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Miraculous Pregnancy

Carlie prayed for my pregnant daughter, Faith, who had been through 9 pregnancies. 6 were lost, 1 was born with Trisomy 18 [did not survive], and only 1 had been born healthy. She was trying to give her son a sibling. So, she tried getting pregnant again. Her 9th, and when she did, the doctors saw things that tried to bring lots of fear for Faith.

So, I was at the Healing Is Here Conference [2022] and asked Carlie to pray for Faith, and when she heard her story, she grabbed my hand and prayed for Faith to be healthy and the baby as well, and other good things.

So, now I am here to testify that Faith had a healthy baby girl, a true miracle from God! (and a sibling for her brother!) and she was born on my 70th birthday! Praise God!