Job Provided Following Prayer

Hello, a couple of days ago David prayed for my husband to get a union job. He is in the union and has been waiting about 6 months for them to call him with a full time assignment. In the meantime, he got a job offer yesterday for a full time job making good money, it wasn’t with the union but it is still a good job. I just wanted to share this praise report with you because we are super excited. Even though it’s not a union job it’s a start. And I watched a teaching video in where Ashley said that people should start somewhere and he gave the example of his friend who started at the ground level with 7/11 and worked his way up. Well we are still hoping for the union to call with a full time assignment but I feel like this is s a huge blessing and in part because of David’s prayers. Thank you so much! May God continue to bless your ministry and everyone who works/volunteers for Terredez Ministries! Praying for many new partners for you!

— Victoria Lynn Romanski