My daughter healed from bee sting

Dear Terradez Ministries

Thank you so much for your wonderful ministry!

I was listening to one of Carlie’s Power Hours in March 2020 about fear, and she shared her testimony of when she was at Bible College how her children had stomach bugs and she was feeling like she herself was about to get sick, but she was in fear and how she dealt with the fear and was immediately healed of the symptoms of a stomach bug.

My daughter was stung by a bee 3 years ago that became infected (cellulitis), and she had to go to hospital for 2 nights, receiving a drip. She had been stung again by another bee couple of months ago, and was fine. But she was stung the other day during our period of lockdown for the corona virus, and her leg and finger had swelled from where the bee had stung her leg, and then when she brushed off the bee from her leg, her finger got a bit stung. I prayed over her when it happened, but the next day it had swelled a fair bit more, and I could feel fear very strongly trying to get me to come into agreement with it, that my daughter would get cellulitis again from the sting and need to go to hospital. I remembered Carlie’s testimony from the power hour about her own fear, and I also knew that if I was in fear about my daughter it could hinder her healing. I gave my fear to God, my husband and I prayed over her that night and I anointed her with oil. She woke up the next morning, with a tiny bit of swelling remaining, but it went away soon afterwards, and she is completely healed, praise God!!!