Healing by texting for EDS

Hi Carley and Ashley, I love your teachings and it inspires me and builds me in faith….I was watching a youtube clip of The Last Reformation, they gave a testimony of a girl that was healed of EDS…and I got in my mind…watch the comments…so I scrolled through the comments and I saw a writing of a woman..”please pray for me, I got EDS as well “, so I told her that she doesn’t have this disease and wrote about AWM ministries and suddenly I saw an answer of somebody in Dutch, so the woman was dutch, as I am, so..we made contact, but she lives at the other side of the Netherlands, quite a long way to drive…so I prayed with fire and felt the anointing coming over me,I casted the sickness out, and spoke healing over this woman..as long as I felt the anointing over me…and I texted to her, what I just prayed over her !…Next day, Sunday morning, I woke at 5.05..and went to my work…and I looked on my phone at 6.00…she’d sent me a text-message at 5.05 !..and she told me when she read my prayer, there was a warmth all through her body and she fell like she could carry the world !!..She had a problem that her bones come out of their sockets, every time she comes out of her bed, or when she takes a turn in her step, also she had a heart beat of 40 at day and 20 at night. And the church was praying that she can’t have kids !! Some church !! Yesterday, 4 days after the prayer, she had to go to the hospital, to talk about a pacemaker.I texted, they won’t find any reason to do that, you are healed! Speak to the doctors, that Jesus healed you!…In the afternoon she texted, the doctors were flabbergasted…she was totally healed !!!..She had a healthy and powerful heartbeat and she doesn’t have dislocated arms and legs anymore..she is 41 years old…and…by this miracle, her husband now believes in Jesus !!!..God is so wonderful, He is so amazing !!! God bless you guys !!!..Praise Jesus !..And uh,sowwy fow my bad Engwish 😉