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Abundant Life TV – Brain Training part 8

In the final part of Brain Training, Ashley and Carlie’s answer real-life viewer questions about the way we think!:
1. How do you know if God is speaking to you or if it is your own thoughts?
2. What could I be doing to hinder healing and is it okay to continue to pray for the same thing?
3. Are there different kinds of giving and do they hinder God from blessing you?
4. Should we believe for healing (or anything) within a certain time frame?

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In part 8 of this series, the key scripture of study is 1 Corinthians 6:19.


Carlie: Here’s your time when we answer your questions. All those questions that you’ve always wanted the answers to you’ve sent them in and we’re here ready to answer them.
Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. Welcome to the abundant life program with Ashley and Carlie, Terradez.
Ashley: Hello, and welcome to the abundant life program. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today in the lounge. Today, we’ve got a very special program for you because we’re not just teaching, we’re going to actually answer questions and you know, you can write your questions in to terradez.com on our website. You can submit your questions there. And we love to hear viewers questions and we love to answer them. So what we’re going to do.
Carlie: If we can.
Ashley: If we can answer them. We’re not claiming to be able to answer everything, we’ll tell you “we don’t know” if we don’t know.
Carlie: That’s okay.
Ashley: But we aren’t actually, I think we’re only going to read the ones we know. Cause otherwise that would be a bit of a boring show. We said..
Carlie: We filtered them out.
Ashley: So-and-so asked and we just say “no, we don’t know, next”. So anyway, we’ll only answer the ones we know, otherwise it would make us look really bad. Pass. I don’t know. So Anyway, we’ve got some great questions that have come in and we want to encourage you, send your questions. We’re going to do this regularly. We’re going to spend some time to answer your questions. We love interaction with you. We love the fact that you send in your testimonies to tell us how good the lord has been to you. Tell us about your healings. Tell us about your breakthroughs, praise God. And we love to also hear your questions because sometimes when we teach it creates questions.
Carlie: Yeah.
Ashley: So what about this? What about that? I see what you’re saying, but what about this? I was thinking about when we saw our daughter healed, we listened to great ministry teaching, but we had a specific question. Our question was, “what about children?” We understood, we got taught about how to actually believe for ourselves, but then what about children? How do we believe for children? Is it different to believe for children or is it the same? And that’s, that was our question. So we asked that ministry, the question and they answered the question and then our faith come alive. Praise God.
Carlie: Amen. So what are the questions?
Ashley: The first one we got today is, Diane asked, and she wrote in via Facebook. So that’s one way you can, you can submit your questions via Facebook. She said, “how long did it take you to have confidence, that what you heard was from God and not just your own thoughts?”. Diane, that’s a great question. And I’ll be, I’ll come straight out of the gate and say it this way. I’m still not a hundred percent sure. This is a question that I still ask myself.
Carlie: It takes faith to hear God.
Ashley: It really does take faith. And one of the things I think it’s first Corinthians 6:19. I can find it, but somewhere around there it says “we are one spirit of the Lord”. And because we’re one spirit of the Lord, sometimes it’s difficult to know when we end and when the Lord starts, if you like, it’s hard. So when God speaks to us, sometimes it sounds like us.
Carlie: Yeah, it sure does. You know, it takes faith to hear from God. And one thing I can tell you there, is the more time you spend with somebody, the easier it is to hear them. The more time you get to know somebody, the more easier it is for you to determine what their opinion is. Right? If someone, let me give you an example for this. If somebody came to me and said, Ashley told me such and such, or he told me these jokes, I can tell you whether it’s the sort of thing he’d say or not, because I know him.
Ashley: 22 years.
Carlie: 22 years, right? I mean, I know his sense of humor, I know all his corny jokes.
Ashley: Corny jokes?
Carlie: Right? Dad jokes. I mean, I know his opinions on things that really matter because we have an intimate relationship. The more time you spend in an intimate, in intimacy with Jesus, the more time you spend in the word of God, praying in tongues, meditate on a scripture, listening to the voice of God, right? The more time you spend in actively pursuing your relationship with the Lord, the easier it is to be able to tell when God is speaking to you. Amen.
Ashley: And there’s some practical things we can do. You know, some of the things real quick you can do is first of all, God is not going to say anything to you. That contradicts his word. Yep. So right. God told me to leave my wife, God told me to Rob this bank. God told me to do this. I’ve had people come to me and say that. And I’m like, I just look him right in the eye. And I say, “no, he didn’t” or “how dare you”. God told me, no, God did not tell you that. And they say, how can you be so sure? Because it contradicts his word. So God tells you to do something that’s contrary to his word, then it’s not God. It’s you, it’s your flesh, it’s the devil, it’s too much cheese pizza, whatever it is.
But I can guarantee you, it’s not good because God will never contradict his word. So the word is what we have to start off with. We have to say, this is the final authority. It’s God’s word, God exalted his word. So his word is definitely our final authority. And there’s other practical things we can do to hear God’s voice more clearly, we can cut out distractions we can make sure we delighting ourselves in the Lord. And make sure when you delight yourself in the Lord, you’re going to be able to hear him clearer [crosstalk]
Carlie: We have a teaching series code Hearing God. I mean.. God.
Ashley: How to hear the voice of God.
Carlie: Yeah. Thank you.
Ashley: I think that’s what it’s called. We’ll find out it’s on the screen. Cause our people are awesome they put it on screen so you can see the instructions on the screen. You can get that teaching. That’s all about how to hear God’s voice. It’s a three-part teaching. Go ahead and get that. It’s going to help. It’s going to lay out these practical things that you can do. There’s many more practical things you can do to hear God’s voice but you know, hearing God’s voice, isn’t a difficult thing. And one of the things you have to do to start with right out the gate is confess and believe that you can hear God’s voice.
Carlie: “My sheep, hear my voice” is what he says.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: John 10:27
Ashley: John 10:27. Amen. Bingo. You can hear God’s voice. If you’re born again today, you are his sheep. He is your shepherd. He’s the good shepherd. And you can hear his voice. And we hear people say, “oh, I can’t hear God’s voice. But the devil told me this. And my flesh told me that. And the devil told me this”. He said, now we need to change that around and say, “I can hear God’s voice. I can hear the voice of my father. I’m his sheep and I can hear his voice”. And when we start confessing that, that’s already going to open up the door and make it much more easier for us to hear his voice clearly. And then one more thing real quickly is praying in the Holy Ghost. I can’t tell you how important it is to pray in the Holy Ghost. When you pray in tongues, when you pray in your prayer language, man, you’re going to be able to hear God’s voice so much clearer. Outside of the word of God, praying in the spirit has been the thing that’s helped me hear God’s voice more than anything.
Carlie: Let me ask you a question. How do you in tongues?
Ashley: How do you pray in tongues?
Carlie: Cause I feel like there are people watching that maybe don’t really understand, or haven’t heard about this praying in tongues thing before.
Ashley: This could be a viewer question. We have actually got viewer questions that talk about how do I pray in tongues? How do I start in my prayer language? And things like that. So we might as well go ahead and answer that one as well. Praise God. To pray in tongues. You know, first of all, it’s got to be your decision. Well, let me say this before that praying in tongues is for every believer. And I know that’s your church might not believe that or whatever, but that’s what we believe.
Carlie: That’s what the scripture…
Ashley: That’s what the scriptures show. That’s what we believe. That’s what the Bible represents. And there’s 20 times in acts where the baptism of the holy spirit also was evident with praying in tongues. And the one time it wasn’t. There was like what happened to him? We had heard about it and they started praying in tongues.
So tongues is a natural byproduct of being baptized in the holy spirit. And it’s your spiritual prayer language. It’s your spirit praying to God spirit. In Jude 1:20, it talks about build yourself up in your most holy faith, keep yourself in the love of God, by praying in the spirit. When you pray in the spirit, when you pray in the holy ghost, when you pray in your prayer language, you are building yourself up in your most holy faith. It’s your spirit, praying to God spirit. And the thing is, it’s a language that you can’t understand with your natural brain, right. So what usually happens is, you’ll start to do it and then your natural mind will say “that doesn’t sound right”. You’re making it up” or “you’re going crazy”. And the often you can sabotage and stop doing it. And a lot of people that say, well, I tried to pray in tongues. I’m not sure if I was doing it right.
Carlie: Let me just clarify this. Praying in tongues is a fruit of the baptism of the holy spirit. And that is for every born again, believer. So you first need to have received Jesus and then your candidate to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is a separate experience, but it’s for everyone. And in the first chapter of acts, Jesus told his disciples to go wait in the upper room until the Holy Spirit come upon them and fill them with power. I actually, Jesus didn’t perform any miracles until the holy spirit had come upon him. And so if it’s important enough for Jesus to be baptized in the holy spirit, then you’d think it be good for us too. Right?
Ashley: Amen. We need it.
Carlie: Amen. And tongues comes with that.
Ashley: Living the Christian life without the baptism of the Holy Spirit is going to be, it’s not just difficult or frustrating, it’s impossible. And one of the ways I look at it is it’s like a car without gas. Okay? You can. I mean, there’s certain things you can do, I guess, with a carve-out gas, you can sit in it and sleep in it. But the whole purpose of the car is to put gas in it and off it goes. And if you haven’t got the Holy Spirit, you’re like a car without gas. You need the Holy Spirit. You need the [inaudible] and the Holy Spirit. And when you had that [inaudible] and the Holy Spirit it’s going to make the scripture come more alive to you, your relationship with God is going to go to another level. And when you pray in your prayer language, man it is so powerful.
When you do that, you are praying mysteries. You’re praying, perfect prayers.
Carlie: And you get revelation.
Ashley: You’re getting revelations, you’re praying. And you know, some will say, well, what about scriptures that talk about don’t let everyone pray in tongues. And only two or three. There’s two types of tongues. There’s your own personal prayer language of tongue. And then there’s a spiritual gift of praying in tongues. And the spiritual gift of praying in is God speaking through your spirit in a public setting or to another person. And then it’s interpreted, okay, that’s a spiritual gift of praying in tongues. And that is different from your personal prayer language. Your personal prayer language is something you want to do all the time, as much as possible. Paul said, I pray in tongues more than you all.
Carlie: He must have been southern.
Ashley: Must have been Texan. And I pray in tongues more than you. He’s now praying tongues more than you all. Why? Because that’s how he got revelation. That’s how he wrote a third of the New Testament. He prayed in tongues and he got revelation from God. When you pray in tongues, I believe it was, Oral Robert said, “I don’t pray in English until I have prayed in tongues” he goes, “how do I know what to pray in English until I’ve prayed in tongues?” And I have to tell you that in the majority of my prayer life now is praying in the spirit. It’s powerful. I’m telling it’s going to set you free. So if you have got a prayer, I know there’s people out there that have their prayer language that can pray in tongues, but they don’t exercise it because they don’t know the benefits of it. I encourage you start praying in tongues and it takes faith because you pray in tongues for more than a few minutes, your natural mind is going to go.
You’re wasting your time. What are you doing? This doesn’t make sense.
Carlie: What’s for lunch?
Ashley: [crosstalk] your mind is going to distract you. Push through that, do it by faith, praise God. Have faith in the word of God that when you pray in tongues, you build yourself up in your most holy faith. And you’re going to see the benefits. I mean, we have a whole booklet called “Your life with God”, details on your screen, and this booklet we’ll give it to you. If you go to go to our website, I believe it’s a forward slash booklet. They put the instructions on the screen. We’ll give you that as our gift today. And if you go there and read that book, it’s only a short booklet, but it will show you the benefits of praying in tongues.
Carlie: Yeah. It also talks about salvation as well. If you’d like to know more about what it means to receive Jesus and what it means to be born again, it’s in that book.
Ashley: Amen. It really is. So praise God. We believe you’re going to hear God’s voice clearer and you’re going to be able to pray in your prayer language more, praise God. So that’s two questions for one right there. We got there. So thanks for writing in what’s the next one.
Carlie: Oh, hang on a second. I have a list here. Do you have one ready?
Ashley: I don’t have one ready, I was hoping you did.
Carlie: Oh, okay. I’m sorry. All right. Okay. Nicole writes and says, “we are believing for an instant healing, not a progressive healing in our son that was born with a condition. Can you help me to understand what I could be doing to delay the manifestation in my son and does continuing to speak to the mountain show a lack of faith”. That’s kind of two questions in one right there, but let me just, let me just address the first bit initially here, Nicole, we believe in for an instant healing, not a progressive healing and their son was born with down syndrome. There’s a number of different things that are going on here. When, when somebody has a chronic condition and something that’s quite visual we know we are not of the world, but we are in the world.
And that means we are surrounded. We are bombarded with our five senses. Okay? So every day as we get up, we’re looking at something. If someone has a physical condition, you can see on the outside, it’s obvious on the outside. It’s not hidden. You’re looking at it every single day and you’re experiencing it every single day. And there’s something that happens in our heart. It’s in scriptures, it describes this as unbelief. It’s just a natural unbelief. It basically, all that means is that your five senses are speaking to you. And sometimes those, what we experience with our five senses becomes more real to us in that moment than faith does. Okay. Faith is a powerful sense that goes beyond our five senses. But when we are living in the world, we are dealing with those five, those carnal things that we have to overcome.
And it’s especially difficult if we, if it has been a long-term like you’re talking about here, your son was born with a condition. He’s had it his whole life. You can see it. It’s visual. What I want to encourage you with Nicole is don’t get into condemnation about this, okay? God wants your son well, he’s not holding back on you. You’re not doing anything wrong as a parent. Okay? Your faith isn’t broken. You have the faith of Jesus on the inside of you, more than our faith to move mountains, heal the sick cast any demon in hell. Okay? You’re not, you’re not failing in this area, what we’re struggling with and you’re not alone. Everybody struggles with unbelief to certain degrees. It’s just something that’s going on in the five senses. What I want to encourage you with, because sometimes we can feel like we have to just chop Goliath’s head off or nothing.
It’s all or nothing. It’s to win a victory in one area first, faith is, is kind of like a muscle, right? We need to exercise. We have the faith of God on the inside of us, but there is a process. Before David killed Goliath, he fought the lion and the bear first. You talk about wanting an instant healing rather than a progressive healing. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how we get there. Right? However it comes is good. Okay. Now I do believe that God’s best is instant healing, but as long as we get healed in the end, it doesn’t matter how we get there.
Ashley: God wants you well.
Carlie: God wants you well, he wants your son to walk in health. I would suggest that you would maybe pray in tongues for a while first, this is what helps me. And be led by the holy spirit to start somewhere.
And it might not be for everything to change all in one go, but find a starting point. Maybe you want to start believing God for a cold or a headache or something. Whatever it is, it doesn’t really matter, but start somewhere. And you don’t say how old your son is here either. The age of our children impacts what they believe as well impacts how this plays out. But I would continue.
This is a great question. “Does continuing to speak to the mountain show a lack of faith?”. You know what? I’m going to keep speaking. I’m just going to be tenacious. I’m going to keep speaking the word of God over my situation. What’s the alternative? Speak in doubt and unbelief. Right? Keep speaking the word girl, be tenacious and don’t be moved. Amen. By faith and patience, we inherit the promises. Nicole, just keep doing what you’ve been doing. You’re a good mom. Keep doing what you’ve been doing, Amen. You’re going to win if you don’t quit.
Ashley: Amen. It’s awesome.
Carlie: All right. So I have a question here from Karen. This is a financial question. And she asked, “what is the difference between first fruits tithe, seed and alms giving?”
Ashley: Well, that’s a big question right there. There’s a lot in that praise God, but there’s definitely differences in types of giving and there’s different types of giving there. So let me just share what I believe in some of these things and what the scripture teaches. The first one we’ll tackle is the tithe. Now the tithe… I get so many emails and letters, and Facebook comments about the tithe. The time is something..
Carlie: It’s seems to be quite contentious.
Ashley: It’s very contentious, it’s amazing how… here’s the thing. Let me just say this. Selfishly, first of all, I don’t care. It works so good in my life. I don’t care. Like I really don’t care if it’s not for today, I’m still going to do it because it’s worked so well for the last 25 years of my life. So I’m not going to stop.
So that’s what I say, first of all. But second of all, it is scripture, it is for New Testament believers. And let me show you why it is. It’s a principle. God sets in motion principles and some principles are timeless. They’re outside of the law. And the outside of the things I like murder. Murder was wrong before the law. It became part of the law, do not murder. And there was a consequence of that. And then after laws, New Testament, grace believers, who were not under the law, is it still wrong to murder?
Carlie: Absolutely.
Ashley: Yes. Okay. Tithing was before the law, there was two clear examples in the scriptures where there was two people that tithe separately in Genesis 14, Abraham tithed Melchizedek. So Abraham came to Melchizedek and tithed to him. Now there’s a whole nother teaching there with Melchizedek and where he came from and everything else.
It’s powerful. It links him with Hebrews. We ain’t got time to go there right now, but that is so significant. When Abraham came to Melchizedek and gave him a 10th of what he had, it was powerful. And then later on in Genesis 28, Jacob tithes to God. Jacob said, God, you’ve been so good to me. You’ve blessed me so much. I’m going to vow to give a 10th of everything I have back to you. Two clear instances where it’s definitely a 10% tithe. You know, some people say, I tithe at 5%. And on that note, 10% was 10% of your increased. 10% of your income. It means a tenth, 10% of your income. Now people will fight me on this. And it’s amazing. I haven’t met anyone, fight me on this yet, who are prosperous.
Carlie: Everybody that doesn’t like tithing seems to be struggling financially.
Ashley: Let me put another way. I don’t know any prosperous born again believers who have got a prosperous life who don’t tithe.
Carlie: Right.
Ashley: I’m telling you that they… I know some people that are wealthy in certain areas, but their lives are broken. It’s a mess. And it’s a house of cards. I’m talking about people that are prosperous, people that God has made rich. And he added no sorrow with it. I don’t know anyone who’s blessed and who’s financially prosperous who doesn’t tithe. Now we can argue about how technical do we have to be? People ask me this question, “do I have to tie off of the gross of my income or time off the net of my income?” I say, first of all, asking that question, it already reveals to me that you’ve got the wrong attitude towards tithing.
It’s meant to be a joyous thing. It’s meant to be something that you’re so grateful to God. You want to be a cheerful giver. Second Corinthians nine and seven, but that’s first of all and second I say, would you want to gross return? Do you want to gross harvest when your net harvest? I mean, it’s up to you. But really it’s a heart attitude. Here’s the thing. God is the biggest giver. God has given everything you have to you anyway, he’s given you seed to sow. And I believe that time is the seed part of your income. So as your income comes in, whatever your income is, whether it’s through business, whether it’s retirement, whether it’s even disability, wherever your income is, whenever you receive money, whenever you receive…
Carlie: So even a fixed income.
Ashley: Even a fixed income commission, whatever it is, when you receive income, I would take 10% of that. It’s very easy to work out. God is so good. He made it easy. It doesn’t matter if you have a million dollars come in, or if you have $10 come in, anyone can work this math out. You take 10% and you give that back to God, as simple as that. And I’m saying it works. It’s a powerful system. And I challenge you. If you’re not doing that, I challenge you that you haven’t got.. You haven’t put your faith in God over your finances.
Carlie: Some people say that you’re cursed if you don’t tithe, what would you say to that?
Ashley: Oh that’s a strong one. Yeah, in fact, I was at a church one time teaching this and I said Malachi three says that you’ve robbed me. God says you’ve robbed me. How have we robbed you? In tithes and offerings? And this guy they’ve got stood up, “that’s right. You God robbers, I’ve been telling you”. I said whoa, I haven’t finished. I said, nowadays you’re actually robbing God of the opportunity of blessing you. So there is no curse if you don’t tithe. Galatians 3:13, Jesus took care of the curse. There’s no curse, but all the blessings are still there. And let me say something else about the tithe as well, even under the law, even Malachi three, if you read it under the law, the whole focus of the tithe was God trying to get more to his people. It was never God trying to take from these people.
He said, test me on this, prove me on this. I’m going to open up the windows of heaven. I’m going to pour out a blessing so great you can’t contain it. We forget all that. And we think, yeah, but you’re curse. You’re cursed if you don’t tithe. Yeah, that was in there cause they were under the law. We’re not under the law. You’re not under the law today. So this is your choice. But I’m telling you, it’s a principle God’s put in place and why would you not want to do it? And I want to challenge you if you really believe that God is your provider. If you really believe that God is your source, then trust him, put action to your faith and start tithing. And I’ll tell you, it’s amazing what happens when you do that by faith and you start believing God for your financial increase, that’s the tithe.
So that’s what we do. We tithe rather.. In fact, we tithe it a little differently now, we actually tithe to where we want to be. And I’m not.. Don’t make a doctrine out of this, but we tithe more than 10% of our income. We tithe, we pray about it. And we tithe where we believe we want to be by the end of the year or by the end of a certain period, and what usually happens is by the end of that year, our income has come in. And whether that’s business income, whether that’s ministry income, whether that’s just personal salaries, it’s come in and it actually matches what we’ve been giving.
Carlie: Because ultimately it takes faith. It’s an act of trusting God with our financial wellbeing in order to give away something that you could use yourself, or even giving something away that you could use? It’s an act of God, it’s an act of faith to do that. And so when you’re saying we tithe where we want to be, really we’re stretching our faith. [crosstalk 00:21:03] Our tent pegs, right? Our capacity to receive
Ashley: Increase your capacity, stretch out your tent pegs. And when it comes to first fruits, you know, some people would say the first fruits is the tithe. I believe personally, it’s two separate things. The first fruit is how we honor God. We honor God with our first fruits. Honor God with the substance of your barns of your first fruits. And when we honor God with our first fruits what we’re doing is we’re saying, God, I’ve had this extra increase. This increase has come to me. And I want to honor you with that. And I want to give that to you. And here’s what I do personally. I give my tithe, I give the tithe of the income, we give it to our church, our local church that we go to. Now we’re fed by a local church. We go to a great life giving church.
So that’s easy for us to do. If you haven’t got a church around you, then you are going to have to find a life giving church, or you’re going to have to get involved with an online church, immediate church or some way of getting fed by your local church. Para ministries. You know, we’re, we’re a para church ministry. We were traveling ministry. So we hope we’re feeding you too. We hope we’re giving you teachings too. But really the tie of, I believe belongs in the church where you’re being fed. And if you’re not being fed by that church, if you go into a bad church. I’ve had people say “I’ve got a bad church”.
Carlie: Why?
Ashley: So why do you go there?
Unless you’re the pastor, you’re not going to be able to change it. That’s another whole lesson.
Carlie: If you’re the pastor, you got bigger problems.
Ashley: That’s right? If you’re the pastor and you think our church is bad, you got bigger problems. If you’re in that church and you say, you’re going to change it. You can’t change a church from the pew. You change the church from the pulpit. So if you’re trying to change your church from your pew, you actually in rebellion, you need to, you need to get out or get with it. So anyway, that’s where we give our tithe. Our first fruits we give to, to honor people. So I’ll often give it to spiritual mentors. I’ll give it to people when I have increase, I want to bless them and honor them. And I believe God gets honored when we honor his kids. Amen.
And then there’s benevolence, giving what other giving is there? Giving arms, which is benevolence giving. That’s giving to the needy, giving to people who can’t return to you. People that you know. Proverbs said, “if you give to the poor, you lend into the Lord”. Let me tell you, God remembers if you lend him money, he’s not going to forget. So we give benevolence, giving, we sponsor children. We give to missionaries around the world. Sometimes we’ll just see a neighbor in need or a friend in need or someone who’s.. A church in need or whatever, a single parent or whatever their situation. And we’ll help them. We’ll give to that. And then also I believe you can give to wealthy people. Some think you give to wealthy people?. Yeah. I give to wealthy people. I give where I want to be. I give to, to prosperous people.
I give to people when God leads me, I want to give to people, you know, the Queen of Sheba came and gave to Solomon and she had all the questions in our heart answered. And then Solomon gave back to her. So there’s an exchange that happens when you give it. It’s a form of honor. There’s an exchange. It’s powerful. Praise God. So there’s different types of giving. I think I need to make a series on different types of giving because there’s no way I can answer this question in the five minutes I have.
But anyway, the main thing is this. You don’t have to be too technical about the giving. Trust God with your finances and start giving. The seed that you sow is going to increase praise God. The seed that you sow is going to increase. God’s giving you seed. Now you need to sew it. So you’ll see the increase. Praise God. I want to challenge you today. If you’re not a giver. If you’re not a systematic giver, if you haven’t trusted God with your finances, today’s a great day to start praise God. So trust God with your finances, and start sowing today and start giving today. He won’t be out given he’s the biggest giver so he’s going to get back to you. And you’re going to have more than ever, praise God.
Carlie: Amen. And the one last one last question here. We’ve time for one last question. This is a quick question here from Maria. And she said, “should we believe for healing within a certain timeframe?” Well I think we can apply this to, could we believe for anything within a certain timeframe? Honestly, I think if we put timeframes on something that isn’t God directed, we set ourselves up for disappointment
Ashley: That’s good, because if it’s God directed, if God tells you.. God’s told me before now, believe for this, this year.
Carlie: Yeah.
Ashley: But God’s told me.
Carlie: Yeah.
Ashley: I haven’t just come up with it.
Carlie: Exactly. You know, I was healed of epilepsy and God told me in two weeks time, you can be healed from this, if you choose to be. I haven’t heard that in anyone else’s testimony, I wouldn’t have made up two weeks myself, but God knew that it would take two weeks from my heart to get into a place where it was prepared to receive that miracle. Okay. That was a God ordained timeframe. But you know, I’ve met other people that have put a time limit on receiving a healing. And they’ve been disappointed because they’re watching a clock all the time. And hope deferred makes the heart sick. And I think if you believe in God for healing or anything else, let God direct your steps, commit your way unto him. Amen. Trust him and he’ll bring it to pass. And then that way you’ll avoid disappointment in that.
Ashley: Amen. And if it’s God directed, then praise God.
Carlie: It’s going to be awesome.
Ashley: And there’s people involved, right? When we believe the things is other people, we live in a fallen world. There’s the enemy. There’s things that can get involved. But ultimately, if you don’t quit, you’re going to receive those [crosstalk] you’re going to receive. And the only way you’re not going to receive is if you quit and you know, the righteous get up seven times. I’m telling you today, you are a winner. And if you keep getting back up, you’re going to win. I’ve read the back of the book, you win, praise God. You win.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: Amen.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: Hey, thanks for writing in and sending us your questions. Keep them coming. We’d love to answer them. We’ve got lots more.
Carlie: We want to hear your testimonies too.
Ashley: We’ll come back. Yes. Tell us your testimonies. Tell us how this ministry or the word of God has impacted you and given you breakthrough because we overcome by the blood of the lamb, what Jesus has done and the word of our testimony, what we see other people doing. So when we see other people stepping out, by faith and receiving their victory, it’s going to inspire us to receive our victory. So your testimony is important. So write in, the details are on your screen, or you can even phone in and leave us your testimony. We’d love to share it with other people. Praise God. And your questions. You can send us questions. We’ll answer them as much as we can, praise God. We’re out of time this time. But remember, don’t just settle for living a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. We’ll see you next time.
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Ashley: And when you realize the truth about you and who you are, praise God. It’s going to change your world.
Carlie: God wants you well. He wants you living life abundantly.
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Speaker 4: She’s tinier than you think, but she is mighty.
Speaker 5: And they are so power packed.
Speaker 6: And you see the fruit, the results.
Speaker 7: [inaudible] People healed and all that. Its awesome.
Speaker 8: You can take the truth of the word of God, throw it in with some laughter and that’ll make a difference in your life.
Speaker 9: To see it from Ashley’s standpoint of just like go there, go boldly.
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