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The Blood Still Works!

My white blood cell count has been low since 2019. In 2021, my doctor said if my WBC count was still low after the third lab, he’d conclude that’s just how God made me. In August of this year (2022), not only was my count was still low, but so was my Vitamin D and A1C levels. As a result, I needed to have my labs run again in 3 months. When I received the lab report, I couldn’t make any sense of it. I saw abbreviations and numbers and couldn’t identify anything recognizable. I looked for my WBC count, Vitamin D level and A1C level and couldn’t locate any of them. My first response was fear. I have an 8-year-old daughter and I didn’t want to leave her.

During this time, I was studying Andrew Wommack’s Basic of Righteousness course. After I received the news, I began watching Charis’ Healing School videos and watching or listening to Terradez Ministries on faith and healing. I also went on a 21-day fast. The journey has been amazing! After the first week, fear, worry, doubt, anxiety were not issues. EVERY time the enemy tried to surface it, I’d quote a Scripture on faith or healing or God’s provision. God reminded me of His faithfulness.

When I went back for follow up labs in November, there was no fear or anxiety. I knew that no matter what the results were, God is STILL God. This is the first time I’ve received my results the next day. When I opened the document, I clearly recognized the abbreviations. All of my results were within the acceptable range! To get an idea of what my numbers were in August, I pulled up that report again. This time, I clearly saw all of the details that were previously unrecognizable a few months before. At that time, not only were my WBC count and Vitamin D low, and A1C levels high, they were literally off the chart! There were orange warning flags for each one of these areas in August. This month, no warning flags! God has been (and is) so good to me that I just can’t tell it all!