things!

I just wanted to give God praise! He is so good and He loves to be involved with every area of our lives. I have two praise reports. First, I want to thank God and my power academy family for agreement in prayer for my mother. She was sick for the past couple of weeks. But praise God, now she is home from the hospital and is doing great! Thank you Jesus!
Also, I want to praise God for His help with practical things in our lives. Earlier today, I had trouble with my washing machine. I could not get the lid open . After a while of trying to get it open, I thought I could put to practice what we have recently been taught and use this opportunity to hear from God. So I asked the Holy Spirit what I should do to get the lid open. I listened and after a moment I had a thought ,”Unplug it for 10 seconds and then plug it back in” I know this sounds very simple, but I would not have thought to do that on my own. At first, I wasn’t 100% sure it was God telling me what to do, but I decided to do it anyway. So I unplugged it and waited and when I plugged it back in IT WORKED ,the lid opened!!! Praise God, He speaks to his children and He is so good. He is our Healer and also enjoys helping us in every part of our daily lives no matter how simple the situation.