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When God is moving us into position for something, our heart is prepared before our feet move. Ashley and Carlie teach us how to prepare out hearts to hear God’s voice and prepare our hearts for His perfect positioning.


Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life? Welcome to the Abundant Life Program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

Ashley: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today. We’ve got an exciting program for you today. We’re going to be talking about God’s positioning in your life, praise God, and how God will position you, just where you need to be. Amen? So this is my wife, Carlie.

Carlie: Well we’re talking about God’s positioning, and the interesting thing that happens with this is usually we find that our heart is positioned before our feet are.

Ashley: Hmm. Explain that.

Carlie: In other words, we’ve been through this a lot in our life too, but when God is moving us into a position for something, we’re going to feel at a heart level before we see our feet move. In other words, our heart is prepared in the position before we physically make the move to be in that location.

Ashley: So you could say as well, on the flip side of that, if our hearts aren’t prepared, then we may not be able to go where God wants us to go.

Carlie: Exactly.

Ashley: So am I jumping ahead of your lesson, Carlie?

Carlie: No, it’s a perfect segue, darling.

Ashley: Okay.

Carlie: All right. Well, let’s just jump in here. We’re going to go into John 10:27. Have you got that verse there?

Ashley: Yeah. This is John 10, verse 27. This is Jesus speaking. And he says, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

Carlie: Hmm. So there’s two parts of this scripture. My sheep hear My voice, right? We are all built with the ability to understand, to tune in, to hear our Father when our Father speak to us. My sheep hear My voice. Amen? Let’s all agree on that right now. We are all able to hear the voice of God when He speaks to us.

Ashley: But what about those who say they can’t hear God’s voice?

Carlie: Then they’re wrong. Everybody. The scripture says, “My sheep hear My voice.” Now, that doesn’t mean that we’re listening. Just like when I say to you, “Hey honey, can you put the trash out,” or, “Hey honey, dinner’s ready.” You know, sometimes you might get the dinner, not the trash. Selective hearing.

Ashley: Selecting hearing. It’s like our kids. They could be right next to us and we say, “Have you done your homework?” They can’t hear us. But if we’re talking about someone and they’re in the other end of the house, they’ll hear us.

Carlie: Yeah. If you’re doing the church gossip a bit.

Ashley: Church gossip, they’ll hear us.

Carlie: Their little antennas go up and they can hear everything.

Ashley: It’s prayer needs. We’re discussing needs.

Carlie: Right. It’s always for prayer. My sheep hear My voice.

Ashley: And I know this isn’t part of the lesson, but I just want to say here, if you think you can’t hear God’s voice, that’s one of the problems, because you’ll confess… I’ve heard people confess this. “I can’t hear God’s voice.” You know what, change your confession now. Start saying, “I can hear God’s voice.”

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: If you’re born again, you’re His sheep. He’s your shepherd, and you can hear His voice. So start confessing, “I can hear God’s voice.” And it’s amazing, just that alone will change, and you’ll start to hear God’s voice more clearly, praise God.

Carlie: That’s right. You put your spiritual antennas up.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: But the next part of that scripture, sometimes people kind of skip over this. So it’s, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them.” God knows us. “And they follow me.” You see an obedience and hearing go together. And if we’re to be positioned according to where… We want God to position us, right? Because He’s the one that opens up doors of opportunity for us. He knows how to get us into the right places at the right time so that we can take advantage of opportunities and blessing and provision that He has for us.

But in order to do that, we need to be in relationship with Him and we need to be listening and ready to follow when He speaks.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: There’s a little bit of a process that goes in there.

Ashley: Following. When God speaks to us, we follow. In fact, I just saw earlier today, my friend, Dr. Doug Weiss, and he says this. He says, “It’s not about leadership. It’s about followship.” And really the Christian walk is following Jesus. So it’s about followship. I thought that was pretty neat. Followship. We need to learn how to follow God.

Carlie: Amen. Let’s look at this. This is the story of Elijah and it’s in our I Kings, chapter 17, verse two. It says, “Then the word of the Lord came to him,” came to Elijah, “saying, get away from here, turn eastward and hide by the Brook Cherith, which flows into the Jordan. And it will be that you shall drink from the brook and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there. So he went and did according to the word of God and when, and stayed by the Brook Cherith, which flows into the Jordan, and the Ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning, and bread and meat in the evening. And he drank from the brook.”

And this really intrigues me, this story, because here’s Elijah and there’s a whole backstory to this, which you can study out yourself. But the word came to Elijah and says, I’m providing for you. But here it is.

And so often we meet people, “Well, you know, I’m just waiting on God to provide. I’m just waiting on God to provide. I’m just waiting on the provision.” Well, have you done the last thing that the Lord told you to do? Have we heard from God and listened and followed Him?

Because I think sometimes we miss out on the positioning and the provision of God, because God says My provision is here and the place that I’ve called you to. And sometimes I meet people and I know that we’ve been through this ourselves, where we’ve been struggling in a situation or an area because the grace for that season has lifted.

But it’s learning to recognize that, being in a relationship with the Lord where we’re listening, where the Lord’s leading us onto another phase of our life or another stage or another physical place. Maybe that’s changing job, maybe that’s changing location, whatever it might be. And the provision that we need in our moment is in that place called there. It’s not where we’re at right now. Sometimes the reason that we’re struggling is because we’re not in the right position.

Ashley: So really, God provides for us, but we have to go and step into what God has for us. Sometimes that provision is there, where we need to be. And sometimes if we stay back and we don’t follow God, then we’re experiencing lack, and it’s because God’s provision’s gone ahead of us. So I guess that’s what Deuteronomy 28’s talking about, the provision goes ahead of us and overtakes us.

Carlie: Right.

Ashley: We have to walk into it.

Carlie: Exactly. And you know, it takes faith. It takes faith to be tuned in to the point where we can hear God, and then we’re ready to make a move and step into that. Anytime we need to make a move, we need to be in faith.

And there are many examples, actually, in the scriptures of this. But just specifically with the ravens and Elijah, he had to hear the word of the Lord come to him, but then for all we know, he might’ve been pretty comfortable where he was. He had to actually get up and go and follow the directions. I mean, this does sound a little bit ridiculous. How many of you have ever had birds just come and feed you? You know, ravens just swoop in. Oh, here comes breakfast. Here comes dinner. Right? And they just dropped the little bits of meat or whatever it is, and bread and that went on for a number of days.

Ashley: I’ve had birds poop on me, but never feed me.

Carlie: Yeah, don’t eat that. That’s nasty. But I mean, that is a supernatural act of God. Ravens wouldn’t normally come and feed people. They would eat the food themselves. That was God.

And it must have been quite reassuring for Elijah, when he gets to the Brook Cherith and sure enough, here comes to the first raven and he’s like, phew, glad I didn’t miss that one. And then later in the evening, it shows up again.

When we first take that step of faith into the positioning of God, there’s that element of stepping into, this is new. I’ve not been here before. I’ve not done this before. Yeah.

Ashley: The unknown. And you know, our human instinct is we like things comfortable and safe and we like familiar. We don’t like something that’s different and change. And a lot of walking in faith is we have to trust the word of God, trust what God’s told us and step out. So I’ve never really thought about it that way. But yeah, Elijah had to step out into that. He had to leave his comfort zone, step out and follow the word of God, because God had told him to do that. It worked out great.

Carlie: Right. And I mean, many other examples. You think of a Naaman. Naaman’s in II Kings as well. And when he said go and dip in the River Jordan a specific number of times, and then you’ll be healed. Well Naaman’s act of faith, he heard that word, but he had to go to the river. He had to go the right river. And it wasn’t a a particularly clean river and dip the right amount of times, in order to receive his healing.

When Jesus was ministering in the gospels, the man with the withered arm. He said, “Stretch out your arm.” And it was healed. Well, when He asked him to stretch out his arm, it was still withered at that point. He had to try and do something he couldn’t do before. He had to do it in faith.

Before he was in the physical position to see his arm healed, he had to have the presence of mind, his heart had to be positioned that he was willing to put trust in the word that he heard.

You know, this is talking about the preparation of our heart. Over the past few sessions, this has come up a lot. But as we are prepared in our heart, we’re more able to hear God clearly and able to step out into what God’s asking us to do. Not only will we have a clearer picture of what God is asking us to do, but we’ll have the faith to be able to do it, to be able to respond in that moment. But that comes, that starts with the preparation of our heart precedes the physical moving of our feet. The preparation of our heart precedes any kind of positioning that happens logically and physically.

Ashley: I remember about a month before we started Terradez ministries, and we was both working for Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College full-time, had managers positions there. And I remember, we’d preached at a church by accident. We was actually down for a soccer tournament in Phoenix, Arizona with our son. And then some friends of some friends invited us to preach at their church.

And on the way back I was praying and just enjoying some time in the Lord as we drove back from Phoenix, and the Lord started to stir my heart.. And my preparation and my heart was, I really wanted to minister more we used to be in ministry more, and I wanted to get back to that, them things.

Carlie: Kind of been more of a desk job.

Ashley: Yeah. I mean, we loved serving Andrew Wommack Ministries. It was great, but I just love being in hands-on ministry. And I remember the little stir in my heart and nothing had changed at work with Andrew Wommack Ministries. But when I got back there, and I remember I was talking to Andrew, and he said to me, “We need to get you out ministering more. You’d rather be ministering than being a manager in my ministry, wouldn’t you?” And for the first time, I’d say, “Well, yeah, that’s.” And he said, “Well you pray about it and see what the Lord says.” And I said, Andrew, the Lord’s already spoke to me. He’s prepared my heart for this. And we met and-

Carlie: He wants to give you the desires of your heart.

Ashley: Amen. And we met, and that’s how we ended up launching Terradez Ministries full-time. But it was amazing. God worked in my heart first before we had any decisions to make. And then when then decisions were being made, I was already prepared in my heart to do that.

Now we didn’t know, we didn’t have anything laid out. We didn’t have the-

Carlie: You didn’t have the details.

Ashley: We didn’t have the income at the time in the ministry, or anything like that. We didn’t have any partners. We didn’t have the donations or the income or the itineraries set or anything. So we took that step of faith. But as we took that step of faith, praise God, God was faithful and provided for us. And it’s been great. And Andrew’s been great as well about it. But it’s interesting how God started working on my heart first.

Carlie: Yeah, it is. And it brings me back to John 10:27. “My sheep hear My voice.” It’s in the listening that our heart becomes prepared. We have to be in a place where we’re in that relationship. If you aren’t listening to the Lord, if you aren’t active in the pursuit of the things of God, your heart wouldn’t have been stirred. Your heart wouldn’t have be prepared. We don’t just decide one day to prepare our heart. It’s an active part of our relationship with the Lord. It’s almost like just a natural part, like breathing. When we’re in a relationship, there is a natural part of conversation that happens. And in that listening, in that hearing, being a sheep and hearing the Shepherd’s voice, our heart starts to get prepared. And in the preparation, what happens next is a step of positioning and then obedience.

So just like with Elijah, he was in conversation with the Lord and listening to the Lord. And so that’s why he was hearing the Lord’s voice when He spoke to him. “This is the next place, go here. These are the directions. This is where your provision is.” But his heart was already prepared. I’m sure he started to think back on the other things that he’d been through and the other times he’d stepped out in faith, and figured that God’s come through for me before. I know that when I hear God, that He’s a good God and He’s got provision for me, and His plans are good. But he didn’t know a hundred percent when he wandered towards the Brook Cherith that the ravens were going to feed him. He hadn’t seen ravens before coming and feeding people. That was an act of faith.

But in that listening came the heart preparation. In the heart preparation came the next step, which was to follow, to actually put your feet into action and follow what you’ve heard. But then as they start to put your feet into action, that’s where obedience is.

The Lord said, “I’m going to feed you here.” And then the next part of that scripture actually following on from that, in verse seven it says, “And it happened after a while that the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land. And then the word of the Lord came to him and said, ‘Arise, go to Zarephath.'” And that was to meet the widow woman.

So this kind of thing gets a little bit easier, I think. As you take one step with the Lord, the next step becomes a little bit easier

Ashley: It’s like David was the lion and the bear. He’s like, “I’ve overcome the lion. Basically, the Lord has enabled me to overcome the lion. The Lord’s enabled me to overcome the bear, and now I’m going to be able to overcome Goliath.”

And it is that practicing, and it’s that spending time with God. I know sometimes it can be cliche and you hear it a lot, but I’m just telling you, there’s no shortcut for this. Relationship with God, listening to God’s voice, and obeying those things that God tells you to do, following Him, takes a relationship. It takes time. You have to be intentional with your time with God.

And I’m not trying to be religious or anything. I’m not telling you you got to do this a certain amount of time a day or anything, but any relationship, whether it’s a marriage relationship or friends, or parent, children, it takes time. You have to put time in and you have to be quantity and quality time. And that’s how you build that relationship with the Lord, and you’ll hear His voice.

I believe God’s speaking to us all the time. I believe a lot of the time we’re just too distracted or too busy to even hear Him.

Carlie: We miss hearing, what is God speaking to us, because we kind of pass it off like, that’s just my own thoughts. Or I just ate too much cheese.

Ashley: This is another whole lesson, how to hear God’s voice. But God’s voice often sounds like us, because we’re one spirit with the Lord, I Corinthians 6:17, we’re one spirit with the Lord. So when God speaks to us, it doesn’t sound like a third person, most of the time. It doesn’t sound like a third person. “Ashley, do this, do that.” It sounds like our own thoughts, our own feelings. And that’s the spirit of God speaking to us. So it’s important to listen to those things and follow them.

Carlie: It is. And you know, we don’t realize sometimes how significant the preparation of our heart and the positioning of us in the little things, sets us up for big things that are way more important.

I remember one time I was home in our farm house in England and I was baking a pie. Everyone else was out of the house that afternoon. I think the kids were off with you somewhere, and I’ve baked a pie. And I took it out, set it up on top of the stove to cool down. And I just went up to our bedroom to check some emails on the computer.

Now we had three farm cats because we had mice in the farm. So we had three farm cats, which, by the way, were absolutely useless at catching mice.

Ashley: I didn’t want one cat.

Carlie: We ended up with three cats.

Ashley: We went to get one cat because we lived on a farm. So if you’ve got a farm, you’ve got to have a cat to keep the mice away. So I went to get one cat and they said, “If you’re going to have one cat, you’ve got to have two cats so they can play together.” And then when we went to get two cats, they said, “You got three kids, so you’ve got to have three cats so you can have one cat for each child.” So I didn’t want one cat, ended up with three cats. So anyway, we ended up with three cats in the end.

Carlie: So the only mice that they were really interested, these cats, was the mouse on the computer screen. As I moved my mouse, the little cursor would move around the screen. They thought that was wildly entertaining. So I’m sitting there checking my emails, moving the little cursor around, and the cats sitting there watching the little mouse on the screen there.

Ashley: How do the cats go?

Carlie: Stop that, okay? And in this time, I had just been really intentionally… I wanted to hear God in the little things. Through our Bible college classes that we were attending at the time, I heard a testimony of a man that would play Holy Spirit hide and seek, where one of them would go off and hide randomly a field, and his friend would just seek the Lord and ask the Lord to show him a picture of where his friend was hiding. And that just totally blew my little religious mind.

Ashley: The Holy Spirit wasn’t hiding.

Carlie: No, the man was hiding,

Ashley: The man was hiding, okay.

Carlie: But the finder was using the Holy Spirit, was asking the Holy Spirit to show him, like a treasure hunt, where my friend is hiding. And he showed Him a picture of him under a tree or wherever he was. He’d give him the directions.

Ashley: I’ve never done that.

Carlie: So it just occurred to me that God is really interested in our every day. And so I started to have just daily conversations with God. And as I’m sitting there checking my emails, I hear the Lord on the inside of me. As you’re saying, God speaks with spirit to spirit, say, “The cat is eating your pie.” I thought that is really random. That doesn’t sound very spiritual. Can’t be God. Right?

So I did what you do, and I ignored it, right? Carried on doing my emails. Well, it came again, three times I heard this on the inside of me. And by the end of it, I’m looking around thinking my three cats are all here with me, watching me move the mouse on the screen. The cats are not eating my pie. But after a while I had enough. I’m like, either this is really you speaking to me Lord, or I’ve got some mental issues. I don’t know what it is. But curiosity got the better of me.

Ashley: Curiosity killed the cat!

Carlie: Almost! So I went downstairs into the kitchen and sure enough, on the kitchen countertop, there is a cat. Not our cat, another cat, eating my pie.

Ashley: It was the fourth cat.

Carlie: It was the fourth cat that just came to the back door.

Ashley: He was a stray cat. He just decided to enter into our farm house through the cat door.

Carlie: He heard that there was pie.

Ashley: And we named him Chisholm

Carlie: Chisholm.

Ashley: We named hi Chisholm, and he was a boy cat amongst three girls cats.

Carlie: Yeah. He was quite the king of the cats.

Ashley: He found himself living there as well. So we ended up with four cats, but that cat was the first time in our house, eating your pie.

Carlie: He just came in the back door and started eating the pie.

Ashley: So the bottom line is, the Holy Spirit is concerned about your pie.

Carlie: Isn’t that crazy? The creator of the universe cares about your pie.

Ashley: I’m getting hungry now. That was a good pie.

Carlie: Oh my goodness. But you know, the really funny thing was as I walked to the kitchen, I saw the cat eating the pie, the Holy Spirit said to me, “I told you. I told you.”

Ashley: He was trying to warn you about the pie.

Carlie: He was trying to. I thought, man, that’s just crazy that God is so wanting to be part of our everyday life that he also wants to have conversation with us. I had no idea at that moment that God was preparing my heart. You see, I was being positioned in the little things.

But you know, a few days later I was driving my children to school down a country lane, which was a national speed limit there in England, 60 miles an hour. It was a two direction road, but it was only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. It was a single carriage way. And then there’s like little passing places in the hedges, so if a car came the opposite direction, you have to kind of drive off into the bush for it to squeeze by. And it was just rural country lane.

And I’m driving to school about 50, 60 miles an hour down the lane. There’s no traffic around whatsoever. And all of a sudden I hear again, the Lord on the inside of me, loud, saying, “Brake!” And you know, I didn’t have to fast or pray or seek the Lord or ask him three times for confirmation. I didn’t have to phone a friend, right? I just did what came naturally. And I shoved my foot down as hard as I could on the brake pedal and we did an emergency stop. And at that moment through a break in the hedgeway, which I couldn’t see, came this huge tractor. And now, If I hadn’t have listened to the Holy Spirit in that moment, I would have had a head on collision with a tractor at 60 miles an hour. And I don’t think any of us would have made it out of there. It would’ve it would’ve been a nasty wreck.

And you know, here’s the thing. When we’re His sheep and we’re in an active relationship with Him, Ge wants to talk to us. He wants to position us. He wants to keep us safe. He wants to keep us from harm. He wants to lead us into the way of success. He wants to open doors of opportunity for us. He wants to speak deliverance and healing and prosperity into our lives. And you know, if we’re not listening and if our heart is not prepared to receive what the Lord is telling us, we will not let our feet be positioned.

That day could have been life or death for us. This is how important God’s positioning is. God is trying to position us for the best.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: Amen? It’s powerful.

Ashley: So tuning into his voice, preparing our hearts. The preparation of our hearts is powerful. Some people say, “Well, how do you prepare your heart?” You know, there’s a number of ways. There’s probably another whole lesson. Maybe you should do a whole lesson on that one day. But it’s spending time with God. It’s reading His word. It’s getting familiar with His MO, what His usual traits are, what He does, what His character is. You start learning about the ways of God, you start learning about the things of God through His word, through praying in tongues, through your prayer language, worship.

There’s so many ways you can spend time with God, but He wants to have that relationship with us. He wants to be able to speak to us and we’re able to hear Him clearly, and He takes preparation to the heart, so He could position us where He wants to position us, and ultimately, so He can give us the best.

He’s got good plans for us. He’s got good plans for you. He wants good things for you, and He’s trying to get those things to us. And sometimes it’s going to take us hearing God clearly to be positioned into those places He wants us to be.

Carlie: Right. And you know, the more familiar, more intimate we are with Jesus, the more trust, natural trust you’d have in any kind of relationship, the more you get to know somebody, the more trust and confidence, the more faith you can put in somebody, because you know them. You know them deep down on the inside of you, right? And the more someone, the more you’re able to walk in obedience or submission to that person.

And this is the same between us and God. “My sheep hear My voice, but they know Me and they follow Me. You know, obedience is not a popular message, oftentimes, especially in grace circles.

Ashley: Right.

Carlie: But when we really know God, and we know that He’s speaking to us, man, we can walk in obedience with joy. And there is a blessing in obedience.

Let’s look at this. This is in Luke 5. And we’ve mentioned this briefly, I think, in one of our previous sessions, but this is the story of the fishermen. When Jesus gets into Simon’s boat in Luke chapter five, I want to bring something different out of it this time. It says in verse three… Actually we’ll back up here into verse one.

It says, “So it was the multitude pressed about Him, about Jesus, to hear the word of God. And He stood by the Lake of Gennesaret and so two boats standing by the lake. But the fishermen had gone from them and they were washing their nets.” There was nobody in the fishing boats, except look at verse three. “Then Jesus got into one of the boats, which was Simon’s.” Why do you think he got into Simon’s boat?

Ashley: Because he was there?

Carlie: Because he was there. Right? This isn’t really deep. He could’ve got into any of the boats, but he got into Simon’s boat because Simon was in the right place at the right time.

This is what allowing God to position us will do. He’ll always have us in exactly the right place in exactly the right time. Man, that’s powerful in itself. Anyway.

So He gets into Simon’s boat and it says, He sets out, in verse four, it says, “When he had stopped speaking to Simon, He said, ‘Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.'”

Notice the word nets is plural. So there’s more than one net. Simon had more than one net that Jesus was asking him to let down.

Now Simon, he said, “Master we’ve toiled all night. We’ve caught nothing, but nevertheless at Your word, we’ll let down the net.” Singular.

So here’s the thing. Simon, he did not understand, Jesus being the carpenter, him being the expert fishermen, he’d got nothing. What Jesus was asking to do didn’t make sense. But it says, “Nevertheless, because you say so Jesus, I’m going to do it.”

You see in obedience, we don’t have to have a full understanding.

Ashley: That’s good.

Carlie: Sometimes people make this way too complicated. We can follow God without having all of the answers to all of our questions. This is why it takes faith, right? It means following God when you don’t have all the answers, where you don’t understand it, but doing anyway. So he said, “Nevertheless, I will, because you say so Jesus, I’m going to let down the net.”

Now, so he followed God part of the way, but it wasn’t complete 100% obedience. And oftentimes I think we’re a little bit like this. I just want to stick my toe in the water. I just want to test this and see if it’s going to work.

But look at this. So he lets down the net and it says, “And when they’d done this, they caught a great number of fish and their net was breaking.” The net, if it had been more than one net, would have been able to contain the catch. Because there was only a partial obedience, the net was breaking. Some of the bounty was escaping.

God is so good. He’s so gracious. He brings the bounty anyway, right.? Even with partial obedience. But here it is. And so it says, “And so he’s signaled to their partners, to the other boat to come in and help them. And they came and filled both the boats and they began to sing. And Simon Peter saw it, fell down on his knees and said, ‘Depart from me, O Lord, for I’m a sinful man.'” And you know what? “They were astonished at the catch of fish that they had.”

And of course we know the end of the story, that they went on to become fishers of men. But I believe that Jesus positioned Simon. Simon was in the right place at the right time. And he was willing, even though he didn’t understand it all, his heart was connected to Jesus, and he was willing to hear Him and to walk in obedience to the degree that he was able. And you know, even when he didn’t fully obey all the way through, man, he soon realized I’m going to need help. And the help was there.

God is gracious to us, even if we don’t get it all right a hundred percent of the time. But positioning is key. Through the whole way of this story, it really it wasn’t about the fish. Jesus was bringing these fishermen to become fishers of men. He was positioning of them to become world changes. Life changers. It wasn’t really about the fish. That was a step in obedience on the road to positioning by the Lord.

Ashley: Amen. That’s awesome. Praise God. We’re nearly out of time, so we want to pray for you before we go. We want to thank you for watching and being a part today. And we want to pray for you.

Father God, I thank You for everyone watching and listening today. I thank You, Lord, You position us for success. I thank You, Lord, you have good plans for us. You have only good for us, and You love to position us for success, Lord. And Lord we pray we’d be able to hear Your voice more clearly. Lord, I thank you for the people watching, they’re going to spend time with You, Lord, they’re going to start enjoying Your presence and they’re going to be able to hear Your voice clearer from now on. Thank you, Lord.

Carlie: I feel like there are people watching, that you’ve been believing God for a breakthrough for a long time. And you’ve been specifically believing God for doors of opportunity. And the Lord is saying I’m opening of opportunity for you. I’m making straight paths that have previously been crooked, and to go back and revisit some of those doors, some of those pathways what have been blocked before, because I am opening avenues of opportunity for you that were previously closed.

Ashley: Wow, that’s awesome. Praise God. So if that’s you, believe it, praise God, and let us know. Email us, write us, and let us know if you’ve received anything or if you received that word. You can go ahead on our website and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

So we’ll be back real soon and we’re going to teach more on this. But until next time, remember, don’t just live a normal life when you can live the abundant life.

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So we want to thank you and thank you on behalf of all the people we’re touching, praise God. Thank you for your partnership. We appreciate you. We’re praying for you. We know you’re going to increase as you sow seed into this ministry. So we’re praying for you regularly. Thank you for your partnership. We love you all.

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Carlie: And so you can just imagine being a Hebrew. Oh, favor’s come? Wonderful. Knock knock on the neighbor’s house, say, “Excuse me. Can I have your silver and gold, please?”

“Oh, of course you may. Here it is. Here’s some for your sons. Here’s some for your daughters. Go, be warmed and filled.”