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Healed of lower limps neuropathy

Hello brothers and sisters, celebrate with me the goodness of the Lord!!! I called Terradez Ministries in August 2023 and sis Donnah picked the phone on the other side, i told her to agree with me that I am totally healed from neuropathy which felt like its getting worse no matter how I rebuked it and commanding it to break loose and leave my body. Sis Donnah encouraged me and prayed with me and told me to continue focused on what the Lord has done me not on the condition that I am going through,in just one week after prayer I managed to walk without support and now this week, I walked from work to my home twice not taking a taxi, which i couldn’t do in the past 5 months, I am recovering every day and I believe that my body is responding to the healing power of God. Thank you Terradez Ministries for the good news which brings healing and restoration of all things we’ve lost during the fall of man. I thank the Lord for all He has done for me. Amen!!!🙌🙌Jesus is Lord💃💃💃Halleluyah 📯🎶🎶