Event Recordings

Enjoy this archive of live recordings from events where Ashley and Carlie Terradez were ministering. Ashley and Carlie have been called to empower believers in the promises of God. They have also been called to help churches and ministries to flourish and spread the Gospel even further. Through these free events Ashley and Carlie can help churches and ministries to increase their reach, grow their congregation, and support their leaders.

Live Events

“…we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand…” – Romans 5:2

Be blessed through this collection of Ashley and Carlie’s live events. We know that these archived videos of past events will be a blessing to you. As you watch these teachings, your faith will grow. And it is by faith that we are able to freely access God’s abundant grace for every area of our lives

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The Cure Event | Session 8 | Joseph & Heather Z

In the closing session, Prophet Joseph Z walks us through God’s victorious plan for the last days, noting how we prepare by falling in love with Jesus and His Word. In every generation, the institution must be shaken up by reformers who are truly connected to the Holy Spirit.

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The Cure Event | Session 7 | Lawson Perdue

Pastor Lawson explains exactly what Jesus paid for at the cross. When you know you’re forgiven and made righteous, you can receive the other promises of God including healing, provision, protection, and peace. It’s all about what He has already done!

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The Cure Event | Session 6 | Ashley Terradez

Ashley shares that when we only believe the truth and refuse to doubt God’s goodness, we’re empowered to reject the circumstances and live victoriously in Christ. We can be as sure of God’s constant goodness as we are of gravity. We’re members of a greater body!

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The Cure Event | Session 5 | Joseph & Heather Z

Prophet Joseph Z shares how Jesus provides the way by grace through what He’s already done. We’re free from the hamster wheel of striving. The church needs to get a little “uncivilized” and return to the raw power of the Holy Spirit who lives in us!

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The Cure Event | Session 4 | Carlie Terradez

Carlie encourages us that the attacks of the enemy and seasons of hardship will come upon us, but they are temporary. We can shorten those times of hardship and sickness when we have our imagination, our expectations, and our hope fixed on something that isn’t temporary, but eternal. Jesus says that by our faith we are world overcomers! That’s the goodness of God!

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The Cure Event | Session 3 | Lawson Perdue

Pastor Lawson unpacks the message of the cross that is the power of God. At the cross, Jesus took our curse including death, slavery, sickness, and poverty. Jesus bore it all the cross so we don’t have to take it. He was cursed so we could be blessed!

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