Abundant Life TV – Brain Training part 6

The key to victory in this life – overcoming trials and tribulations is… Brain Training! God has already given you everything you need to overcome through Jesus Christ. Your job is just to make the space between your ears cooperate with it. Join Ashley and Carlie Terradez as we explore how to see our surroundings from God’s perspective!

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In Brain Training part 6 the key scripture of study are Luke 8, Numbers 13:27, and Psalm 27:13.


Carlie: In life we have many obstacles to overcome, but it’s not the obstacle that determines the outcome, more how we see the obstacle that determines our victory. Stay tuned for more.
Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. Welcome to the Abundant Life Program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.
Ashley: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today in the lounge. And we’ve got a fun show today. We’re talking about how to train your brain.
Carlie: No, how to train your dragon.
Ashley: No, how to train your dragon.
Carlie: No.
Ashley: How to train your brain. So how to train your brain. You can train your brain and we’re not talking about an IQ thing or anything. We’re talking about renewing your mind to the Word of God. It’s just our fancy way of saying it. It sounded more fun saying brain training than renewing your mind.
Carlie: Oh, yeah.
Ashley: So this is what we’re going to be talking about today and this is the key to victory. I’m telling you, this is a key to victory because God has already given you everything you need for victory. He’s already supplied it. Through Jesus He supplied it. Now it’s our job or responsibility to take it by force.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: To just reach out by faith and take it.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: That’s good. So that’s the deal. The deal is God’s already provided it. Our job is to renew our mind so we can receive it.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: It as simple as that.
Carlie: You make it sense of easy.
Ashley: Well, I’m not sure about that. But anyway, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. We’re going to give practical tips on how to do that. How to actually make this happen. How do we keep our mind and stay in the Lord? How do we train our brain? How do we change our thought patterns?
Because here’s the deal. We can have negative thought patterns. Sometimes we don’t even know we’ve got them. And what happens is we’ll look at a certain situation and that situation we’ll filter it through our strongholds, through the way we’ve been thinking. And if you think about something the same way over and over and over, it’s going to train your brain in that area-
Carlie: It becomes a pattern, doesn’t it?
Ashley: It becomes a pattern. It becomes a pattern and it can create unbelief.
Carlie: Yeah. So today we’re going to look at specifically how we view circumstances and situations and how we view ourselves. Because oftentimes when we look at our own opinions or other people’s opinions of us, it taints how we walk through situations, through trials, tribulations that we have in our life. Now, we know that Jesus says in this life you’re going to have tribulation. You’re going to have trials. You’re going to have distress.
Ashley: That’s not a fridge magnet verse.
Carlie: Not particularly.
Ashley: That’s not the type of verse you really want to print out on a T-shirt.
Carlie: Not really.
Ashley: It’s not a verse you really want to believe.
Carlie: It’s not like a Praise the Lord, hallelujah, kind of verse.
Ashley: I’m going to have a trial. Now Jesus warned us that we’re going to have trials, but did Jesus say he’s going to bring the trials?
Carlie: No.
Ashley: Is it God who brings us trials?
Carlie: No.
Ashley: No. So God-
Carlie: What does the end of the verse say?
Ashley: God doesn’t bring the trials but He gives us the victory. We overcome.
Carlie: Amen. And the end of that verse says, but cheer up because I’ve overcome the world.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: And Jesus isn’t going to set us up for failure. He’s not going to ask us to do something that we aren’t capable of doing.
Ashley: Anything God asks us to do is because we can do it.
Carlie: Absolutely. And when you read through the New Testament and study the ministry of Jesus you’ll find that He responded to situations with a different perspective than the people around him. I’m thinking here in, let’s look over here in Luke, Chapter 8.
Ashley: Luke, Chapter 8. You’ve got your Bible.
Carlie: Luke, Chapter 8.
Ashley: Just follow along, Luke, Chapter 8, all cell phones, iPads-
Carlie: Luke, Chapter 8.
Ashley: Laptops, it’s really easy nowadays as a Bible.
Carlie: Now this is not something that people like to face.
Ashley: No.
Carlie: It’s not a cheery topic, but it’s inevitable. But one of the things-
Ashley: It’s like taxes. Is that Benjamin Franklin said that? Two things in life are inevitable.
Carlie: Don’t work with animals or children? I’m sorry.
Ashley: No, death and taxes.
Carlie: Oh. Okay.
Ashley: Everyone’s going to die eventually.
Carlie: Everyone… Okay. But here’s the thing. Here’s the thing I want us to see in this scripture. I’m in Luke 8, by the way. Now you can read it in other gospels as well. But Jesus even sees death, a natural event of life with a different perspective than we do. You see, what happens in this life is temporary, but what happens spiritually is eternal.
Ashley: That’s good.
Carlie: Okay? And because Jesus has an eternal perspective, it changes how He views everyday circumstances.
Ashley: He’s looking at things through the eternal lens, if you like. He’s seeing things eternally, because we often see things carnally, which is just temporary, just things this life.
Carlie: And one way to renew our mind is to begin to develop an eternal perspective rather than a temporal or carnal perspective. Romans 8, Verse 6, says to be carnally-minded is death. In other Words, be fleshly-minded. Worldly-minded is death. But to be spiritually-minded is life and peace. I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit more about life and peace.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: Death doesn’t sound much fun. I want to sign up for the life and peace part of it. I want to be spiritually-minded.
Ashley: Amen. It’s our choice.
Carlie: It’s our choice.
Ashley: We can choose to keep our minds set in the Lord.
Carlie: Yeah. So, to be spiritually-minded is to be in life and peace and is to have an eternal perspective. Let’s look at this in Luke 8. I’m going to jump right here in the middle, in verse 49. It says, “While He was still speaking someone from the synagogue rulers house came saying to Jairus, ‘Your daughter is dead.'” This is not a good report. It’s not something that any parent wants to hear. “Do not trouble the Teacher.” Now, when Jesus heard it, He answered him saying, “Do not fear. Only believe, and she will be made well.”
So while everyone else was probably falling into just their natural acumen responses, Jesus jumps right in there in the middle of it. I can almost imagine him grabbing Jairus by the faces and saying, “Now, listen to me. Don’t fear. Don’t entertain. Don’t listen to what you’ve just heard. Don’t don’t pay any attention to that report. Just look at me. Just don’t look around me, just look right at me, right here.”
Ashley: And the people around him-
Carlie: You can imagine.
Ashley: … expect to see his own thoughts, his own emotions coming in.
Carlie: And it’s natural. You get a report like that it’s going to move you at heart level. We went through some trials and tribulations when our daughter was just a toddler. Her Testament is on the website actually. And she was miraculously healed. But we had many times when the doctors came in and they gave us bad reports, and it was in those moments having an eternal perspective really was essential.
I remember one time specifically, before Hannah was even born, I was pregnant with Hannah. I was about 30 weeks pregnant and we got a report after we had a baby scan that basically half of her brain was missing. Her hands and feet were deformed. Her fingers and her toes were growing sideways. And that’s not good report. And I remember they took us into the little side room of the ward there, and at that point they stopped calling Hannah a baby.
Ashley: They called her the pregnancy.
Carlie: They started calling her the pregnancy. They asked us, “So this is the situation. This is the report. This is how bad it all is. What do you want to do about your pregnancy?” Something just infuriated me. I mean, it went off. It was like, “Thank you very much. I’m going to have my baby. She’s a baby and I’m going to have her.” And I don’t know, in the moment we didn’t really know much about anything really, honestly.
Ashley: We knew this though. I remember that was in the morning they gave us that report. And then we said we want a second opinion and they actually got a different ultrasound person, a different doctor, and did an ultrasound machine the last thing in the afternoon. So we had many hours in the day, I think it was four or five hours, and we didn’t go home, we just sat in the car.
Carlie: We didn’t even phone our parents and tell them.
Ashley: We didn’t phone anyone.
Carlie: We didn’t tell anyone.
Ashley: No. We just sat in the car and it was like, we just set our faces, we know our daughter’s going to be well. We decided just to basically we just, even though we didn’t know the language because we didn’t understand everything back then, we didn’t understand how healing worked as much as we do now, but we just decided we’re not going to believe this report.
Carlie: We’re not going to believe it.
Ashley: And I remember thinking in my heart, you know what? People can get it wrong. Maybe they got it wrong. Maybe they made a mistake. But I didn’t take it into heart. I didn’t say this is it. This is how our baby, this is how Hannah’s going to be. This is what you’re going to have. I didn’t give voice to it. I was like, “Nope. You know what? This doesn’t have to be this way.” And both of us did that. And we remember sitting in the car for hours in the parking lot. And then when we went back in to have the second ultrasound they checked everything again. And the doctor said, “I don’t know…”
Carlie: I don’t know what’s happened.
Ashley: “I don’t know what’s happened. The last ultrasound they made a bad mistake here. There’s all the-”
Carlie: They couldn’t find it.
Ashley: “There’s all our hands. Here’s her brain. Everything’s fine.”
Carlie: Yeah. She didn’t have any of those things that they… And I don’t know how many people receive those kinds of reports and then act on them and have different outcomes. But in that moment, I know now the importance of God in our heart against that news. When we start to renew our mind to the truth of what God says about a situation it gives us a different report to work off of.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: And this is what Jesus was saying to Jairus. Do not fear, only believe and she will be made well. And actually, if we study this out He was saying this is a commandment. It wasn’t polite. It wasn’t-
Ashley: It wasn’t a suggestion.
Carlie: It wasn’t passive.
Ashley: If you feel like it do this.
Carlie: He was strong about it. He said, “When He came into the house, He permitted no one to go in except Peter, James and John, and the father and mother of the girl.” Everyone was weeping and mourning for it. But He said, “Do not weep. She is not dead but sleeping.” Now, they laughed. They know she’s dead. She’s dead. But Jesus had a different perspective. See, He doesn’t even see death in the same way that we see death. This isn’t the only account of this type of thing. There’s the account of Lazarus as well, a similar situation. Jesus sees beyond the natural circumstances.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: He doesn’t see death as something that has a sting. Death has lost its sting.
Ashley: It’s lost its sting.
Carlie: It’s lost its power over us. When we start to see our situations and circumstances with an eternal perspective like Jesus does, it takes the fear out of it.
Ashley: Amen. It really does.
Carlie: He saw her rising from the dead.
Ashley: Amen. This is 2 Corinthians 4:18. The apostle, Paul, puts it this way. He says, “While we do not look at the things which are seen, but we look at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things that are not seen are eternal.” So basically our spirits, God, all the things we can’t see, the spirit realm, if you like, is eternal, just like you were saying, and the things that we can see are temporary. So whatever you’re going through at the moment, be encouraged, have hope, praise God, that it’s temporary.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: It’s temporary. What you’re going through is not eternal, it’s temporary. And that’s how Jesus saw things, even death was temporary to Jesus. It’s like, Well, you know what? Death is actually just a graduation into eternal life if you’re born again. So it’s not the be-all and end-all. And sometimes we have a fear of death and there’s a fear around it. We’re not belittling it. We’re not belittling grief or anything like that. What we’re saying is, is we get an eternal perspective on things. We realize that we’re eternal beings and we have eternity in front of us. It changes how we look at things.
Carlie: It does. It does. And this is important because how we see things is who we become. Let’s look at this. This is a great example in Numbers, Chapter 13. So I’m going to paraphrase some of this for the sake of time, but basically there were 12 spies that were sent out to spy out the Promised Land. Many of you remember, you can read this all through in Numbers 13. And they were sent out to spy the land out to see how they were going to take it.
Ashley: Not if.
Carlie: Not if they were going to take it.
Ashley: It was how they were going to take it.
Carlie: How they were going to take it.
Ashley: This is a great illustration or example, illustration, I guess, of how now we possess the Promised Land by faith. This is a picture of, you can say the promises of God, like the Promised Land. It’s yours for the taking, but it’s going to take some effort on your part. It’s going to take you walking by faith. It’s going to take you renewing your mind. It’s going to take you fixing your eyes on the Word of God, rather than on the circumstances to receive them. So the 10 spies went out.
Carlie: Yeah, the 12 spies went out.
Ashley: The 12 spies went out, and 10 of them-
Carlie: They came back with a certain report.
Ashley: They saw things one way. So it’s the same land, they went out to see the same land and it was 12 people all went out and yet 10 of them came back with a very different report than 2 of them. So 10 of them saw it one way and 2 of them saw it another way.
Carlie: Yeah. Let’s look at this. This is in Numbers 13, in verse 27. This is when they came back. He says, “They reported to him and said, ‘We have come to the land where you sent us…’ Talking to Moses. ‘And surely it flows with milk and honey, and this is the fruit of it.'” Here’s the grapes, here’s the fruit, here’s the honey.
Ashley: They had them on two poles.
Carlie: They were huge.
Ashley: Big old clasps of… What’s the right Word for…
Carlie: Bunches?
Ashley: Bunches. No, I think there’s a more technical Word than bunches for grapes. But anyway, whatever that grape thing is. There is a more technical Word than bunches.
Carlie: But it’s not important.
Ashley: A big old bunch of grapes. They had it on a pole between two poles.
Carlie: Okay.
Ashley: The vine? No. There’s a Word. Anyway, write us in, viewers, if you know what that Word is.
Carlie: Should we vote on it?
Ashley: [email protected].
Carlie: Okay.
Ashley: Put me out of misery. Whatever it was they were carrying the grapes, a big bunch of grapes they were carrying. And it was excessive. There was big fruit.
Carlie: It was good land.
Ashley: It was a great land, a land flowing with milk and honey, a land of more than enough, a land of plenty.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: Powerful.
Carlie: Verse 28 says, “However…” Before you get too excited about the grapes.
Ashley: I like grapes.
Carlie: I know you do. You’re probably hungry. “However, the people are strong that dwell in that land and the cities are fortified and very great. We saw the children of Anak there. The Amalekites…” And then they gave the Hittites, the Jebusites, the Amorites in the mountains, the Canaanites that dwell by the sea and by the edge of the Jordan. Now, Caleb, there was 2 people, out of those 12 people, only 2 of them had something positive to say, and it was Caleb and Joshua. Caleb, in Verse 30, He just about had enough of this. He had enough of this whining and complaining and he’s like, “I can’t take any more of this.”
Ashley: I want those big grapes.
Carlie: Get me those big grapes. So He said He silenced the people before Moses and said, “Let us go up at once and possess it, for we are well able to overcome it.”
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: So even though he heard, he saw the same things. They saw the same things as the other 10 spies. Exactly the same situations, the circumstance, the same obstacles, the same giants. But they had a different perspective because they remembered the Word that the Lord had given them before they ever stepped foot in the land.
Ashley: That’s good.
Carlie: They were told to go in and possess the land. The Word possess, the actual Word possess, is talking about to cease, to obtain, to evict the former tenants, to evict the former tenants. So in their mind, Joshua and Caleb were thinking, “We’re going in to figure out how we’re going to evict the former tenants.” There wasn’t a question as to whether or not they could do it.
Ashley: It was like, “This is our land. It belongs to us. The Lord promised it to us. This is our land. So therefore these people that are dwelling in this land, these giants, these people that are doing this, they don’t belong there. We belong there and we’re going to kick them out.”
Carlie: See, in every Word from God there is more than enough power to obtain it. More than enough. So at that point, when we have a Word from God, the circumstances become irrelevant. The obstacles become irrelevant. If God’s told you, you can, or you have, then it’s not up for debate. We don’t have to figure out how it’s going to work out. It’s a done deal.
Ashley: It’s a matter of when.
Carlie: It’s a matter of when. So Caleb and Joshua had this attitude in them. It didn’t matter that they saw giants and they saw obstacles. It was their land and they were going to go take it. But Verse 31, “But the men that went up with him said, ‘We’re not able to go up with these people because they’re stronger than we are.” Call the [inaudible]. “They gave the children of Israel a bad report of the land which they had spied out, saying ‘The land through which we have gone as spies is a land that devours its inhabitants.'” This is where imagination can go a little wild. They didn’t see any devouring going on. You read the report.
Ashley: That’s true.
Carlie: They didn’t see anyone being eaten, but in their imagination they had gone there.
Ashley: These giants must eat people.
Carlie: Well, obviously they’re giants. Isn’t that what they do, right?
Ashley: But they hadn’t seen them.
Carlie: There’s plenty of big grapes to eat, but no, we’re going to eat the people.
Ashley: Cluster. Cluster of grapes. It’s a cluster of grapes.
Carlie: Help me, Jesus.
Ashley: I think it’s a cluster of grapes.
Carlie: Okay.
Ashley: And I knew bunch didn’t sound right. Cluster of grapes.
Carlie: I’m so glad you got revelation, honey.
Ashley: It just came to me.
Carlie: Okay. It just came to you. Okay, wonderful. So anyway-
Ashley: I’m listening to you, by the way. It looks like I’m not listening to you. I was listening to you, it just hit me.
Carlie: I’m so pleased. That’s a really deep reflection.
Ashley: I know. Cluster of grapes, [inaudible] first.
Carlie: Right.
Ashley: Cluster of grapes.
Carlie: Anyway, hold the memo. “The land through which we have gone as spies devours its inhabitants, and all the people whom we saw in it are men of great stature. And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which came from the giants.” And look at this, this is the clincher. “And in our eyes we were like grasshoppers, and so we were in their eyes.”
Ashley: There’s 33. Numbers 13:33. This is powerful.
Carlie: This is huge because we become who we perceive ourselves to be.
Ashley: Oh, say it again, Carlie.
Carlie: We become who we perceive ourselves to be. So in other Words, how do we apply this to our life? If we see ourselves like victims, as powerful, as weak, as defenseless, as victim of circumstances, as woe is me, we’re going to become like that. We’re going to become weak, and defenseless, and powerless, and defeated, before we even start.
Ashley: Yeah, it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s like something that, because our minds are imagining us being like that, because we see ourselves like that. When we walk into situations, how we interact with people, how we interact with ourselves. Our self-talk is always defeated, it’s always I can’t do it. And things like that. And eventually that’s going to play out in our life. And that’s what we’re going to experience in life.
Carlie: It is. And there are so many, I mean, we could go through countless examples just in the old Testament alone, actually, of people who saw themselves differently. David and Goliath, he’s lining up with the army and they’re all seeing the same giant there. But David had a different perception. He saw himself as being victorious over the giant. He saw himself as overcoming.
The victory begins on the inside first. We started out this series of brain training talking about as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Proverbs 23:7. We’ll become who we think we are and who we see ourselves, how we perceive ourselves to be. And so we need to take a little bit of a stock check sometimes and start analyzing who do we think we are?
Ashley: Oh, that’s good?
Carlie: Who do we think we are?
Ashley: Sounds like a teaching.
Carlie: [crosstalk] a teaching. Who do you think you are?
Ashley: Details on your screen. Who do you think you are? It’s a great teaching because what it’s going to do is going to show you who you are in Christ. And if you will focus on who you are in Christ rather than who you are in the flesh, or who you are according to your family, or who you are according to your own thoughts, it’s going to change your life.
Carlie: It changes how you respond to situations.
Ashley: Amen. Amos 3:3, “Unless two can agree how can they walk together?” And we need to agree with how God sees us. He might say, “Ashley, you don’t understand. I don’t see myself like that.” No, but God sees you like that. God sees you as a world overcomer. God sees you as someone who’s more than a conqueror. Praise God. And we need to have those thoughts. We need to see ourselves like that.
That sounds very pride [inaudible]. You’re going to call yourself a world overcomer. Yeah. Outside of Christ you’re nothing, but you’re not outside of Christ anymore. You’re in Christ. And in Christ, you are more than a conqueror. You can do great things through Christ, praise God. So don’t be cute about it. Some people are like, “Well, I’m a bit shy. I don’t want to say that.” No, you say that about yourself. You have that attitude-
Carlie: And be bold about the promises of God.
Ashley: … on the inside. In fact, there’s two sides to pride. It’s a separate lesson here I’m going to it. But anyway, there’s two sides of pride. There’s pride that you think more of yourself and you think you’re prideful because you think more of yourself than you should. But there’s also a pride where you think less of yourself than you should. False humility. And if you think less of yourself than God sees you, then that’s also pride. Moses wrote in the book of, was it Deuteronomy? I think it was Deuteronomy. Moses wrote that he was the humblest man in the world.
Carlie: He wrote it himself.
Ashley: He was a humble man. He said, “I’m a humble man.” And he wrote it himself. Well, how could that be? That’s contradictory if you think about it. It’s a paradox. You can’t call yourself humble-
Carlie: He just had the right opinion of himself. He had the God opinion of himself.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: He saw himself as God saw him.
Ashley: Amen. That’s awesome. And some people say well, people of faith have an attitude. We have an attitude because we believe we are more than a conqueror. We believe that through Christ we can do all things.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: And that’s the truth in the spirit. Now, if we keep our minds unrenewed and keep seeing ourselves in the flesh and keep seeing ourselves as the old man, then we’re not going to be able to do anything or very little. But when we see ourselves as a new person, a new creation who God created you to be, when you start seeing yourself like that, man, it is powerful. When you see yourself as God sees you, you’re unstoppable. That trial you’re going through, that situation you’re going through, God has made you an overcomer of that. You’ve already got your victory.
Carlie: [crosstalk] overcomer.
Ashley: You’ve already got your victory.
Carlie: It’s a fixed race, right?
Ashley: It’s a fixed race.
Carlie: We win.
Ashley: All you’ve got to do is show up.
Carlie: We win.
Ashley: All you’ve got to do is show up and pick out the prize. It’s really simple. You haven’t got to do the work. Jesus has done the work for you. I’m here to tell you, you are awesome, awesome person in Christ. You really are. I know you’ve had people tell you you’re not and all these things, just forget about that. The truth is you are awesome in Christ, and you’re going to have to retrain your brain. You’re going to have to retrain your thoughts into agreeing with the Word of God. Because if you don’t, you’re going to keep going down that same thing. God loves you. You’re awesome. But he’s only going to be in the spirit. You’re not going to see it in your flesh and in your everyday life.
Carlie: And if we’re not careful we’ll actually sabotage ourselves.
Ashley: That’s good.
Carlie: If we start to see ourselves as somebody that can’t hold down a job, as somebody that can’t ever get ahead, as somebody where nothing good ever happens to us, guess what? Nothing good is ever going to happen to us. And even the good things that do happen, the blessings that are in our life, we’ll sabotage those.
Ashley: That’s true.
Carlie: What we believe impacts what we see. Let’s look at this. This in Psalm 27, 27:13-14 says, “I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living.” What we believe directly impacts what we see. “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart.” Wait, I say on the Lord.
Now there’s a few things in here I think is important for us to pick out as we’re talking about how our imagination and what we see is linked to what we believe. How do we see ourselves? Look at this. “I would have lost heart.” We’ve been talking this whole time about guiding our heart. The importance of guiding our heart, of leading our heart, of showing our mind, will, and emotions are what the Word of God says. And using that to form our opinions.
“I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord.” This Word wait, it’s not that you’re waiting for a bus, or it might not show up. The Word wait, it means to look expectantly, to look with expectation, to be hopeful, eager, waiting, to believe the best. We can believe the best about our situations even if our circumstances don’t look like anything good is happening, we can choose to believe the best positive outcome.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: “Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage.” That Word, courage. That actually means to be constant, firm-footed or immovable in faith. To be constant. That doesn’t just mean I’m going to speak good things. I’m going to be positive one time. This is talking about creating a pattern of positivity, a pattern of right believing that’s based upon the Word of God.
Caleb and Joshua, they didn’t have that attitude because one time they just decided to be in a good mood. They had to meditate. In other Words, we’ve talked about this before, but they had to speak it, study it, utter it, or roar it like a lion, what God had said to them in order to go and get into that Promised Land. They had to get that down on the inside of them.
And look at the result of this. When people are waiting on the Lord, when they’re believing for the best, when they have positive expectation, and when they’re constant and firm-footed and immovable from those truths, look at what happens. It says in Verse 14. And in other Words, as a result of doing those things, “He shall strengthen your heart.” If you need some strengthening in the realm of your heart today, be people of courage, be people that are constant, that are firm-footed in the Word of God, that take Word of God at face value and start speaking it out and start seeing it by faith with our spiritual eyes.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: It’s powerful.
Ashley: It’s really powerful and it’s something we have to choose to do. It’s a choice.
Carlie: Yeah, absolutely.
Ashley: It’s one of those things it’s not going to happen just by chance, it’s going to be a conscious choice to do that. And if you just do it by chance, then we’re going to go the way of our carnal thinking. But if we make a conscious decision to renew our minds-
Carlie: To train our brain.
Ashley: … to train our brain, renew our minds in the Word of God is actually what God says about us, praise God. So, I want to read a quick testimony here. We have a testimony here that Anne wrote in, and this is powerful. This is someone who’s been watching this program, praise God, this is a powerful testimony. This is from Anne. It says, “I received a bad report from a biopsy with a diagnostics of cancer, or diagnosis of cancer.” This is it. This is the big C. People get really, when [crosstalk].
Carlie: There’s a lot of fear attached to that diagnosis, isn’t it?
Ashley: We know a bigger C. His name is Christ.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: Bigger than cancer. And it says, “Yeah, I’ve been watching Manifesting Miracles and I’ve also been calling Terradez Ministries’ prayer line. We have a prayer line you can phone. If you need prayer, you need someone to agree with, you can call our prayer line. And prior to this report. So she’d been doing this. She made a decision. She’d already been feeding herself with the Word prior to this report.
Carlie: She’d already been training her brain.
Ashley: She’d been training her brain. “So when the report come, I came against that cancer diagnosis with the Word of God and I took authority.” This is Anne writing, “I killed the cancer with my Words.” A week later I saw my regular physician and they did several more tests. Before the tests I told them I believe I’m cancer-free and they agreed. The tests confirmed I have no cancer at all. I am cancer free.
Carlie: Amen. Thank you, Jesus.
Ashley: Praise Jesus, thank you, Lord. Anne, thank you for writing in and letting us know that testimony. That really encourages us. And I know that that’s just one testimony of many. We have lots and lots of testimonies of people writing in who have been healed and set free and got their breakthrough, praise God. So let us know your testimonies. Write us. We’d love to read your testimonies out and encourage other people, praise God. So, Anne, that’s awesome. That’s powerful. You chose to fix your mind on the Lord, praise God, and when that bad report come He was ready with the good report.
Carlie: He was [crosstalk].
Ashley: He was ready with your authority. He was ready to say, “No, I’m not taking it.” In Jesus’ name.
Carlie: She believed that she would see the goodness of God in the land of the living.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: And I want to tell you today, I believe that you’re going to see the goodness of God in the land of the living too. Let’s pray for our people.
Ashley: Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for everyone watching and listening to this program today. I thank you, Lord, that they have authority. I thank you, Lord, that they’re renewing their minds to who they are in Christ. And I thank you. They are awesome in you, Lord. I thank that the people watching today, that I think they are more than conquerors, they are victorious. I think about overcoming these challenges.
Carlie: We declare victory over you today.
Ashley: Thank you, Jesus. And we curse cancer in everyone else’s body. In Jesus name, we say you bow the knee to Christ. Jesus is the Lord of all, praise God.
Carlie: The name above all names.
Ashley: He’s a name above all names and we declare healing and life over you in Jesus’ name. You are awesome in Jesus. Hallelujah. Praise God.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: God is so good.
Carlie: Bless Him.
Ashley: He’s so good. Praise God. Thanks for joining us today. We’re out of time. We’ll be back real soon. And remember, don’t just settle for living a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. We’ll see you next time.
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Ashley: And when you realize the truth about you and who you are, praise God, it’s going to change our world.
Carlie: God wants you well. He wants you living life abundantly.
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Speaker 4: She’s tinier than you think, but she is mighty.
Speaker 5: And they are so power-packed and you see the fruit, the results.
Speaker 6: [inaudible] and people healed and all that. It’s awesome.
Speaker 7: You can take the truth of the Word of God, throw it in with some laughter and it’ll make a difference in your life.
Speaker 8: To see it from Ashley’s standpoint of just like go there, go boldly.
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