Regarding the details

Hi, My name is Zena and i watch you on the gospel truth every morning while getting ready for work, last week in may, you talked about faith , how not to deny the facts , but that Gods words is the finally truth , well i have scriptures on cards posted in my apt, saying ,,peace and prosperity shell be in my home and everything i own or am around
1 Samuel 25:6
psalms 19:8 God word is guaranteed
proved 24:3 he will his you wisdom knowledge and understanding
when i moved in this place witch is two apt upstairs and two below, one is mine, there was bugs , and i Dont do bugs, i put the scriptures up and just confessed them tell i received it my heart , the bugs left, its been a year now, will about a week ago
i got a letter on my door ,saying it was suspected some one up stairs had bed bugs very bad , and they had to check all four apt, well they did, mines was the only one that did not have bed bugs, BUT ( here was something i had to learn also) i felt the holy spirit prompting me to buy child safety plugs for my sockets in the wall , I did , they one morning i seen a bed bug on my wall by the front door , i have you know i panicked,, i started confessing the scriptures , i also contacted the manager, to spray my place ,that night i just could not sleep at all, when thy came to spray they said the still DID NOT see any bugs one might have came in from t he door , i called your prayer line , the gentlemen prayed , what he said was “GOD was concerned about my every little details”, i said wow , i heard the holy spirit explain that scripture 1 Samuel 25.6 to me . in the mist of all this i had lost my peace, that i had allowed the NATURAL TRUTH , TO RATTLE MY FEATHERS, AND TAKE MY PEACE
in your lesson, you explained, spirit first /then natural , faith is not moving God to do something , its Receiving whats already been made available to me, LESSON LEARNED. Galatians 5;6
I have my peace and the understanding
Thank you