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Heart healed completely!

My wife and I are Terradez Partners here in southeast Arizona, and being Partners with you has helped us in so many ways! I suffered a heart attack in October 2022, and the Lord spoke to me when it happened, saying I would not die, but live, and declare His works. (Psalm 118:17) Because of that, and other thing He spoke to me as they airlifted me to the trauma center, I had no fear, since I knew I would be fine.

While I was in the hospital, my wife carried with her your Healing Confession Card, which we had gotten for FREE from your website! Through the scriptures on that card, the Lord also spoke to her, helping her to understand that all would be well.

I recovered quickly from the heart attack, and turned down the triple bypass operation the doctors insisted I needed, thanks in large part to what we have learned through your ministry over the years. My heart is strong and healthy, and even my cardiac surgeon says so! It is such a blessing to be partnered with you, and we are so grateful for your ministry!