Power hour live 1 May

Dear Terradez ministries
My name is Shyleen. l live in Germany. I got healed on last weeks program from dizzy spells. l don’t know when it started but l would feel it everytime l blow a ballon or anything. l felt no balance in my head. l didn’t even know that it’s called Vertigo. I had symptoms. So when Carlie said someone has been having dizzy spells and describe the symptoms. l knew it was me and l told myself that today is the day and received it in faith. lnstantly l didn’t know if it was gonna but l realized it was gone on Monday this week when l blew a Ballon for my young brother. l could not stop glorifying God. l want to thank Carlie for letting the Holy Spirit guide her to help me recieve my Healing. Thank you terradez ministries
Shyleen Madanyika

Power hour may 1 Carlie Terradez