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Jesus is my healer!

In May, my husband and I found out that we are expecting our first baby. We are so excited and can’t wait to meet our precious gift from God! Throughout my pregnancy I have dealt with a lot of sickness and pain; specifically, for the past few weeks I was dealing with heartburn and heart palpitations that were almost constant. I found it hard to eat anything and the pain brought me to tears. I had begun to accept this misery as my new reality, until a few days ago when God brought to my memory some scriptures and teachings that I had heard a while ago from Terradez Ministries. Suddenly, I became angry that I had let the pain stick around for even a moment. I spoke to those heart problems and said “do you know who you are messing with? I am a daughter of the Most High King! I have Jesus living in me who has done MORE than enough to conquer these problems!” I knew after that that I was healed, and I walked in my healing by eating food that I would have avoided before. I have only had the issues try to arise a couple times since then, but I am quick to remind them who I am, and that I am healed so they have to leave – and they do! Thanks be to Jesus for providing the healing, and thank you to Terradez Ministries for spreading the gospel of grace and healing!