Processor Upgrade

During Power Hour a couple weeks ago Carlie prayed for someone having slow processing particularly with audio processing. I’ve always struggled to retain information through audio. I needed to read it. When people spoke to me, it was as if what they said was written out word for word in my brain. I had to read the writing in my brain and then think through a response. I often tried to hurry and would end up stumbling through a response or wouldn’t be able to respond, particularly if what was said or asked was unexpected. Since Carlie prayed, I haven’t noticed the writing. I’m responding quickly and appropriately to what is said to me. I’m having normal “chatting” conversations! I’ve always wondered why other people seemed to chat effortlessly and be able to respond quickly.

It also seems to have released the ability to see pictures. I had always struggled when I was told to imagine or “picture” something. It was so hard! I’m seeing lots of pictures now. I can “hold” someone or something in my mind as I pray. I’m beginning to imagine.
I wouldn’t have even known to ask God for this. He is so awesome!

P.S. I finally understand Carlie’s box analogy! I’ve been following you guys for over 2 years and every time she explained it, I just didn’t get it. I would try to put the letters “f-e-a-r” or “p-a-i-n” in a box and then give it to God, but it just didn’t work. A few days after this Power Hour prayer, I all of a sudden saw them as little imps. I named them, put them in the box and then gave them to God. That worked great!