Welcome New Me..

About the Old Me… Sorry this is long but…..

Not so long ago, approximately 4-5 months, I was residing in a local motel, on drugs most of the time, barely hanging onto my job, and with a slew of perceived health problems. I was still suffering the aftermath of the shambles of what became my existence, grieving the loss of my fiance a year prior, grieving the fact that my sons were not around, and I just didn’t really want to be. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to die…. I just didn’t want to “BE.””

Day in and day out I would go to work then come back to the room that became like a tomb.. If I wasn’t high I would pretty much eat a meal then lie down, pull the huge comforter over my head and body, and go to sleep; In my work clothes, in my shoes, and would sleep 11-14 hours until it was time to do it again. When I was high the routine was a little different… Either way it seems I ate, slept or did drugs. That was my life. For the most part I couldn’t leave the room except to go to work. Not to the store. Nothing socially. I closed myself from almost everything and everybody. I had a “roommate,” but neither the roommate nor the situation had my best interests at heart. The roommate severely enabled me and I became dependent on him. It was difficult to even exist.

Toward the end of my stay there, I knew something had to give. I felt as if I was literally near death, in my mind and in my soul. Every time I woke up I would say things like, “This can’t go on… I can’t do this anymore… I’m gonna die here…”

I felt as if I might actually die…

But I didn’t…

A couple of Christian friends (Renee & Senon), and Charis students, kept inviting me over for dinner, Church functions,, But for awhile I couldn’t leave my tomb. Then one day I said “yes.” Dinner and a movie at their apartment, then Church/Church functions. After a couple of weeks I decided it was time to leave my “tomb of a room,” and entered the Springs Rescue Mission, Esther Program for working single women. It was there that I met my Missionary friend (and another Charis student!) Estella…My life has not been the same since. I rededicated my life to Christ. I was actually raised in the Church but it never “stuck.” I didn’t understand about God’s love and grace like I do now.. It was during this time, and even now that I only listed to Christian music, and rarely if ever watch TV.

It was during this time that I saw Carlie on what I now think was Gospel Truth TV.. She really spoke to me. Then I saw her at the recent Charis Women’s Conference which was a game changer. The folks at Charis are such wonderful teachers! I’ve learned and understand more about the Bible and God’s promises than I ever did before. I had become very intrigued with Terradez Ministries and watch Ashley and Carlie’s Teachings almost daily now. I have connected with both of you and your faith, charm and teaching style. Your love for the Lord is so encouraging!! I have even turned family members and friends onto your teachings… Even my Missionary friend!

Since rededicating my life there has been healing and restoration ABOUND!! With my children, my family, and even my boy’s father who has been incarcerated for 20 years!! I’ve even started a Facebook blog/page to share my testimony and hopefully encourage others and bring them to Christ.

Oh and… The greatest thing of all… I’ve begun the enrollment process for Charis!

Thank Jesus and thank you…. Elia J Richardson… Colorado Springs