Lies have to leave in Christ’s Presence

First, a big Whoop Whoop! for the Lord. We had the opportunity to pray with a woman yesterday that had gotten bogged down in a slimy mud hole of lies about God wanting her to “suffer” since she became a Christian as penance for her terrible past. After sharing Romans 8 with her and other verses she was willing to let us pray for her. Holy Spirit gave depression and condemnation their eviction notice. She came back to the store this afternoon saying that the Lord freed her from the depression and condemnation that she felt the cloud of ick leave last night. She was praising Jesus and excited about learning more of what God has for her. All Glory to Our King! Next another praise , we have been able to get the space next to us, the Lord has given us the vision to expand our “Quiet Corner” ministry (the small space in our current location that we pray and minister to folks that come in the store, well actually it’s us so we pray just about anywhere:-) Now with the new space we will be able to have room for as many as 10 or so people to gather for Bible study. Whoop Whoop! Thank you Jesus! Pardon me while I have a private praise party (picture me doing the Llama dance with attitude).
Blessing Stephanie