Restoration with my daughter

Restoration with my daughter. I have been having hard time to connect with my daughter for a long time since I divorced with their father. She is now married and she come to me and her husband to come and help them with the baby last year. Still there was this strife on her part that it was so difficult to connect even staying together in the same room. Friday I listened on YouTube about the Facebook question and prayer request Carley was doing. She was quoting some if the things of what she saw in the spirit realm. One was the mother and daughter who had hard time connecting. As I was listening in YouTube I said I connect to that prayer of mother and daughter. I praise God that the following day she was so open to me until now. Thank you Terradez ministries for what you doing for us. God bless you. I would like to connect with you since I also have prayer request I want to be helped with.


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