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Prophesying over Susan

I just want to share what happened today, March 30, while I was watching you on Facebook live. I was working at my desk while listening to you & while Ashley was praying, I was praying & I said out loud, “Jesus, I lay “these things” at your feet. And a few seconds later Carlie called out the name “Susan” & started prophesying. My name is Susan! Oh wow! Such powerful words! I felt that God was speaking to me through Carlie & I know those words are for me! You spoke over my finances, healing over my body, protection over my household, & so much more! I never have had someone prophesy over me like this & it has meant so much! This has set me on fire, I’m so excited! I have cried joyful tears every time I watch & I have watched over & over & over again! I shared with my daughter & son & they receive for their families too! I’m so glad I was watching you live today. So today I became a partner with your ministry. Thank you for flowing in your gifts! I will never forget this special time!! May everything your hands touch prosper!! 🙌💜🙌