Healed from very painful sciatica

Hi Carlie. The Lord told me to attend your Cambridge meeting weeks ago although it is over 60 miles from home. I follow you on FB regularly and have seen you at Ben Conway’s church last year. I saw Hannah’s healing testimony years ago and also saw your own healing from epilepsy testimony just last Saturday. I have been suffering acute pain from sciatica/pinched nerve, so much so that I was barely able to walk from room to room in my house and have been using a stick and been on a lot of pain killers. I was impressed in your own healing testimony by you saying “turning off epilepsy” in the Name of Jesus. Impacted me greatly: I have also had prayer over the past few weeks and others standing with me for healing. Yesterday, Sunday, at the Cambridge meeting, I received my healing and indeed you had a word of knowledge for me. I was able to walk freely from the meeting to my car – about 300 yards – with no pain! Hallelujah!! I have taken no painkillers today and I believe that the Lord has told me to walk normally and quicker. The only discomfort I have felt is, I believe, my hips getting back to being normal and in the normal position again. Praise God! I am remembering to “turn off pain” just like you turned off epilepsy.
Thank you so much for your teaching and ministry yesterday – blessed indeed! Please keep it up!
I hope to hear Ashley at Heal the Nations conference at the end of this month and am looking forward to it!

Praise and glory to God and much thanks to you for your obedience and being a channel for His healing!

Love and blessings Maureen