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In today’s episode of the Abundant Life, Ashley and Carlie unpack God’s timing in our lives. Learn how to understand His timing and prepare your heart to fulfill His good plan.


Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. Welcome to the Abundant Life Program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

Ashley: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today. We’ve got a great program for you today. We’re excited. We’re talking about God’s timing in your life. We’re talking about the plans of God. And if you just joined us, we’re halfway through a series here. We looked at God’s men, how he’s chosen you and also God’s plan about how he’s got a plan for you. And today we’re talking about God’s timing about how God’s timing in your life is perfect. Praise God.

Carlie: Amen. I heard a preacher once say that, “God’s never late, but he’s not usually early.”

Ashley: He’s rarely early, but he’s never late. Amen. I have to work on that sometimes. I actually got the scripture that says, “God is not slack.” And I think it’s in The New Living. It says, “God is never late.” And I use that scripture to help me with my punctuality because sometimes as you know-

Carlie: I have noticed.

Ashley: I have been known to cut things to the wire.

Carlie: Actually, he has a gift of procrastination.

Ashley: What I do is, I don’t like to waste times.

Carlie: You don’t like to waste time.

Ashley: I leave at the last possible minute.

Carlie: You just never allow enough time.

Ashley: I don’t allow enough time.

Carlie: See this is the difference between how women plan and how men plan. See women think, “Well, I’ve got a 15 minute journey, but it’s going to take me five minutes to get in the car and load the kids up. And then there could be traffic. So I’ll leave 20 minutes for a 15 minute journey.” Men, oh no.

Ashley: I don’t account for any of that.

Carlie: It’s a 15 minute journey, which means if I put my foot down, all the lights turn just the way that they should. And I didn’t get any little slow drivers in front of me. Then I can probably do it in 13 minutes. So I’ll leave about 12.

Ashley: One time. It was on my way to a very important job interview when I was young, when I was younger.

Carlie: When you was younger.

Ashley: And it was a very important job interview and I got up late and I was driving to the job interview and I was begging God. I was like, “God, please. I know you can do anything. Please make time stop still. I don’t want to be late.” I was going to be like-

Carlie: Notthe Hezekiah.

Ashley: I was going to be late, like half an hour late for this job interview. And I was driving across town was like, “Please.” I was begging God.

Carlie: Ifyou could just stop the earth rotating for a moment.

Ashley: Well, here’s the thing though. I prayed that prayer, right? I was half an hour late for my job interview. I got out the car. I went into the offices where the job interview was, and I was half an hour early.

And what I realized is the clocks had gone back or forward. One of the ones, when they go summit, daylight savings time.

Carlie: You were so [inaudible].

Ashley: I forgot to do it. It was the Monday morning. The clocks went back the day before. I forgot to change my clocks. My watch and my car that was before cell phones. That’s how old I was. But anyway, I am now. But anyway-

Carlie: I’m just not that old.

Ashley: I got out. As soon as I prayed, I got out the car. I went into the offices and I was half an hour early for my job interview. And I was like, “It’s a miracle. God stopped time.”

Carlie: Oh sure, that’s how that works.

Ashley: And then someone said, “Oh, the clocks went back last night.” I was like, “Of course, they went back. God answered my prayer.” God gave me an extra hour. Praise god.

Carlie: God gave you an extra hour huh?

Ashley: Anyway.

Carlie: I’m liking this.

Ashley: So I’m learning to be better with my timing.

Carlie: So don’t be like Ashley, is the moral of this story.

Ashley: That’s right.

Carlie: Right? Oftentimes we hear people say… Many times actually, “Well, I’m just waiting on God. I’m just waiting on God to bring the provision. I’m just waiting on God to open the doors. I’m just waiting on God to heal me.” What I’ve come to realize is more often than not, it’s God that’s waiting on us, not the other way around. And this is really important because there are so many things in the scriptures that we can read that God has already given us. He’s already given us provision. He’s already provided for us. He’s already called us prosperous. In fact, he’s already sent the provision ahead of us, amen, to wherever we need to be. He’s already healed us. He’s healed us in our bodies. He’s already provided forgiveness of sins for us. That his will is made up about many things, but more often than not, we aren’t waiting on God to make his mind up.

We’re waiting. The timing depends on us, on our preparation and are we going to move with God’s timing rather than having him wait on us, right?

Ashley: Amen. What am I looking that it’s like, grace, God’s already provided it, right? So grace has already provided everything you need, but you know what? Our part now by faith is to receive it. And you know what? God’s waiting on us to receive it rather than we waiting on God to move. And we hear a lot of people say this, “I’m waiting on God, I’m waiting on God to move on my behalf.” God’s already moved. He’s already provided you everything you need. Now it’s up to you to receive it. Step out in faith and receive it. Praise God. So yeah, it really is God waiting on us rather than we waiting on God.

Carlie: Right. One thing I’ve realized is God’s timing is linked to our preparation. I see timing. God’s timing is like an intersection. And as God’s timing, it perfectly intersects at that junction, the preparation of our heart. But oftentimes people are stuck waiting, especially Christians. They sit waiting at a stop sign, hoping that at some point God’s going to give them a green light and that they can move. Well, that’s convenient because it means that we can just be passive and sit there because we’re waiting on God.

But really when we understand that God’s timing matches the preparation of our heart, God’s given us a green light. When we were in relationship with him, it says in the scriptures that he wants to give us the desires of our heart. And here’s the truth. When we’re in a relationship with our Lord and Savior, when we’re in an active life-giving relationship, when we’re close, when we have intimacy with Jesus and we’re in that place where we’re hearing his voice and we’re following him, man, the desires of our heart are going to match his desires.

So we don’t have to sit at an intersection waiting for a green light. We can proceed as if our lights are green. Amen. We can follow the desires that God has placed on our heart. And you know what? If we make a mistake, where am I in relationship with the Lord? The Holy spirit is big enough and smart enough to say, “Hey, hang on, hold on. Back up, calls correction.” Right? He can give us a red light if he needs to, “Don’t go that way, go this way.”

But man, I think that this confusion really is an attempt of the enemy to just confound Christians so that they don’t move. They make God’s timing into being this big, mysterious thing that we’re always waiting for. And really a lot of what’s driven this is fear of failure.

Ashley: We moved to took a step of faith. We moved to Bible school in 2006, in the natural, everything wasn’t lined up perfectly. I hear a lot of people and they wait for things to line up and they wait for everything to line up before they take a step of faith and before they move out. And they’re waiting, like you were saying Carlie, they’re waiting on God. When really, as we move forward, two thirds of God’s name is go.

Carlie: Right? It’s not sit and wait.

Ashley: I think go there for it, into all the world. I think we need to be more active in going. It’s easier to move. It’s easier to steer a moving car or a moving ship. You’ve heard that, but it really is. I believe we should be more active and going, praise God, and the things of God and God can guide us as we go, rather than just staying stuck. A lot of people just stay there. They won’t do anything because the fear of failure, they can’t see everything lined up perfectly in the natural so they wait.

God wants us to move and he’ll give us things to do. And we can move into those things, but trying to wait for everything to line up perfectly or trying to wait for the… God’s timing isn’t fragile that’s the other thing as well.

Carlie: Yeah, that’s good.

Ashley: Some of the things fragile. You got to be careful, if you get it wrong, it’s almost like, “Man,” it’s always like God’s up there and he says, “Oh, you missed it. That’s it. I can’t help you there.”

Carlie: You’ve blown it.

Ashley: It’s not like that.

Carlie: Now you’re going to be on the C plan.

Ashley: You know those GPSs we call them Sat navs in England, satellite navigations-

Carlie: Wow, look at you bilingual.

Ashley: … GPS, I know I’m bilingual. Sat nav or GPS, whatever you use nowadays, you probably use your smartphone. But even those GPSs they will say recalculate if you miss a turn, and if you turn the wrong way or miss a turn. And you don’t have to go back to the beginning again, it will just recalculate you.

Carlie: It takes you from the last point you’re in.

Ashley: So, a lot of the time, we’re better off just going. And like you said, “God can guide us and give us a red light if he needs to.” But I don’t want people to be stuck waiting for everything to line up or for it to be clear before they move. I think we should be moving in the things of God-

Carlie: That’s good.

Ashley: … and let him guide us on the way.

Carlie: That’s good. I’ve got a story here in the book of Esther. And Esther was taken into the palace and she lived in the palace along with many other virgins and they were given fine clothes and fine food. And the King was to choose his next queen. And she had more favor than all of the other potential princesses. Okay. But at the same time, her people, because she was Hebrew, were being very badly treated and her uncle, uncle Mordecai came to Esther and he was asking her to use her influence with the King to bring deliverance to the people.

And this is a very risky time for Esther because you can’t just stroll on into the throne room back then, right? Not like today. I mean, not like today with Jesus, right? We could stroll on into his throne room any time.

But in those times, if Esther was to go into the throne room unannounced and the King did not hold out his sceptre of approval to her, she could be beheaded. She could be killed, right. It was serious. So she was going to have to put her life on the line. Let’s look at the conversation here with Mordecai and Esther in verse 13 of chapter four. It says, And Mordecai told them to answer Esther. “Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the King’s palace any more than all of the other Jews for if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews, from another place. But you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come into the kingdom for such a time as this?”

And here’s what I can take from that. Esther was called into that position to be an instrument for God to use for such a time as this, right. He had perfect timing. She was not there by accident. You have to understand that our lives were not designed by accident. We have been intentional. Intentionally created from before we were even born, right? God has a plan and a purpose for our life. Now, as we’ve mentioned in previous sessions, we have to come into agreement with that plan. And this is really what Esther was saying here. “Maybe I’ve been called for such a time as this.” But here’s what I love what Mordecai says to her. “Even if you don’t do this, relief and deliverance will arise from another place.” You see, God has a B plan. We are his A plan, right?

But his plan is going to come to pass with or without us. We have a choice whether we want to be a part of his plan and believe me, we want to be a part of his plan. Man, we’re going to miss out on blessings. You can see here, Esther and her family would have perished if she hadn’t gone with God’s plan, right? They would have been natural consequences. God’s plan is the best plan for our life. But we have a choice whether we participate in it or not. At the same time though, we don’t need to be afraid of making a mistake because God’s will, God’s plan is not a fragile thing. It will come to pass with or without us.

And I think sometimes as Christians, we get stuck at that intersection because we are so afraid of messing up. God is not afraid of you making a mistake. He’s big enough to cover our mistakes. Amen. That should take a lot of pressure off us. Our part is to understand what we have in Christ. The Lord says, “I’ve given you the mind of Christ.” Amen. We havee wisdom. We have the mind of Christ. We have the Holy Spirit. In the scripture he says, “We have an unction from the Holy one and we can know all things.” That the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth. The mind to have witty invention, creative ideas. Man, we are packed full of the power of God. We have every ability on the inside of us to succeed and make good decisions in our life. But here’s the thing. We don’t have to be afraid of making a wrong decision.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: We don’t have to-

Ashley: In fact, if we’re not making a mistake now and again, we’re not trying to do anything. I heard one person put it this way. if you don’t fail, that means you’re not doing anything because if you do anything at some point, you’re going to make a mistake or you’re going to fail, but just fail forward and make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. But fail forward, and in fact, we had a CEO at the ministry we worked for, and he stood up and addressed the 500 staff. And he said, “Now go make some mistakes today.” And then I was like, “Whoa, what’s he saying?” But what he’s saying is if you’re going for it and if you’re trying to be productive, you’re trying to do the will of God. If you’re trying to walk in the things of God and walk in the plan of God, at some point you’re going to miss it and it’s okay.

Carlie: The truth is we don’t hear God perfectly. It says in the scriptures, “We know in part and we prophesy in part.” We enter into a life-giving relationship with Jesus. Amen. We spend time listening to him the best that we can, but we filter words from God through our own human filter, our personality, our mind, will and emotions. And sometimes we don’t get that a 100% right. But that’s where the prayer, Holy spirit just helped me. I believe in you leading me, stop me if you need to stop me. That’s pretty effective, right? I believe this is you, I’ve prayed about this. I’ve meditate on it. I feel like this is you. I’ve had people confirm your word to me. I’ve been witnessed too through the scriptures.

I believe that this is you. But when we step out in faith and follow God’s plan in time, and we don’t know a 100% in that moment, that it’s God until afterwards. And then we look back and we’re like, “Now I know it was God.” that’s why it takes faith. Following God’s timing takes faith. It really does, but we don’t have to be afraid of making a mistake. In fact, Psalms 37:23. Have you got that one there?

Ashley: I can look it up.

Carlie: That’s a good scripture.

Ashley: Psalm 37.

Carlie: Psalm 37:23, 24.

Ashley: 23 and 24 says, “For the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. And he delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down. For the Lord uphold him with his right hand.” Amen. That’s awesome. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delights in his way.

Carlie: Amen. So we can trust in God to guide us as we’re going along this journey.

Ashley: Amen. I like what you said about preparation as well. I’ve realized this, there’s some things where the reason why the timing hasn’t come about is because you’re not prepared. You’re not prepared for God’s blessing. You’re not prepared for God to open the opportunity up for you. And you know what, if God was to open that opportunity up to you before you’re prepared-

Carlie: You won’t be ready.

Ashley: You’re not going to be ready. So preparation brings about God’s timing. So I believe there’s some things that God says, “This will happen, I’ll release this to you when this is ready, when you’re ready. When you’re at the point, when you can receive it.” And this has happened to me, I was just thinking back probably five or six years ago. And I wanted to start going out and traveling, summon and ministering in churches and Bible schools.

And you know what? There was no real doors opening up for me or anything. And I felt the Lord say, “Prepare, make some teachings available, make some CDs, make some things available-“

Carlie: Some resources to help people.

Ashley: … start a ministry. Right? We actually started a nonprofit ministry.

Carlie: Registered it, yeah.

Ashley: So we registered the ministry. So nothing was happening. We waited about a year, nothing happened. Then as soon as we registered the ministry and as soon as we produced some CDs to offer for people. As soon as we did those things, we didn’t tell anyone we’d done them, but since we’ve done those things, the phone started ringing and we started getting invites to go and minister.

Carlie: That’s exactly it.

Ashley: And I wonder if we could have done that a year earlier, probably. And the invites would have come a year earlier. So it was like, as we prepare for things, you know what, the opportunity is to come. And management proceeds ministry. A lot of the time there’s things we need to do in the natural to prepare for rains, to prepare for the ministry, to prepare for the blessings of God. And I often say it this way, “The supernatural overflow of God will only flow where it can flow.” So if there’s nowhere for it to flow-

Carlie: It’s no channel for it to go through.

Ashley: It can’t flow. There’s no channel for it to go through. There’s no preparation. So it’s amazing when we prepare and we see God’s blessings come to pass.

Carlie: I mean, this is just a little thing but when we were back in England, we were in Bible college and Ashley was buying and selling cars and whatever, actually, all kinds of things we had to sell and to make the rent and make the tuition payments and things. We always used to do the deals that the buyers would come in. And then we had a big farmhouse kitchen table and we had three little kids. So there was always clay, Play-Doh, Legos, coloring materials, baking stuff. That table was the center of the universe in our house, wasn’t it? Everything happened in mission control.

And so it was always covered with stuff and different activities and things going on. But the Lord showed me that we could prepare for rain in our own house. And so he said, “When buyers come around, you need to clear off that table because you got to be ready to receive the buyer to come and sit.” And at that table, we’d fill out the ownership paper and exchange the money and do the paperwork and things. And so I learned then that it was such a powerful thing. Every time Ashley said that there was a buyer coming and we called them buyers. We didn’t call them lookers.

Ashley: Not lookers. We never lookers, we only had buyers.

Carlie: We only had buyers and we only needed one. Then I’d prepare for rains. I’d go in the kitchen. And I would prepare the space ready to receive the buyer to make the transaction. And there was something that happened in the natural, but something changed supernaturally as well. And I tell you, it was almost like everybody that came to our house and sat at our table was because they had already made their mind up. They deal was done in that moment.

Ashley: That’s right. I remember that.

Carlie: We preparing for rain.

Ashley: And then for me, a lot of the times we pray for increase in your finances and a lot of you believe in God for increase. And the Lord showed me, “What are you going to do with that increase? If your finances increase, if you increase financially, what are you going to do with that? Have you got a plan for that increase?” And what he showed me was, you know what, be ready, have a plan for that increase as it comes. So we have giving plans. We have saving plans. We have investing plans and we have giving plans. So when that increase comes, we’re prepared for it. So there’s preparation there. And then the increase comes and we know what to do with it. A lot of the times, sometimes we can get lazy as Christians.

I’ve done this. We just pray to God, “Open this door up for me Lord, give me the opportunities, give me increase, give me favor.” But we haven’t thought through what are we going to do with that? How are we going to use that? How are we going to walk in that? We have no idea or no plan. We just hope for the best. And I believe a lot of the time as we prepare and as we actually see ourselves walking them in ways and actually have plans ready in place, then the favor comes and we can do things with it, praise God, it’s that we can walk in it. And sometimes it’s God’s mercy not to give us the increase if we haven’t got any plans for it.

Carlie: Right. If we haven’t prepared our heart, if we haven’t prepared our situation, God is not going to exalt us. He’s not going to give us more than our heart can handle. He’s not going to ruin us with success. Right. He cares too much for us to do that. I’m just thinking of another time, sometimes God’s timing does not make sense, ain’t that true?

Ashley: A lot of the time God’s timing and God’s talking to us, it doesn’t make sense in the natural. If we try to use logic and work it out, it doesn’t make sense. There’s been times when God’s spoken to me and I know it’s good. I know in my knower, I know it’s God in my spirit. But if my head tries to work it out-

Carlie: Try to reason it.

Ashley: … try to reason it out. Be like, “No, that’s not logical.that doesn’t make sense.”

Carlie: Then you can get yourself out of it.

Ashley: Then you took yourself out of it. And I think a lot of the time, God speaks to us and we don’t hear him because we’re trying to work it out logically or rationally. A lot of the things with the kingdom of God, don’t make natural sense. In fact, they’re opposite to natural reasoning. I think a lot of the time I’ve actually missed God because I’ve been trying to work it out in my natural reasoning. I’ve been trying to use logic to work it out. And most of the time, a word from God doesn’t make logical sense at the time.

Carlie: So God’s timing is not always logical. In fact, often not. And we see this here in Luke chapter five. So we’re going to jump right in here and we’re going to go into… This is when Jesus gets into the boats, into the fishermen’s boats. In verse three it says, then He got into one of the boats, which was Simon’s and asked him to put out a little from the land. And he sat down and he took the multitudes from the boat. When He had stopped speaking, he said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for catch.” But Simon answered and said to him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing. Nevertheless, at your word, I will let down the net.” And when they’d done this, they caught a great number of fish. And then net was breaking. And here’s what I take from this, Simon he was a fishermen.

Ashley: Jesus was a carpenter.

Carlie: Jesus was a carpenter.

Ashley: Jesus was a carpenter, Simon was a fisherman. Jesus was a carpenter at [inaudible] fishermen had to fish.

Carlie: Yeah. And he’d been out fishing all night.

Ashley: And they used to fish at night.

Carlie: Yeah.

Ashley: From what I heard about this, they used to fish at night, which meant fishing during the day didn’t make any sense.

Carlie: Right. I know. I guess the fish was sleeping during the day or something, I don’t know.

Ashley: They used to night-fish. Yeah. Timing wise, logically, it didn’t make any sense because it’s during the day, it didn’t make any difference. They’d been touring all night. So why would it make a difference now to catch fish? So Simon in his logic, and he’s fishing in his natural thinking.

Carlie: He could have answered Jesus back and said, “You know what, Jesus? With the utmost respect, Messiah and all that, carpenter, but we are the fishermen, right? We know what we’re doing. We know the sea, we fish it all the time. It is not the right time for catching fish. We’ve been out all night, the fish aren’t biting. Utmost respect Jesus, but you build your houses and let me stick to the fish.” The timing was all wrong. You’re a little late Jesus. That was last night. But he said, “Nevertheless, at your word, I will do it.”

So even though it wasn’t logical, even though the timing didn’t seem right, even though he didn’t necessarily feel like it, there was an act of obedience there that is very crucial in the area of timing. And this really comes back to the preparation of our heart.

You see if our heart is not prepared before the Lord, if we don’t have an attitude of humility and we humble ourselves before God and put his will and his timing and his words first above our logic, our heart would not even be in the place to receive it. You see, if he’d have been so busy doing his own thing, and his heart had been hardened to the things of God, his heart, in other words, hadn’t been prepared. He wouldn’t have even heard the instruction. He would have missed the instruction and he would have missed the blessing. But nevertheless, because you say so, Jesus, even though all of the circumstances look off, because you say so, I’ll do it.

We had a situation in just not too long ago actually. God put it in our hearts to believe him to pay off our house. And it was a whole supernatural series of events that happened, but it was very clear. We had two houses, one in America, one in England. And we were going to sell the one house in England and bring the equity from that house over to pay off our house in America. And as the house sale went through and it was totally God’s timing as to when all that happened, because this went on for about a year, probably right. The period of time of when the house sold and the money transferred was just perfect.

There’s so much in here that we could go into, but for the sake of time, we had the money coming over, and in that moment, even though we had a plan from God, we knew that it was God’s plan for us to be completely debt free, right. That was his best for us. There was a moment in there where we started to reason what we should do with that money.

Ashley: What happened was we had this amount of money and the logical thing would have been to buy an investment, buy or maybe a rental house or several rental houses-

Carlie: To leverages.

Ashley: … and leverage that money and use that money because our mortgage was such a low rate and it was fixed. Why pay off and what people told us, good friends of ours, clever people, business people-

Carlie: Realtors in fact.

Ashley: Yeah, realtors. “Just don’t pay off that mortgage, people have our best interests at heart.” He said, “Don’t pay that mortgage off.” it was a 2.7% fixed rate mortgage. And you know what? It was just humming along. It was great. It was very short. We only had seven years left on it. He said, “Don’t pay that off. You can use the money to invest and do other things with it.” But God had told us to pay our house off. So rather than doing the investments and buying other properties, we used it to pay our house off. It was the right amount of money to pay a house off.

Carlie: In fact, we actually looked at other houses that looked like great deals, but you know what? We had no peace about it.

Ashley: Yeah. In the natural, they were great deals. And we was excited. And then I remember one time we came back and we was at home and I said to Carlie, “What do you think about that house?” And she said, “What are you thinking??

Carlie: I really wanted it to be good.

Ashley: I wanted too because in the natural, it was so good. We both didn’t have peace. God was guiding us by peace. And the word from God was, “Pay your house off.” So we went ahead and paid our house off, even though it didn’t make logical sense, we paid our house off. And then it was very short time after that, that God called us to step out of our full-time positions, into running ministries and to give up our salaries and start doing Terradez ministries full time. So that just shows you, if we hadn’t made those decisions, we wouldn’t have been able to sustain such large mortgage payments and anything else. God want us to be debt free so we got freedom to run this ministry full-time and take a very little salary from it. Yeah. So its God’s timing.

Carlie: Right. And so even though the timing and the logic didn’t really seem to make sense in that position. We’ve got to understand, God sees the end from the beginning. And even though it might not make perfect sense and there might be really good reasons why you should do something else, go with God because he sees the end from the beginning.

Ashley: He knows best.

Carlie: He ultimately, he knows best. That’s not real deep but it’s true.

Ashley: Praise God. We’re out of time. We’re going to pray for you before we go. Father God, I thank you for everyone watching and listening to this program. I thank you Lord, that you have perfect timing for them. And I thank you. They hear your voice clearly. And I thank you., they’re making preparations and I thank you, they’re seeing your timing come to pass. I thank you. We’re not waiting on you, you’re waiting on us. You’ve done everything for us to be successful and for us to live a prosperous life, praise God. So we thank you for that Lord. We thank you that we are receiving what you’ve already paid for. We thank you. We see in your will come to pass in our life day by day and it’s glorious. Amen. From glory to glory.

Carlie: Praise Jesus.

Ashley: Well, thanks for being with us today. And until next time don’t just live a normal life. Go out and live an abundant life.

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Ashley: Hey, I want to thank the partners of Terradez ministries. Thank you for your support. You know what? By your financial support, we’re able to out and touch the world for Jesus. We’re seeing people’s lives turned around. We’re seeing people healed. We’re seeing people set free. We seeing people born again and your gifts are enabling us to do that.

So we want to thank you and thank you on behalf of all the people we’re touching. Praise God. Thank you for your partnership. We appreciate you. We’re praying for you. We know you’re going to increase as you sow seed into this ministry. So we’re praying for you regularly. Thank you for your partnership. We love you all.

Hey, I want to tell you about Carla’s confession card she wrote. It’s a little card, it’s prescription size. And it has verses about who you are in Christ. This is powerful. I use this regularly. You put your name at the top and then you read it to yourself.

It says, “I’m a party waiting to happen.” First Peter, 1:8. It says, “I’ve been sanctified.” First Corinthians 6:11. “I’m a child of the King adopted into his family.” It goes on and on. I lack no good thing. I can do all things through Christ. You know what? This card is powerful. This will change your life. This will show you who you are in Christ. And I’m saying, if you haven’t got one of these yet go to our website, Terradezministries.com. We’d love to give one of these to you as our gift completely free. So go to our website, Terradez ministries.com and get your confession card today.

Carlie: Coming up next on the Abundant Life program. But as you become a believer, you have the mind of Christ. You have the spirit of God on the inside of you. You can absolutely know what your purpose is in life. I meet a lot of the millennial generation actually that have been through college and come out into their mid 20s into their 30s and they’re flipping burgers in McDonald’s. Nothing wrong with that. But these are highly educated people that lack purpose and drive because they still yet to find what God’s purpose is for their life. as Christians, we can absolutely know what God’s direction is for our life.