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Abundant Life TV – Brain Training part 2

Jesus has already provided everything we need! In Brain Training part two learn how to renew your mind so you can access it. Explore the Romans and 2 Corinthians with Ashley and Carlie Terradez as they discuss the role your heart has in accessing what God has provided through Jesus Christ.

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In Brain Training part 2 the key scripture of study is Romans and 2 Corinthians.


Ashley: Did you know you can control your thoughts and you can actually shut down doubts in your life, so that you become a believing believer? Praise God, find out how on today’s program.
Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. Welcome to the Abundant Life program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.
Ashley: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today in the lounge. We’ve got an exciting program today. We’re talking about renewing our minds. In fact, what we’re talking about is brain training.
Carlie: Training your brain.
Ashley: Training your brain, brain training.
Carlie: Did you know that your brain could be trained?
Ashley: Your brain could be trained. You’ve got to have a brain in order to be trained first.
Carlie: That’s a point to rejoice at least.
Ashley: Having a brain, yeah. So we’re talking about brain training and it’s a catchy name. But really what it is, is mind renewal. We figured brain training was a bit more catchy than mind renewal, but really it’s mind renewal. The key to the Christian life is renewing our minds because everything we need to live a life of godliness is already in us. God has already deposited everything. If you’re born again today, you have everything you need to succeed.
Carlie: That’s right, amen.
Ashley: But we have to renew our mind to those things.
Carlie: Yeah it’s not automatic. We left off last time with Romans chapter 12, verse two. It says, “Do not be conformed to this world.” Don’t be like everyone in the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Last time we talked a little bit about how we have a spirit, a soul, and our body. How the spirit part of us is the God part of us. It’s the part of us that became spiritually alive when we became born again. But our soul, that’s our mind, our will, and our emotions. It’s our flesh, it’s our intellect, and that’s not renewed. That’s the part of us that takes work, right?
When you got born again, even though you receive the kingdom of heaven on the inside of you, power to raise the dead, authority over the enemy, you got your ticket to heaven paid for. You got fruits of the spirit, you got gifts of the spirit, you got a brand new nature. Still, there are some patterns of thinking on the inside of us that haven’t changed yet. And that’s because when we get born again, we don’t get brainwashed, right? We become new creatures, new creations in Christ, old things have passed away, all things have become new.
But we still have the same flesh suit. We still look the same. We still sound the same. We still have the same personality. If we have negative and wrong thinking before we got born again, we can have negative and wrong thinking after we get born again. Our soul needs renewal.
Ashley: So the part that became new in 2 Corinthians 5:17 it says, “All things become new,” is the spirit part of you. When you got born again, when you received Jesus as your Lord and savior, that your spirit part became brand new and it became just like Jesus. 1 John 4:17 says, “As He is,” as Jesus is, “So are you in this world.” Right now, if you’re born again right now where you’re at, your spirit is identical to Jesus. You’re complete in him. You’re complete in your spirit, but as Carlie said, we’re three parts.
So our soul, our mind, and emotions is the part that needs renewing. We need to renew that, praise God, and this doesn’t affect how God sees us or how much God loves us, but it does affect how we see God and how we relate to God, and how much we can see God’s promises flowing in our everyday life.
Carlie: That’s right. Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” I remember one time we were at a conference and we had an elderly lady come for prayer. She was in a wheelchair, riddled with arthritis. Her spine had metal rods through it, it was completely fused, she wasn’t able to bend at all. She got miraculously healed. She started bending over, all of her pain left. I don’t what what happened to those rods, whether they disappeared or whatever, what happened to them. But she was able to bend and stretch and move normally. And she got so excited that she got up out of that wheelchair and she started running around the room, pushing her wheelchair.
Ashley: I remember, it was awesome.
Carlie: She was super excited.
Ashley: The meeting was on there and the place erupted, praise God.
Carlie: The meeting was on. Now here’s the thing, at the end of the meeting, other people were getting healed because their faith was getting encouraged just watching this woman running around.
Ashley: Yeah, it lifted everyone’s faith just seeing this miracle.
Carlie: It did. But at the end of the meeting, when it was time to go home, her and her also elderly husband, came along with her wheelchair and says, “Come on, dear, it’s time to get back in your wheelchair now.” And she just… Because this was something that she did every single day and had done for years, she did as she was told, she got back in the wheelchair. And honestly, there was a part of my heart that just sank at that moment because I foresaw what was going to happen the next day.
Sure enough, the next day she comes into the meeting in the morning, and she’s being pushed in her wheelchair by her elderly husband. All of the woman’s symptoms had returned to her body. She was just as bent up, just as stiff, just as much as in pain and immobile as she was before. Now, that doesn’t mean to say that she wasn’t miraculously healed or that she somehow lost her healing. The healing power of God, when you receive it in your body, it’s working in your body. But because her mind had not been renewed, she didn’t fully understand what had happened. She still had the same old patterns of thinking. Even though she was healed in her physical body, she just still thought like a sick person and her thinking was affecting her physical body.
You see if we receive healing, but we don’t renew our mind, we’re going to find those same symptoms return. I can compare this a little bit to lottery winners. There have been people that have won the lottery, they had maybe not had a very good relationship with finances, maybe beforehand. Maybe they had a lot of poverty working in their life. But they won the lottery. They had their breakthrough. But within a year, within a short period of time, I’m not sure of the statistics, actually maybe you will know-
Ashley: Yeah. It’s something like 90% of lottery winners, the major lottery winners, the people that win the millions, are worse off financially five years later, than before they started playing the lottery.
Carlie: Right.
Ashley: And one of the issues is, is because… And we’re not here to bash on the lottery, but the situation is, is that people that play the lottery already have a wrong relationship with finances. They already have a wrong thinking when it comes to finances. Because to play the lottery, the odds of the lottery is so crazy, you won’t find successful and rich people wasting their money buying lottery tickets.
Carlie: Right.
Ashley: So what happens is they put lottery kiosks in places, usually in parts of towns where people are a lower-income, they’re struggling financially. “I can get this lucky break, I can get this one shot.” And the people that do actually have that break, because their thinking is wrong towards finances. Because the way they relate to finances is already broken, their thinking’s already wrong. Then what happens is even though they have millions of dollars, it’s just a few years later before they’ve lost it all. And they’ve gone back into poverty again and back into struggling again, because of the way they think about finances.
Carlie: They haven’t renewed their mind in that area, they haven’t progressed, they haven’t gained understanding in that area.
Ashley: And you contrast that with a friend of mine, you know him, who’s a very, very successful businessman. He lost everything and ended up sleeping on his friend’s couch. That’s how bad… I mean, he lost everything. And it was just a few years later, he got back his vast amounts of money again. Why? Because he had the right relationship with finances, he understood that… And he wasn’t even born again, figure that out.
Because he saw himself as someone who was successful. He saw himself as someone who could make money. He saw himself like that and he had a picture on the inside of himself as someone who is successful. And therefore he became successful. The person who won the lottery has probably already got a picture on the inside of them as someone who’s poor and struggling, and not going to get ahead. So it’s how we think about things can change the outward circumstances, sometimes it takes time.
Carlie: And it’s interesting, isn’t it, because often we find the biblical principles will even work for unbelievers. They’ll even work in the world.
Ashley: It really is. Most people that are successful are actually doing the things in Proverbs and biblical wisdom, they don’t even realize they’re doing it. But yeah, it’ll work for people that aren’t even born again. Because it’s how we think about things, how you see something, how you think about it, is going to determine the outward results. And it’s not instant, often it will take time, but ultimately if you think a certain way, ultimately that’s what’s going to manifest in your life.
I’ve got a friend who, his job as a kid used to be to go and… His dad was a farmer and had a chicken farm, and they’d transport chickens in these… This was back decades ago, they probably don’t do it like this anymore. But they used to tie their feet together when they transported them. Hundreds of chickens in these transporters, and they tie their feet together, these chickens, and lay them out so they wouldn’t scratch each other and go crazy and stuff, while they were transporting them. And they’d be transported for hours across country. Then they would cut the ties, when they got to the farm, they would unload these chickens, cut the ties on their feet, the fetters, whatever they call them, and then that’d be it. But the chickens would still lay there like they were dead.
Carlie: They didn’t realize that they were loose.
Ashley: They didn’t realize that they’d been cut loose. So his job, my friend’s job, when he was a kid was to go and slap the chickens. That’s what he had to do, he had to-
Carlie: He was the chicken slapper.
Ashley: He had to slap the chickens, he had to hit the chickens-
Carlie: It’s better than slapping your grandma, or something, as they say.
Ashley: He used to slap the chickens… Where does that phrase come from?
Carlie: I don’t know.
Ashley: Mm, this food is so good it makes me want to slap my grandma.
Carlie: I don’t understand that, but-
Ashley: I don’t know either. This is probably not going to translate across the world at different continents. But anyway, he would slap these chickens, and these chickens would all of a sudden get startled and realize they were free, they weren’t tied anymore, and off they go. Well these little chickens in their little chicken brains-
Carlie: They’ve only got little brains.
Ashley: Little brains. Were thinking that they were still bound.
Carlie: Their brains had to be trained.
Ashley: So their brains had to be renewed, and say, “No you are free now,” and he said that’s what he does now as a preacher, as a full time preacher, he said that’s what he does now. He goes around and slaps the body of Christ and tells him, “You are already free in Christ, you already have all you need, you have everything. You are a success, you are more than victorious.”
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: “You’re more than conquerous.” But now you’ve got to start thinking that way, you’ve got to see yourself that way and start thinking that way. It’s like what they say, you can take the slaves out of slavery, but you can’t…
Carlie: The mindsets.
Ashley: The Israelites. God took them out of slavery, but they still had slavery in their minds.
Carlie: You know, it’s really interesting you say that. There’s a scripture here I’m reminded of in Hebrews chapter 2. This is Hebrews 2:14-15. He says, “So then as children share in flesh and blood…” This is Jesus talking. “He likewise took part in these so that through death He might destroy him who has the power of death, that is, the devil, and deliver those who through fear of death were throughout their lifetime subject to bondage.”
You know, people, Christians, people that aren’t even believers, this applies to them too, are often in bondage their whole life. Not necessarily bound by circumstances, but bound by thinking, by wrong thinking.
Ashley: Wow.
Carlie: And it mentioned specifically here, that Jesus had destroyed the power of the enemy. Now, before we got born again, we were subject to the power of the enemy.
Ashley: Yeah.
Carlie: Right? We didn’t belong to God. We were subject to the power of the enemy but the minute that we received Jesus into our hearts. The minute we received that payment, that freedom, we receive deliverance from the power of the enemy. In Colossians, it says that, “We were transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the son of his love.”
Ashley: Yeah.
Carlie: Everything changed in that moment. So now the enemy has absolutely no power over us.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: The devil is not who he used to be. He used to have authority over us but now he doesn’t. But the one thing that really still holds people captive, it says it here, is fear of death. Through fear of death, they were throughout their lives, their entire lives, subject to bondage.
Ashley: Wow.
Carlie: Oftentimes people are in bondage through fear. And fear is a product, is a result, of an unrenewed mind.
Ashley: It’s wrong thinking.
Carlie: It’s wrong thinking.
Ashley: Think on fearful things.
Carlie: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Ashley: Basically what happens is, we’ll often project our thoughts into the future. Jesus covers this in Matthew 6. In Matthew 6, he says, “Do not worry.” Don’t worry. And basically what happens is when you worry, you’re basically meditating on negative results that haven’t even happened yet.
Carlie: Yeah.
Ashley: In fact, when we worry, we’re projecting ourselves into the future to try and deal with problems that haven’t even come about yet. And that can produce fear. Because if you start worrying how’s this going to work out? Maybe you’re worried about running out of money. This is a common one people have.
Carlie: Yeah. Fear of lack.
Ashley: Fear of lack. They’re going to run out of resources. And you know what happens is they’ll start thinking, “Oh man, how am I going to pay the bills next week?”
This bill’s coming due in a week’s time. And they’ll project themselves in the future and worry. Now it’s good to be responsible and things like that. If you meditate on that problem and you start worrying about it, basically you start meditating on it constantly. Then fear is going to come in.
Carlie: Yeah.
Ashley: And then you’re going to start to have fear. And when you start to have fear, you can’t think clearly, you can’t make rational thoughts. And fear is the opposite of faith. So when you’re in fear, you’re not going to be able to walk by faith. Because what’s going to happen when you’re in fear is now all you concentrate on is, is the issue. All you’re worried about is this problem. And you can’t even see God’s goodness around you. You can’t even see the solution because you’re so scared.
Carlie: You’re so right. And whatever we focus on becomes bigger. In Psalm 34, let’s just go there real quick. It’s talking about one of the antidotes. How do we break through some of what we’re talking about here? Psalm 34. This is David. Now David was a man who was always in a scrap.
Ashley: Always in a scrap, [crosstalk].
Carlie: He was always fighting, warring. And there’s always people chasing him, trying to kill him, okay. But it says in verse one, this is Psalm 34:1. “I will bless the Lord at all times…” At all times, not just when it’s going good, at all times. “His praise will continually be in my mouth. My soul…” This is the part of us that needs to renew. Our soul is where it needs to renew. “… will make its boast in the Lord; and the humble will hear of it and be glad.” Verse three. “Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.” He says, verse four, “I sought the Lord and He answered me, and delivered me from all of my fears.”
You know fear is resident in our soul. You often find in the scriptures, the word heart and soul are used interchangeably.
Ashley: Yeah.
Carlie: And that’s the part of us that needs to be renewed.
Ashley: Whole heart. When the Bible says our whole heart, that’s talking about when we get our soul in line of our spirit. That’s where it talks about loving the good of you’re whole heart. Yeah, the heart and the soul is interchangeable.
Carlie: Mm-hmm (affirmative)
Ashley: And that’s why it’s saying we have a part to play. We can actually prepare our hearts. We can actually do these things. And David actually made this declaration. He said, “I’m going to magnify the Lord.”
Carlie: Yeah.
Ashley: My soul. You’re going to bless the Lord. Psalm 3. Bless the Lord. I myself.
Carlie: He’s convincing himself. Wasn’t it? I will bless the Lord at all times, even if I don’t feel like it. Even if it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out, even if it has never worked out before. I’m still going to bless the Lord.
Ashley: Yeah.
Carlie: The Lord delivered him from his fears.
Ashley: He didn’t deliver him in from his problems.
Carlie: He delivered him from the fear of the problem. You know, what we think upon is eventually going to start manifesting in our life. Okay? And so I gave the example of a lady that was dealing with sickness. She was healed, but she hadn’t changed her thinking. So the sickness returned. Ashley talked about lottery winners. They had won the lottery. They’d been set free from poverty, but they hadn’t learned how to overcome. They hadn’t changed their mindset, their relationship with money. And so they soon found themselves back in poverty again. I don’t know if anyone’s ever watched a scary movie. If you’re born again, don’t do that. Right? You shouldn’t be… Fear is a horrible motivator. Now will motivate, but it’s not good.
Ashley: It scares me. I do get scared at anything in movies. I’m not great with any type of suspense movies or things like that. But horror movies definitely. Listen, I’m just telling you right now. Do not watch any type of horror movies or movies that are made to make you scared and make you jump and stuff. In fact, we say in our house, so we don’t use fear as entertainment. We don’t use fear as entertainment because it’s not good. So if you watch horror movies or watch movies that are playing on fear, then you’re letting that in, aren’t you?
Carlie: Yeah.
Ashley: And you actually meditate on that fear.
Carlie: And the problem is your heart can’t tell the difference between what’s reality and what’s not. And so when we watch these things that are motivated by fear, they connect with us on the inside. If you’ve ever watched a scary movie or watched somebody watching a scary movie, okay. You may be there in the cinema or at home or whatever, and they’ve got the popcorn bucket or the cushion. And very slowly that bucket, that cushion is coming up in front of their face.
Ashley: This is how I watch any scary scenes in movies.
Carlie: The reason, the mechanism of what was happening in the heart in that moment is that they are connecting with the actors on the screen. They are projecting themselves into that scenario, imagining what it would be like if they were being chased by the mad ax murderer or whatever it is.
Ashley: Right.
Carlie: Now, they know it’s not logical. Fears aren’t logical. Oftentimes, they know that those people in that movie are actors. They know that they’re going home at the end of the day and they’re probably paid very well. Okay. But they start imagining what it would be like. And you know, what we start imagining and connecting with and thinking and meditating on, is going to become bigger. It’s going to become magnified in our hearts and in our estimation. If it’s a sad movie, maybe your eyes will start leaking.
Ashley: Your eyes will start leaking. I do suffer from eye leakage during sad movies. In fact, when we watch a movie and there’s a sad scene, our kids would all look at me and say “Is dad crying?”
Carlie: Dad’s the barometer for sad movies.
Ashley: I have been known to cry at trailers of movies. Not even the movie, just the trailer, okay.
Carlie: You’re a sensitive soul.
Ashley: I’m emotionally connecting with that movie. I’ve cried at many movies before, now.
Carlie: There you go.
Ashley: I’m a crier.
Carlie: But then what happens afterwards, even the movie’s finished, it still plays on people’s minds and it actually starts to change their behavior. This is what we started out with this Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” What we think upon drives our feelings. Fear starts to bubble up on the inside of people. Maybe your heart starts to beat fast. Adrenaline starts to rush. Or maybe you get emotional, you get sad, you get upset. You feel almost like a grief. Whatever it is you’re responding to, what you’re seeing and what you’re hearing. What is going in, is having a physical reaction on the inside of you. And then, we start to respond outwardly to what we’re feeling on the inside and actually changes our action, our behavior.
Ashley: Yeah.
Carlie: We go home. We turn all the lights on. We lock all the doors. We check under the bed, make sure there’s no boogeyman under there. Okay. Now we know that what we’ve just watched is not true.
Ashley: Right.
Carlie: But our heart cannot tell the difference. And we need to understand that we need to shepherd our heart. We need to place a God over it. I’m reading here. This is in Mark chapter 11. And many of you are going to be familiar with this, but there’s something I want to point out in here. In verse 22 of Mark 11, Jesus answered them and said, “Have faith in God.” Have faith in God, okay. Trust in God. Verse 23. “For truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and cast into the sea’ and does not doubt in his heart, but that what he says will come to pass. He will have whatever he says. In my Bible, I’ve underlined “does not doubt in his heart.” Doubts arise from the heart. The very word heart in Greek is the word cardiac. It’s where we get cardiac from.
Ashley: Okay.
Carlie: And the cardiac arrest. And it means this. The word heart means mind, soul, and the seat of passion. The seat of desire, thought, appetite, affections, and purpose. And our desires. If we are struggling with our thought life. Maybe we’re not seeing good fruit come out of our passions. Maybe we have misplaced passion. Maybe we’re struggling in the area of lust. Or maybe we lack passion, motivation for anything, right? Or maybe we’re having desires for things that we cannot have. Things that aren’t good for us. Maybe we’re struggling to control our appetite, right? Maybe we’re having cravings for things that aren’t good for us. Or maybe we have a misplaced affection. Misplaced affection. Maybe we have a love for things that aren’t godly.
Ashley: Right.
Carlie: Whatever that is. Or maybe, we just lack purpose. Maybe we don’t have purpose in our life.
Ashley: Right.
Carlie: You know, we need to start looking at the heart because if we need a correction in any of those things that I’ve just mentioned, it starts from an error in the heart. When our heart is right, it’s going to bring light to the rest of our soul.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: We’ve mentioned Proverbs 23. The whole book of Proverbs is full of such wisdom isn’t it? It’s very fatherly.
Ashley: I try to get in the habit of reading a proverb a day. There’s 31 Proverbs. So I try and read whatever day it is. So if it’s the 30th of the month, read Proverbs 30. It’s the first of the month, we read Proverbs 1. That’s just a good little habit I’ll get into.
Carlie: That’s good wisdom.
Ashley: I’ve got two minutes free on my cell phone, if I’m waiting in line or something, just read the proverb for the day. Proverbs is awesome. There’s so much godly wisdom in Proverbs. And one thing I do is where Proverbs says the law or says statues or things like that. You could replace that with the word. The word of God. David talks about keeping the law in front of him. What he’s talking about there was the first five books of the Bible, right? So we can replace that with the word. We keep the word in front of us at all times and things like that. [crosstalk] Proverbs 23, where it says guide your heart.
Carlie: Exactly. So jump on over here. The whole of Proverbs 23 is awesome. In verse 15, it says, “My son…” This is very fatherly. “If your heart is wise, my heart will rejoice. Even mine.” This is God speaking. He wants our heart at the seat of our passion, our soul, our desire, our purpose, our affection to be settled, right? He says in verse 16, “Yes, my inmost being will rejoice when your lips speak right things.” When our heart is settled on godly things and it’s filled with godly things, good words, good crops, good seed is going to come out of our mouth. Right out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Going down here to verse 19, he says, “Hear, my son, and be wise; and guide your heart in the way.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: I think it was last time we talked about strongholds, which are just patterns of wrong thinking that have become more established.
Ashley: Yeah.
Carlie: You know, our heart needs guidance. If our heart doesn’t have guidance, it will go astray.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: And we can actually lead our heart. This is part of training our brain. Training our thinking. Renewing our mind begins with guiding our heart. In here the word guide, it means to lead, to pronounce [inaudible] bless to advance or to progress. What we say, what comes out of our mouth, can actually start changing our thought patterns. So if you don’t like the fruit that you’re seeing in your life, if you don’t like the thought patterns, but you’ve started to see that you have negative thought patterns, wrong ways of thinking, you can actually retrain your brain with your own words.
Ashley: Wow.
Carlie: We have a confession card, that we give out to people, that is all scripture. You’ll see this throughout scripture. Abraham. He called them things that be not as though they were.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: Our words are that powerful. And our bodies were designed to respond to words.
Ashley: They’re voice activated.
Carlie: They’re voice activated. So I want to encourage you, today. If you don’t like the fruit that’s in your life, start speaking the word of God over it. And you’re going to have a good crop.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: You can start to harvest some good things,
Ashley: So we Guide our hearts by our thoughts and our speech and it’s up to us to guide our hearts. Proverbs tells us to guide our hearts.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: So we can guide our hearts. You have the ability and the power and the authority to guide your heart, praise God. So, that’s awesome. And I’ve got a question here.
Carlie: Yeah.
Ashley: This is a viewer question from Alison. We have people write in their questions or testimonies. Go to our website and feel free to ask us a question or share a testimony with us and we’d love to read it out on air, praise God. This is from Alison. She said, “I’m not sure if God is really trying to speak to me, or if it was just my own heart, my own wants, desires. Or even boredom. I’m tired of my line of work and I want a fresh start. How do I know that the dreams I have, are from God or not?” That’s from Alison. Thanks Alison for writing in.
Carlie: Amen. In the scriptures, it does say that God wants to give you the desires of your heart. But here’s the caveat to that, right? If we’re in relationship with him. If we’re pursuing the things of God. If we have an understanding. If we’re in the word, then our desires are going to match the desires of God, when we’re in relationship with him. Another way that we can test those things, those desires. Are they godly desires? Are they desires? That the more we think about them, the more excited we get, the more peace that we get.
Ashley: Spiritual peace.
Carlie: The spiritual peace that we get. Do they sound like what you’re hearing? Does it sound like something that God would say.
Ashley: Does it line up with God’s word?
Carlie: Exactly. Does it match up his character and nature? If I’m in doubt, I’m going to pray in tongues. That’s really powerful. I pray in tongues and I let peace be my umpire.
Ashley: And you can seek godly council, Maybe there’s some godly mentors or friends that are godly. Verse Psalm 37:4. This is really good for you, Alison. It says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, And He will give you the desires of your heart.” So it’s up to you to delight yourself in the Lord. Spend time with God, praying to the holy ghost, reading His word, praise God. And you’re going to get that spiritual peace. And you’re going to know. The word’s going to show you which way to go, praise God.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: And you’re going to know, Alison. So thanks for writing this. Amen. We’re at a time limit. Here, I want to pray for you before we let you go. Father God, I thank you for every person watching and listening today. I thank the Lord you that you have given them the ability to guide their hearts.
And I thank the Lord you as we delight ourselves in you and our relationship with you, Lord, I thank you. You only have good for us. Your plans for us are good and perfect. And I thank the Lord that as we follow you and delight ourselves in you, you’re going to help us guide our hearts, guide our thoughts, and we’re going to start seeing different results in our life. Lord, I think you have good things for everyone watching today. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: Isn’t God good.
Carlie: Good stuff.
Ashley: God is so good. Thanks for joining us today. We’re so glad you were here with us. We’ll be back real soon. And remember until next time, don’t just settle for living a normal life because you could be living the Abundant Life. We’ll see you next time.
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Carlie: Did you know that understanding our heart and what’s in it, is the key to walking in victory in many different areas of our life. What’s in our heart really governs what comes out of our mouth and the actions and emotions that follow. This series is all about training our brain, renewing our mind so that we can see word of God results in our life. We sure hope that you’ll catch the entire series of training your brain and speak in the word God.
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Ashley: [inaudible] was believing for our daughter Hannah’s healing. You know, we loved God and we love the word of God, but because no one taught us the truth, we didn’t see that manifest until we understood the truth about healing.
Carlie: Our whole family has been impacted by this understanding of what Jesus has already done. And so now we’re living life out of victory rather than living life out of defeat.
Ashley: And that’s why we’re so excited here at Terradez Ministries. We want people to be empowered, to walk in the promises of God. We want to show people how to believe God for these promises, because God wants the best for everybody. He wants the abundant life for everyone, and we want to help people walk in those good things.