Sleep restored

For almost 2 years I had been struggling with sleeping issues. The most that I could get sleep was 1 to 2 hrs . I’ve been prayed for a lot . I knew the word and have been believing and confessing it. I have been baptized in the Spirit, and I thank God for His Holy Spirit in me that thru my daily speaking in tongues, He sustained me and gave strength to still be able to work during the day . I had taken pills intermittently because it was beyond my willingness as I was standing in faith and even then, it seemed those pills sometimes gave me headaches and are not helping at all. I heard about the Cure 2022 from CCC in February but at first I just ignored it and was not interested to go. One day I think the Holy Spirit prompted me to go and check out the Cure conference and watch . So I did thinking that it has already past.
Surprised, I found out that it was just to commence the following day. I got so excited and turned my expectations up for healing and attended. That first night
after hearing Carlie spoke, I was truly encouraged and my faith was re-enforced greatly and for the first time ever, I had like 5 hours of restful, peaceful sleep!
Today Sunday morning after the Cure 2022, still have my sleep hours . I declared am totally set free and made whole in the Name of Jesus .
Thanks so much Carlie and Ashley !
I believe you are blessing many lives Praise God!!!