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It is not what we have that makes us prosperous, but who is with us. If you are born again you are a prosperous person. In part 5 of How to Attack Lack, Ashley and Carlie encourage you to see yourself the way God sees you, as a prosperous and successful person.


Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life? Welcome to the Abundant Life Program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

Ashley: Hello, welcome to Abundant Life. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today. We’ve got a great program today. We’re talking about how to attack lack. How to attack poverty. We believe it’s God’s will to prosper, but sometimes we don’t see it in the natural. Sometimes we don’t see it in our bank account. Sometimes the month is longer than our paycheck or sometimes things aren’t quite working out as they should. And that’s what we’re talking about in this series. We’re talking about attacking lack. So if we’ve got lack in our life, how can we attack that and how can we get rid of lack and poverty?

Carlie: Kick it to the curb.

Ashley: Yes, that’s right. Get rid of lack and poverty in our lives. So this has been a series of a few of the things we’ve covered so far. Second Corinthians eight and nine says, “For you know the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ for though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor. That us through his poverty might become rich.” So the foundation of this is God has already paid for our prosperity. God’s already paid for our provision as believers. Just like he paid for our righteousness, just like he paid for our healing, he’s already paid for our provision and for our prosperity. But we have our part to play in actually receiving that. So we have our part to do by receiving it. So he’s already done it.

And then the other key scripture we’ve been teaching on is second Corinthians nine and eight. So that was second Corinthians eight and nine. This is second Corinthians nine and eight. Just coincidentally, that’s how it worked out. And this is a, “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you always having all sufficiency in all things may have an abundance for every good work.” So we’re saying the idea here is, is having an abundance, having a provision for our own needs and also having an abundance so we are able to give and help every good work. So having an all sufficiency mat and then also having an abundance for every good work and really that’s the whole idea of prosperity, is our needs are met and we have more than enough so we can help more people and sponsor missionaries and give to ministries and churches and sponsor children-

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: All stuff like that. Which is a pleasure to do. Amen.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: So that’s what we’re talking about. We’re looking at, if you’re experiencing lack, if you’re not experienced in these verses, then what’s going wrong? What’s happening because God’s best is for us to have this provision and to have more than enough. So if we’re not receiving more than enough, what’s going wrong, if you like? Where’s the short circuit, if you like? There’s never any condemnation. This has nothing to do with how God sees you. This has to do with how you receive in God’s promises. We looked at some of the things here.

First of all we looked at, if you are experiencing lack, maybe it’s a stewardship issue. Maybe the provision’s there, but you’re just spending it wrong. Or maybe you’ve over committed to too big a house or to too big cars or wherever it is, maybe you’ve over committed.

Carlie: Living beyond your means.

Ashley: You’re living beyond your means. Maybe you’re spending everything that comes into. We looked at an example in the Bible where the prodigal son spent everything and then it led to poverty. It led to lack. He was in need. So maybe you spent everything. Maybe you’re not recognizing God’s provision. So maybe God’s trying to give you something. God is trying to give you an opportunity. He’s trying to give you a job or he’s trying to give you a way of making money and you’re not recognizing that. We look to the verse in Proverbs where the guy was so lazy he couldn’t lift his hand up from the bowl. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

Carlie: Sometimes we just don’t recognize the provision of the Lord.

Ashley: Sometimes reminds me of the guy who was stuck on a roof. There was a flood. He was stuck on the roof of his house and he prayed, “God, help me. I’m going to drown.” And a boat came along. He said, “Do you need to lift?” And the man said, “No, no, no. God’s going to save me.” And then the helicopter came overhead. “Do you want us to pick you up from your house?” “No, no. God’s going to save me.” And then he drowned and died. He went to heaven and said, “God, why didn’t you save me?” And God said, “I sent a boat, I sent him helicopter and you ignored them.” Sometimes God is trying to provide for us naturally and we’re looking for the spectacular, when God often uses natural things, puts you super with them and that’s supernatural provision. So God’s supernatural provision can often look pretty natural, like an extra job or overtime or promotion and things like that.

Carlie: Yeah, we can miss the supernatural looking for the spectacular.

Ashley: That is right. In Proverbs, they talk about that being sometimes being laziness or not diligent and actually just not taking advantage of opportunities. Spending too long in bed, it says in Proverbs. It says making excuses, there’s a line in the street or it’s winter I can’t play out.

Carlie: He’s lying in my bed.

Ashley: He’s lying in my bed. He’s lying in my bed. He’s lying in the street and the guy’s laying in bed. Two separate Proverbs.

Carlie: Anyway moving on.

Ashley: He’s lying in my bed. You heard it here first. Okay.

Carlie: That’s in the book of hesitations.

Ashley: Hesitations 3:16. That’s a great book. So anyway-

Carlie: Sorry.

Ashley: Anyway, you can see the joy [inaudible] abundant life. So we often have fun on these shows. I hope you’re having fun too. So we looked at those things and then we looked at Deuteronomy 30:19. God set the choices out there, life and death. You choose. A lot of this is our thinking and the things we choose, the small choices sometimes lead into things. We looked at overspending, we looked at not being diligent. And then we looked at not making excuses. And then we looked at withholding more than is right. This seems counter-intuitive. But in Proverbs 11:24, it says, “There is one who withhold more than his right and it leads to poverty.”

Carlie: What?

Ashley: It says right there, it leads to poverty, withhold more than his right. So in God’s economy you give and you end up increasing. He increases the seed you sow. He multiplies the seeds you sow.

Carlie: So you’re saying that hoarding is ungodly.

Ashley: I’ve got to be careful here because Carlie has accused me of hoarding before.

Carlie: We have three Keurig in our basement.

Ashley: The reason we have free keurigs in our basement is we bought one and then it went wrong and I bought a second one. I didn’t throw the old one out because I think maybe-

Carlie: Because he has to hoard it for parts.

Ashley: Maybe it would get better on its own or maybe I’ll be able to it. And then when I left work, I use the one in my office and brought that home too. And then actually some friends gave us one. So I think actually, if you count, we actually have four three. Because we have a broken one.

Carlie: You are out of control.

Ashley: We only have three working keurigs and we don’t actually use any of them now because we use a-

Carlie: A different coffee maker.

Ashley: We use a different coffee maker.

Carlie: So we probably have at least six cup makers now.

Ashley: I can have a hoarding tendency. That’s where there’s a balance with these things between stewardship and hoarding. You don’t want to hoard as well. So anyway, that’s some of the things we looked at, but God is a good steward. And he teaches us stewardship. Feeding the 5,000. They picked up all the fragments and had 12 to go boxes or 12 to go baskets.

Carlie: To go boxes. That’s good.

Ashley: There was the accent in Kings. Fell to the bottom of the river and they’ve got it out of the river. The coin in the fish’s mouth, got it out of the fish’s mouth. Lots of examples. We’ve got to being a good steward. God is a good steward. He’s not a God of waste. Anyway-

Carlie: He’s into recycling. Is that what you’re saying?

Ashley: Rough subject here. I’m not sure about recycling. Anyway, if we could recycle, we can’t recycle. We can’t recycle in our neighborhood. If we could, we would. We try to recycle what we can. I recycle those metal things. Anyway.

So that’s what we looked at. Stewardship. We looked at laziness, withholding too much. And then we looked at, we said, you know what? The way to overcome lack, lack is bad. Provision is good. Every time in the Bible is described in Deuteronomy 28, lack and poverty is always described in a bad way, in a negative way. And then provision and abundance is described in a good way. So we said in Romans 12:21. It says here Romans 12:21 do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. So the way to overcome lack or overcome poverty isn’t to manage the lack or try and work it out or try and stretch out the lack. The way to really overcome lack is with prosperity. The way to overcome evil is with good. The way to overcome lack and poverty is with prosperity and godly provision. So ultimately that’s the way to overcome it.

Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to receive that and what does it mean to actually receive God’s provision, God’s prosperity and destroy that lack. Attack lack, attack the lack in your life. If you have any lack in your life, attack that lack. I know because we have such a wide audience, for some of you, it could be a real serious case of lack where you don’t know how you’re going to buy food to all the way to you have lack because you want to do something for the Lord or want to give extra or maybe want to help out at church and take a part-time job. Do less hours at work, whatever it is, but there’s still lack.

If you can’t do what God’s called you to do because of finances, then really that’s lack. You’re experiencing lack in your life. If God’s called you to do something, you can’t do it because you have to make a financial decision, then that could be because of lack in your life. So the first thing that I look at real quickly is believe. You’ve got to believe that lack is not godly. You’ve got to believe that God’s best for you is prosperity and abundance. Again, no condemnation, but if you’re experiencing lack in finances and things aren’t working out, then you’ve got to believe God’s best for you is prosperity. That really is the truth and we’ve already covered bunch of this, but it’s God’s will for you to prosper and it’s God’s will for you to have an abundance.

So that’s the first thing. If you don’t believe it, it doesn’t matter what you do, you always going to default back to what you believe. So deep down at a deep down level, you’ve got to believe prosperity is for you. There’s a number of ways you can look, find scriptures to receive this and to realize this is the truth. One of the simplest ones I’ve already read. It is second Corinthians eight and nine, but you know what? God’s provided for you Psalm 103, I’m thinking of. Psalm 103, “It says, “Bless us the Lord [inaudible]” forget not all his benefits. One of those benefits listed there is he’ll satisfy your mouth with good things. He encircles you with love and kindness and those types of things, you start reading into this. It’s God’s will for you to prosper.

Jesus paid for your prosperity at the cross and it’s God’s will for you to prosper. So you got to believe it at a heart level. You’ve got to believe that it’s God’s will for you to prosper. Once you believe that then, and get out on the inside of you and really the only way to truly believe that is the word of God. Read the word of God, find the scriptures on finances, write them out. I often write out scriptures in our long hand because it’s easy to believe when you’ve write them out. It’s easy to believe them. We used to write them on post-it notes and our write them out, but meditate on those scriptures. Use confessions. I have confessions, I write out confessions about who I am in Christ and part of that is who I am financially. Now who I am in terms of I’m a prosperous person. God’s made me a prosperous person.

Carlie: It’s interesting because I’m just looking here in, this is Genesis 39, and this is the story of Joseph.

Ashley: Good story.

Carlie: Joseph had a really colorful life, literally.

Ashley: No pun intended.

Carlie: No pun intended, but at one point he was sold as a slave. And we put this story up here in Genesis 39, verse one. It says, “Now Joseph had been taken down to Egypt and Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard and Egyptian bought him from the Ishmaelites who had taken him down there. So Potiphar bought Joseph. He was a slave and he bought him. In verse two, it says the Lord was with Joseph and he was a successful man. He was in the house of his master, the Egyptian.

Now how does that work? So here’s Joseph, a slave that just been sold on the auction block, but the Lord looks at him and says, he’s a successful man. Now in some translation, it says, he says he was a prosperous man. So how does that even work? Because it’s clearly he was a slave.

Ashley: It just shows you prosperity, true prosperity isn’t about the possessions you have, isn’t about the lifestyle you live in, isn’t about what you’ve got, or haven’t got. True prosperity starts with who you are in Christ and you know what and who you are in the Lord. The Lord was with Joseph and he believed it and he was diligent. He had a spirit of diligence. He had a spirit of excellence and everywhere he went, you could put Joseph down a pit and he’d rise up. You could put him in part of his house and he’d start of as slave and end up ruling the house. You could put me in prison, falsely accused in prison, he’ll ended up ruling the prison. He put in the palace and ends up ruling the palace.

Carlie: It’s not what we have, it’s who’s with us that makes us prosperous.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: Because in verse three it says, “And his master saw the Lord was with him, that’s with Joseph, and he was in the house of his master, the Egyptian and his master saw the Lord was with him. The Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand.” So Joseph was prosperous, not because of whatever he had or didn’t have. He was prosperous because God was with him.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: Amen. And God’s with us today. He says, he’s never going to leave us or forsake us.

Ashley: Amen. That’s awesome. It really is. It’s about who you are in Christ. If you’re born, I tell people there’s two types of Christians. Those Christians who are prosperous and they believe it, and those Christians who are prosperous and they don’t believe it. So really the truth is that’s done, that’s deep. But the truth is on the inside when you become born again, you are prosperous. You’re a prosperous person.

Carlie: It’s not feeling an emotion.

Ashley: You can’t check your bank account to see if you’re prosperous or not just like you can’t check your body to know if you’re healed or not. You can’t check your actions to see if you’re righteous or not. You’re righteous because of who you are in Christ. You’re healed because of who you are in Christ. You are prosperous because who you are in Christ. The symptoms are the manifestations of those things. Your body will become healed and your finances will increase and your behavior will change.

But you have to believe you’re righteous first. I mean, we’re trying to change behaviors in my life. I was focused on them behaviors and trying to change them and asking God for forgiveness and everything else. But you know what? It wasn’t until I actually saw myself as righteous. I saw myself like Jesus saw me. I saw myself through Christ, then my behaviors changed because once I started relating to myself as a righteous person, I acted more like a righteous person. Once you start realizing you’re healed, you start feeling healed and acting healed, but you can’t do it the other way round. We walk by faith and not by sight.

Carlie: We can’t allow our physical condition to determine our spiritual position. A physical condition does not determine our spiritual position, regardless of what is going on in the natural world or in our finances, in our bank account, in our circumstances, in our physical flesh, it doesn’t change the fact of who we are in Christ, that we are adopted into his family, that Jesus lives in us. So we have the holy spirit in us. We have the mind of Christ. We have the wisdom of the holy spirit. When it says in Deuteronomy that the Lord gives us power to gain wealth, that he sees us as prosperous. Everything we touch prospers, and that we have no lack. Man, when we start meditating on those things, it’s going to change our mindset and how we relate to finances.

Ashley: It really does. Even secular studies show that how you think about yourself and how you see yourself will manifest ultimately to who you become. So if you see yourself a failure, you see yourself as someone who’s broke, you see yourself as someone who never gets ahead. That’s what will happen. That’s what will manifest in your life. You see yourself successful, you see yourself as God sees you, then ultimately that’s what’s going to manifest in your life.

Carlie: Yeah. In Proverbs, it says as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. If we see ourselves as poor, as being from a poor family, as nothing ever good happens to me, as I just can’t get… I’m not qualified. No good opportunity to ever come my way and that’s what we believe in our heart, scripture says is at the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. So before we know it, what we think in our heart, is going to come out of our mouth. You can tell a lot about what a person believes by what they say.

Ashley: Perfect transition to my second point. So my first one is you’ve got to believe it. You’ve got to believe that you’re prosperous to attack lack in your life and get rid of lack and prosperity and poverty in your life and receive prosperity. The second thing is watch your words. You’ve got to speak it. Now I know some people say was it, name it, claim it, grab it, grab it and all that. I’m not talking about things like I heard one person he went outside. He said, it’s going to rain and the who don’t speak it out. I mean, literally don’t speak it out. Don’t speak that out. These shoes they’re a bit tight on me.

Carlie: They’re killing me. My feet are killing me.

Ashley: My feet are killing me. Don’t speak it out.

Carlie: Your feet aren’t literally killing you.

Ashley: Well that’s killing me. Don’t say it. We’re not talking about that extreme confession. Okay. I think sometimes what happens is, is a truth is established in the body of Christ. And then someone takes it to an extreme and then people just throw out the, will they say, throw the baby out with the bath water. Throw the whole thing out. We’re not talking about extreme confession, we’re talking about godly confession, and actually making sure that you speak the truth about the situation and don’t speak lies. You can have what you say, or you just end up saying what you have. So if you see yourself and you’ve got lack and you just keep saying, I’ve got [inaudible], never have enough money, I never seem to keep hold of money and on and on and on. That’s what’s going to happen because that’s how you’re seeing yourself.

That’s the truth you be claiming over yourself. You trust your own voice twice as much as the next nearest person to you. So you trust your own voice. It’s very important to speak positive things and to speak what the word of God says. Come into agreement. How can two walk together unless they agree? So coming to agreement on the word of God says about you and start speaking it. Don’t talk lack. One thing we refuse to do is speak lack. We don’t say we can’t afford it, or we’re not like one of those rich people or money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s a lie, right?

Carlie: It does grow on trees.

Ashley: What’s money made of?

Carlie: It’s made of paper, right?

Ashley: Money is made of paper. Most of the time. Money is made of paper. Where does paper come from?

Carlie: Trees.

Ashley: So money does grow on trees. We’ve been lied to. So what’s your confession? There’s been times when people have confessed things and they’ve received exactly what they’ve confessed. It’s amazing how that works. If we speak lack like that, it’s amazing how we attract that type of thing. I’ve got a good example. Mark six is the feeding of the 5,000 where Jesus and the disciples there, and the disciples come to Jesus and say, Jesus, you know that the hours late, this is a deserted place. We better feed these people. These people need food. You got to send them away.

Carlie: Call a pizza or something.

Ashley: I know, right? Uber Eats or something. Send them away so they can get food. And you know what Jesus said, you feed them. Then I’m going to paraphrase the story here rather than going into it. But you can find this story in Mark 6:35. It’s in the other gospels as well. But something very interesting happened here with this story, the feeding of the 5,000. They gave Jesus too loaves. Was it two fish and three loaves? I think it was. I have to look it up to make sure I get that right. But anyway, five loaves and two fish.

Carlie: Five and two fish.

Ashley: So they gave Jesus five loaves and two fish. They basically grabbed it from this little boy, had his lunch with him. And Jesus took these five loaves and two fish. And this was a little boy’s lunch. Now think about this. There was 5,000 hungry men there. They’d been there all day.

Carlie: It doesn’t mean how many women and children were there.

Ashley: It even says in one gospel besides women and children. So there were some women and children there. Could have been seven, 10,000, 20,000, who knows? But at least 5,000, probably seven to 10,000 people there at least. And they’ve got five loaves and two fish. Even if there was 5,000. Five loaves, two fish.

Carlie: Not going to go very far.

Ashley: It’s like having a $200,000 debt and someone coming and giving you $5.

Carlie: It’s like trying to feed the high school football team with a sausage roll.

Ashley: One hot dog. Worse than that. But you know what very interesting here. This is what Jesus did. This is in verse 41. This is Mark 6 verse 41. When he had taken, this is Jesus. When Jesus had taken the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven, blessed and broke the loaves. He blessed the loaves. He blessed them. In one of the gospels, I think it’s John’s gospel, it says he gave thanks for them. So even though in Jesus’ hands, it seemed like he had nowhere near enough. He had something so small compared to the size of the needs, but he still blessed it and gave thanks for it. He didn’t speak curses over his-

Carlie: Often time we’d say, oh, I don’t have enough. It’s not going to go round.

Ashley: This isn’t enough.

Carlie: We curse it with our words.

Ashley: This isn’t going to work. How many times you’ve been in a situation where you have a financial, we’re talking about finances here in this series and you have an amount of money and you say, that’s not enough? You just cursed it instead of giving thanks to God for that amount of money. Or maybe you’re thinking about a new job opportunity, or maybe thinking about starting a new business, or maybe thinking about doing something. I love teaching people how to make money online and things like that. So they think, well, I can go online and do whatever. Start a little online store or have some passive income, have some different streams of income coming in. But I think that only makes a $100 a month. That only makes a $100 a week, wherever that’s not enough. You’re cursing the very thing God’s trying to get you. You’re cursing the seed.

So be careful, watch your words. Don’t curse the seed. Don’t speak badly. Don’t speak badly over your job. A lot of people, they moan about their job all the time. They’re speaking negative about their job. “Oh, I hate my job. I hate my boss. I hate my colleagues. I hate what I’m doing.”

Carlie: That is not a recipe for promotion, by the way.

Ashley: It’s toxic. It’s really bad. That is one of the ways lack of will come on you. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. So when you speak out, make sure you’re speaking out the word of God, you speaking out positive. Now I’m not talking about completely ignoring any situations that are going on and things like that. I’m not talking about just turn a blind eye, a complete blind eye. But I’m talking about, if you keep speaking lack and keep speaking poverty and keep speaking the negative, that’s what’s going to manifest in your life.

Carlie: That’ll be the fruit that grows.

Ashley: That’s the fruit that grows at the end. Proverbs 18:20 death and life are in the power of the tongue. What’s your confession? What’s your words is really important if you want to attack lack in your life. And you know what, don’t just quit saying the bad stuff, replace it with good stuff. Have some positive confessions about who you are in Christ. And about you know what, I think it’s Proverbs 10:34 or Psalms 10:34. So you know what? I lack no good thing. And you start confessing those scriptures.

Carlie: Actually, if people need some help with that, we have a tool on our website that’s available for free.

Ashley: Go to our website, terradez.com. and we’ll give you a free confession card. It has all these confessions about who you are in Christ. You need to start confessing those. And then the more you confess them, the more you believe them because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So as you confess those scriptures, they enter into your heart and you start believing them more and more. It becomes a good vicious circle because the more you believe it, then when you speak it, the more you speak it, the more you believe it. And then the more you’ll see it manifest in your life. So watch your words, speak positive confessions about who you are, start agreeing with those scriptures that the Lord is giving you the power to get wealth.

Deuteronomy 8:18. Start believing those scriptures, that everything you put your hand to prospers. Deuteronomy 28:8 all these scriptures that talk about how we know… Proverbs one talks about whatever he does, prospers. Start confessing their scriptures. It’s amazing how you will start attacking lack in your life. You’ll see less lack. Amen.

Carlie: It’s interesting just finishing up the story here, the feeding and the 5,000. Jesus took those loaves and those fishes and he put them into heaven and he blessed them. And then he gave them to the disciples to hand out and the miracle of multiplication, didn’t happen in Jesus’ hands. It happened in the hands of the disciples. But not only did they have to be a blessing spoken over the seemingly small provision. There had to be some action. They had to be some faith. And sometimes when we step out in faith in this area, it doesn’t always look like it’s going to pan out, right? That’s faith.

Ashley: Most of the time, to doesn’t look like it’s going to pan out.

Carlie: I mean, the disciples were probably looking on I’m thinking there’s only a couple of loaves and fishes there. That’s not going to be enough, but it was an act of faith for them to go take them from Jesus and follow his instructions and go hand them out to the people. As they did it, they must have realized at some point, I’m handing this stuff out of this basket and it’s just not running out. And then they started to see the miracle that was happening in their hands. But they had to have some action to it.

Ashley: They had to actually go an do to.

Carlie: They had to put their hands to something.

Ashley: They had to put their hand to something. Do something natural. Anytime there’s supernatural provision in the word of God, there was something natural that people had to do beforehand. You could go and do any supernatural provision story in the Bible. There was a natural obedience before and they had to do something natural. John chapter two, when Jesus turned water into wine. They had to fill the water pots up with water and then take that water to the master of ceremonies and let him try it. That was an act of faith. Filling the water pots up, taking the water to him. That was an act of faith. It wasn’t till he started to drink it, did it taste like wine. He didn’t turn into wine.

Carlie: As they were carrying it.

Ashley: It was when they gave it to him. There’s so many times this happens. The fish in the coins mouth, Pete actually had to go fishing and actually catch that fish and get the coin out. The ax head fell to the bottom of the river, Elijah had to throw the stick in and [inaudible] of obedience for the access to flow heavier access. [inaudible]. Iron accents don’t flow, whether there’s a stick in them or not, but they floated because that is over and over. They’re a supernatural provision. The nets, they had to throw the nets over the other side of the boat, then it makes no difference throwing it this side of that side. They had to do a natural act of obedience. So you need to give God something to work with. You need to give something that God can work and God can multiply.

Carlie: Just like the scripture says, wherever we put our hand to prospers is what he said to Joseph. He saw that Joseph was a prosperous man when he didn’t look like he was, and he said, whatever he put his hand to, prospers. So it’s understanding that we are prosperous because of who is with us. And then as an act of obedience and faith, putting our hand to something and letting God prosper, what we put our hand to.

Ashley: Amen. So why not start thanking God for what you have? Why not start thanking God for your job or your employment, wherever, whichever way you get income. Start thanking God for that. Why not start thanking God for the seed you’ve got that you can sow? And maybe you can sow in investments. Maybe you can sow on offerings, but start thanking God for that. Why not start monitoring your words? If you hear yourself saying something negative, say, you know what, no, I’m not going to say that.

In our house, we had a deal where we said we’re not going to speak death. We’re not going to speak poverty. We’re not going to speak lack. We’re not going to speak sickness in our house. So it’s like, we don’t say, oh, I feel terrible. I’m probably going to go down with something. We don’t speak those words. We say the truth. My body is trying to make me tempted into not feeling well, but the truth is I’m healed.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: I’m healed of the load. So have that type of attitude when it comes to your finances and it’s amazing. You can attack lack. You’re going to attack this lack, and God wants you prosperous. It’s the truth. If you go through some of these things, it’s going to help you receive it in the natural. It’s going to help you receive what you’ve already got in the spirit realm.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Amen. All good. We’re at time. This time we’ll be back real soon, but we want to pray for you before we let you go. So father God, I thank you for everyone watching today. I’m thankful that you have made them prosperous. I thank you. You have provided for their needs. I thank you Lord that, you’re showing us what we need to do to receive that in the natural. Lord, do we need to change our confession? Are we speaking negatively? Are we speaking a death over our finances? Help us Lord to speak life. Help us to agree with your word over these things. Do we see ourselves prosperous? Help us to see ourselves prosperous as you’ve made us prosperous. Thank you, Lord. Help us to give thanks for what you would have given us. I thank you Lord that people are prospering. I think you Lord people are getting their breakthrough. I thank you Lord, people are starting to turn around their situation. It starts with their thinking, their believing, and then they’re going to see it in the natural.

They’re going to have more money. They’re going to have an abundance. They’re going to have their own needs met and extra so they can give and to help into the kingdom of God.

Carlie: Amen. The answer to someone else’s problem.

Ashley: Amen. Start sowing in other people’s problems. Amen. Ain’t that good? Praise, God. God is so good. He loves you today. Wherever you are, wherever situation you is. He’s your good father and he loves you. And he longs for a relationship with you. So if you don’t know Jesus, then you need to let us know. You can know Jesus today. Praise God. Just ask him to be your Lord and you could be born again today and you can receive all the stuff we’re talking about. Amen.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Isn’t God good?

Carlie: Good news.

Ashley: We’ll see you next time. Until then, live the abundant life.

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