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How you guys helped me heal and grow

I wanted to share that both Ashley and Carlie were instrumental on my path towards receiving healing and prosperity. For a few years I had migraines and general chronic fogginess, dizziness (like a slight chronic migraine).
I first saw Carlie on The Pearson’s Legacy TV. I had symptoms that day and was feeling depleted and Carlie told her story about getting up from her wheelchair and ending up playing tennis. The “one step at a time by faith and in the face of symptoms” stuck with me and changed something in my thinking. It gave me a strategy to deal with when there was an attack that helped me a lot in walking out my healing. I first saw Ashley (not knowing he was Carlie’s husband) at Andrew Wommack’s bible studies. He was teaching about finances and said at the end that the viewers needed to become partners with Andrew Wommack for their own good. We were already partners with Andrew, so I signed up as a partner with Ashely and Carlie instead. I was lying in the tub at the moment (that helped alleviate some of these vague migraine symptoms) and as I gave I felt a fog lifting from my body/brain. Something palpable had just happened in the spiritual realm, as it had when I first watched Carlie
Today I’m completely healed of migraines, hallelujah! My family is walking in God’s prosperity by faith. We’re giving, increasing and practicing God’s guidance in financial matters. Ashley and Carlie’s teachings are instrumental on my path towards walking in true intimacy with God and in His blessings. THANK YOU!!