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How to Hear the Voice of God – Part 4

Secrets to Spiritual Small Talk


In Part 4 of How to Hear the Voice of God, Ashley and Carlie explain how the Lord can lead you through dreams and visions!

Do you want to hear God’s voice more clearly? Everyone needs to hear what God is saying, and you don’t want to wait until you’re in a crisis to try and hear Him. As a believer and His child, you can hear God. You were created to hear Him. It’s part of your spiritual DNA!

This teaching series will show you how you can hear the voice of the Lord clearly-even in the small things. It is one of the most important keys to living the abundant life, and it is part of your growing relationship with Him.

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Key Bible Verse: John 10:27-28, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”


Carlie: Did you know that the Lord can lead you through dreams and visions and desires? That’s right, stay tuned to find out more.

Announcer: Why live a normal life, when you could be living the abundant life? Welcome to the Abundant Life program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

Ashley: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life. My name is Ashley Terradez and this is my wife, Carlie and we’re so glad you’ve joined us today here in the land. We’ve got a great program for you. We’re talking about how we can hear the voice of God. In John 10:27, Jesus says my sheep hear my voice and they know me and they follow me. As believers, we can hear the voice of God. God is always speaking to us, the question is, are we listening? So we’ve got a-

Carlie: That’s what I say to you, isn’t it?

Ashley: Carlie say I don’t listen properly or something like that I wasn’t listening properly but anyway, we’re talking about practical ways you can hear the voice of God and we’re in the middle of a little series here. We want to help you hear the voice of God more clearly.

Sometimes people say, well I can’t hear the voice of God and sometimes they say, I don’t know when it’s God, when it’s me, or when it’s the devil. These are all good questions and we’re trying to cover these today. Now in previous shows, we’ve looked at different ways that God speaks to us and the first thing is through his word. The most reliable way God’s going to speak to you, the way that you can trust the most is through his word. God’s word is a living word, he use it to speak to his children and I’m sure everyone watching, if you’re born again today, you could give testimony about how the word of God has spoken to you. Now sometimes it doesn’t always feel like it’s alive, sometimes you might read it and it might just be like a book.

That’s okay, keep reading it because the word is alive and it’s going in you and then there’ll be those great times when the word just jumps out and it speaks to you. That’s fine but anytime you ain’t getting the word of God and read the word, it’s powerful because it’s God speaking to you. You’re going to learn about God’s nature and the other thing about the word of God is not just about hearing God’s voice directly through the word of God.

The good thing is, if you hear God in any of these other ways we’re going to talk about, you can bring it back to the word of God to judge it, to judge that word and make sure it’s right, because God will never contradict his word. So if God uses a person to speak to you or uses a dream or vision or uses prophecy or however else God speaks to us, we can judge that against the word of God, because the word of God never lies. God’s never going to contradict his word and so there’s a baseline, if you like. The word of God is the baseline against all other words. Amen.

Carlie: Amen, that’s powerful. I remember one time I was believing God for my healing and I really didn’t have an understanding of healing. I had no basis for healing, I had not seen any healing in my life, but God spoke to me one day and showed me that I could receive healing from epilepsy, because that was so left field for me, I hadn’t anyone around me that had any experience with that.

I went home and I asked the Lord to show me in his word, how that worked and he’s so gracious. He took me through the scriptures, he showed me all these different healing scriptures until I came to a point where I was thoroughly convinced that I was right in what I’d heard him say to me. That really was just me and the Lord, and there is nothing wrong with asking the Lord for confirmation in his word. He’s more than happy to do it.

Ashley: Amen. We looked at other way that we probably shouldn’t ask for confirmation, we looked to circumstances, we talked about Gideon, how he laid a fleece out to the Lord. A lot of Christians will still do that. Oh, I’m going to lay a fleece out and ask the Lord for confirmation. As new Testament believers, we have things that Gideon didn’t have. We have the holy spirit living on the inside of us, we have Christ in us, the hope of glory, we had the whole word of God. We have an intimate relationship with God, whereas Gideon didn’t have what we have.

So even though it may not have been the best thing for Gideon to do, it’s definitely not the best thing for us to do but God is so gracious, he’ll meet you where he’s at and if you ask him for a confirmation and you lay a fleece, as people say. Christianese, laying a fleece but he’s basically saying something like this. Lord, make this happen so I know it’s you.

Carlie: Just for people that might not be familiar with the story of getting Gideon, Gideon laid a fleece out and he was trying to hear from God to find out what God’s will was and his fleece, if it was wet or dry in the morning, would have helped him to make his decision, to know which way God was going to go. You’re right, Christians do the same thing, but the problem with that is circumstances could be in our favor or they could be against us.

Ashley: Do you find that story of Gideon in Judges chapter 6 is that story, but yeah, the circumstances can be good or bad and Paul puts it this way, I love this, in Acts 20, right around 24, Paul says, I do not let these circumstances move me.

Paul had some terrible circumstances and sometimes Christians will be like, well, the circumstances are all against me, it must be God, I must be moving in the right direction or some people say the circumstances are all against me, this must be God warning me and vice versa. So you can’t rely on circumstances.

Carlie: They’re open to interpretation, aren’t they?

Ashley: They’re open to interpretation. So we looked at the word of God, we looked at circumstances, we also looked at audible voice. God has an audible voice, he still speaks to people sometimes through an audible voice. That’s usually rare and he usually does that for new believers or people before they’re even believers, because he can’t get to them any other way. So it’s almost like a last resort through the audible voice.

So there’s the audible voice of God and then what else we looked at? We looked at circumstances, the word of God, audible voice and people. God can use people to speak to you and sometimes that might be people operating in spiritual gifts, sometimes it might be people operating in the words of knowledge, word of wisdom, prophecy or sometimes it might just be people saying things and God’s using them to speak to you. Again, a little bit like circumstances.

That can be a double-edged sword though, because sometimes people can actually speak to you and it can actually be the enemy using them. There’s a great example of this, when Peter said to Jesus, Jesus I don’t think you have to go to the cross.

Carlie: Yeah, that cross thing, don’t worry about that.

Ashley: I don’t think you’re going to have to die and Jesus turned around and said, get behind me Satan, because Jesus was tempted by Peter’s words, it was like the enemy speaking to him. So that can happen as well. So we need to be careful when people speak to us, but today we’re going to be looking at something different, today we’re going to look at another way God speaks to his people and that is through dreams and visions. God can speak to us through dreams and visions.

Carlie: Let me just clarify this, because dream interpretation is not a spiritual gift.

Ashley: Really? I thought it was the tenth spiritual gift, dream interpretation.

Carlie: It really isn’t and we see the Daniel there and he’d have many dreams in the old Testament and God still gives us dreams and visions but dream interpretation is not a spiritual gift. Common, it’s maybe a very popular thing to say, but it’s not listed as one of the nine spiritual gifts and if we don’t understand that we can find ourselves having dreams and then going to other people to interpret our dreams. In fact, I remember one time we were standing on a campsite somewhere and there was all kinds of stuff going on in the middle of the night, all kinds of instruments were playing and loud music.

Ashley: Interesting campsite. It may be a little new agy maybe. Maybe they may have been using illegal substances to stimulate them because at three in the morning, when I had to get up to use the restroom, they were still very much awake.

Carlie: Well and I’m trudging across the campsite in the dark, trying to find my way to the bathroom there, I met an interesting character and he introduced himself to me as, hi, I’m Daniel, the dream interpretator. I’m like, well, that’s wonderful, but I said-

Ashley: Do you have a business card, dream interpretation by the hour?

Carlie: I didn’t take him up on his offer of services either, but we have the holy spirit on the inside of us and if God speaks to us in dreams or visions, he’s going to show us what they mean. Now it’s not wrong to share those dreams and visions with other people, but just know that God has a way of speaking to us through the word of God, through his holy spirit, through an inner witness on the inside. Yes he can use people, but we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water, dreams and visions are completely valid, but we just need to make sure that we hold them in context to the word of God. Many years ago now, our daughter Hannah was sent home from the hospital to die, she was three years old with an incurable disease.

Every time the doctors came into her hospital room they would tell us how terrible everything was going to be and the prognosis was always really bad and we were just finding out that healing was even a possibility. The end of that healing journey for Hannah, she received her healing. Amen. She didn’t die, she’s 15 years old today and she was supernaturally healed at three years old. You can actually see her testimony on our website, but during that process of learning about healing and believing for Hannah to be healed, we had to contend with the words and the advice of the doctors and all of the circumstances that were going on around us. There were lots of different opinions other than just the word of God to weed through.

I asked the Lord to give me a dream, to give me a vision, a picture on the inside of me of Hannah as healed because every day I was sitting in the ho… I was going to say the hotel, it wasn’t a hotel, in the hospital room there sleeping on the floor next to her bed. Every day I was seeing Hannah sick, every day I was seeing the medication and the treatment and the doctors and the nurses and that was speaking to me. That was giving me a kind of vision that made it difficult in my heart for me to picture what a healed Hannah looked like.

So I asked the Lord to give me visions of what a healing looked like for Hannah, so that I could attach my faith to that and he gave me three visions. One of Hannah walking through the school gates on the first day of school, another one of her riding a little red tricycle and another one of Hannah on her wedding day. Now we’ve seen two out of three of those things come to pass, praise God,

Ashley: We haven’t seen the third one.

Carlie: She’s too young to get married.

Ashley: She’s 15 and I told her when she starts dating, maybe when she’s 35, somewhere around there, then maybe she’ll think about getting married. I’m going to be a mess because I cry at other people’s weddings. Actually my friend actually told me about his daughter getting married and just him talking to me about his daughter getting married, made me well up.

Carlie: Ashley is the designated crier in our house.

Ashley: I’m not good at weddings, I’m a mess.

Carlie: But visions are important. Visions are what build hope and then they’re a primary start of faith right there. When we can start to see the end from the beginning, when we can start to see what God has in mind, visions are important, in the script he says that he’ll give us visions and to write them down and make that vision plain, that others might read it and run with it. God is big into visions, but we need to make sure that we just don’t cast those things out there for everyone to interpret. We need to go back to the Lord and let him show us what those things mean.

Ashley: Through the word. Amen. In Acts 10, Peter was so hungry he fell into a trance, so he got so hungry, but then he had a vision and that was the way that God communicated to him, that the gospel was open to Gentiles and that was through Peter having a vision. It was a dream or a vision, you could argue which one it was maybe was a bit of both, but Peter, this is in Acts 10, had a vision and God spoke to him through that vision. When he woke up, he almost contested a little, Lord I’m not sure about this, but it was God speaking to him and he confirmed it and that was a vision. There’s another great scripture here, this is in Acts 2:16.

This is Peter speaking, he says, but this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel, he’s quoting the book of Joel here. He says, and it shall come to pass in the last days, we are in the last days and we know that we’re in the last days, in the last days, says, God, that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. We know that everyone is born again today is eligible for the baptism of the holy spirit. We can be baptized in the holy spirit, he wants to [inaudible] us with his spirit and he says, your sons and your daughters who prophesied, we’re going to look at the spiritual gifts and about prophecy and things like that in future episodes.

It says your young men shall see visions, he’s talking about visions, people seeing visions of the future. People seeing visions, God speaking to people through visions-

Carlie: Showing them things to come.

Ashley: And your old men shall dream dreams. So if you have dreams, if the Lord speaks to you through dreams, it’s because you’re old. No I’m just kidding.

Carlie: Thank you darling.

Ashley: I know my wife had a dream just last night about things. Do you want to share that? What was that, Jeremiah 33 was it? God spoke to you in a dream.

Carlie: Jeremiah 33, yeah he was giving me dreams or visions of what I’m about to go in to do a healing conference and he shown me with different miracles that we were going to see in that conference.

Ashley: That’s awesome, through a dream?

Carlie: Through a dream.

Ashley: So God can speak to us through dreams.

Carlie: I’m going to be looking out for those people because I’ve already seen them.

Ashley: God spoke to me though dreams, it’s been a number of times God has spoken to me for dreams. I’ve had dreams about things, I’ve had dreams for other people, and then I’ve shared those dreams with them people and it’s been right on the money, it’s changed their life because it’s the holy spirit speaking through me. So God can speak to us through dreams and visions and we’re going to look into some future episodes, we’re going to look at how you can interpret those, how you can actually clarify those dreams and visions, how you can know when it’s God speaking to you or when it’s just your flesh, when it’s just too much cheese pizza or when it’s actually God speaking to you, how you can determine when it’s the devil, when it’s God, we’re going to show you those things.

Because again, the devil can give you dreams, he give you bad dreams, nightmares and have you think on things. One thing is if you’re keeping your thought life in check Jesus says, take every thought captive and bring it under submission. So if you keep your thought life in check, then sometimes if the devil can’t give you thoughts while you’re awake, he’ll try and give you thoughts when you’re asleep. So sometimes the devil could speak to you through your dreams. It’s important to know the difference and obviously don’t submit to anything that’s not from God, because we’re meant to submit to God and resist the devil, James 4:7, I believe. So God can speak to us through dreams and visions and that verse I used was Acts 2:16-18.

Then we also talked about in Acts 10 about Peter’s dream and about Peter’s vision. Also Acts as a dream and I forget who it was, now is it Peter who had the dream about Cornelius or Cornelius had a dream? God spoke to Cornelius through a dream. So God is speaking to his people through dreams and visions. Again, God is trying to speak to us and he’ll use any vehicle we can for as ever we’re listening. He’s always out on our part to listen. God’s the one doing the speaking, we’re the one doing the listening. Praise God, he’s powerful. Another way God can speak to us is through our desires. God can speak to you through your desires, this is in Psalm 37:4, puts it this way, it says delight yourself in the Lord.

So again, with all these things, it’s important to make sure we’re in fellowship with God. If you’re not in fellowship with God, if you’re not delighting yourself in the Lord, if you’re not spending time with the Lord, you’re going to find it a lot harder to hear his voice. In fact, if you’ve got a spouse, you’ll know that you can recognize their voice in a crowd because you spent so much time with them. So same with your kids. In fact, mothers are better than this and fathers, mothers they can hear a baby cry and they know it’s their baby. Dads, someone shouts out dad in the mall, 25 dads turn around, we aren’t so good at that, but the people we spend time with, the people we know the best, they’re the people we can hear more clearly.

So right here in Psalm 37:4 it’s saying, delight yourself in the Lord. This is the foundation, we have to be delight ourself in God, we have to be spending time with God and it says, and he give you the desires of your heart. So delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. What happened is, is you delight yourself in the Lord, he will download his desires on the inside of you, so they’re like your desires. I remember when we made the move to come out here to America in 2008, I loved England, I still love England, it’s a great country. I loved England, I loved the United Kingdom and we had other opportunities to leave and to move country and different opportunities, work opportunities and ministry opportunities. I just loved England, I just wanted to stay there, I just had a love for England.

When, we came over to America in 2008 and I’m telling you, it’s almost like overnight, my desire to live in England is went away. All of a sudden I just desired to live in America and I never designed to live in another country before, but my heart was desiring to live here and I never missed England. Now our parents are in England, so if they’re watching, we miss our parents obviously, we miss our relationships in England, but I can honestly tell you, I don’t miss anything about England and I loved England. If you’d met me before I moved to America, I loved England, I was the greatest what’s the word? Patriotic person, I just loved England.

Carlie: I don’t think it’s so much about where you living, I think it’s a matter of being in the middle of God’s will.

Ashley: In the center of Gods will.

Carlie: If you’re in the center of God’s will, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. That is where you’re going to find peace and contentment and fulfillment.

Ashley: That’s good but for my example here, don’t ruin my example, but my example I had the desire to live in America [crosstalk]. No I love England, but I’m just saying, I decided to live here, it’s amazing that God can give you desires and another thing is-

Carlie: He lead you by that desire.

Ashley: That’s right. I worked somewhere, I worked at a ministry for over nine years and then one day I just walked into that ministry and the desire to work there left. Now here’s what you got to be careful, you can’t be like, well, I didn’t desire to be my wife anymore, I didn’t desire to turn up to work, so I stayed in bed. We’re not talking about being fickle and being led by emotions, we talking about God will give you a godly desire.

Carlie: When you are in relationship with him, that was your caveat at the beginning wasn’t it?

Ashley: Yes, delighting yourself in the Lord. So many of you know we started our own ministry, we served and worked for Andrew Wommack Ministries, we was connected with him and working and serving him full time as students and also as staff members for a little over 11 years. Then one day I was ministering and then was driving back from that ministry trip, it was about a 10 hour drive and on the way back, I was praying to the holy ghost, I was delighting myself in the Lord, but I started to have these desires about moving out and starting our own ministry and that’s how God led me, it’s how God led us to come to Bible school. In 2006, we moved to Bible school and Carlie wanted to go to Bible school, it meant moving house, it meant me giving up my business, it meant moving the kids schooling and moving to the other end of the country.

Now in England, there’s only 150 miles-200 miles.

Carlie: English people don’t travel [crosstalk].

Ashley: For an English person is a big deal, you’re moving to the other end of the country, so it was a big decision to make. I remember Carlie said, telling me, take a break because I was restoring one of our houses at the time, so I was actually fixing up a house and I was doing a remodel and she said, take a break from the remodel and go and just pray and ask the Lord to speak to you about going to Bible school. I’m thinking this is awesome, Carlie must be serious if she’s telling me to stop working on the house, this must be serious.

So I stopped working on the house the day, I went out on the beach and I just spent the day praying and asking God to speak to me about going to Bible school. I basically said, God speak to me. Shall we go to Bible school or not? Yes or no, speak to me. Guess what I heard.

Carlie: Nothing.

Ashley: Crickets, nothing. [crosstalk] God speaks to you more like that, when you ask God, he speaks you directly. For me he doesn’t speak to me like that and I know it depends on your personality, it depends on your makeup, your views, all of us here go differently. But I just going to be honest with you, I didn’t hear anything but what happened was is I had the desire to go to Bible school. That was a desire in my heart, I wanted to go.

Carlie: So your question was answered, it just wasn’t answered in the way that you anticipated.

Ashley: That’s right. So I had the desire, so over the next few weeks or so, I just had a want and a desire to go to Bible school.

Carlie: And it got stronger and stronger,

Ashley: And it got stronger and stronger. The more I prayed and the more I delighted myself in the Lord, the stronger it got and I started thinking about going to Bible school. Even though in the natural, it seemed crazy because in the natural I was giving up my business, so we’d have no income, in the natural would have two lots of full-time tuition to pay me and you, we’d have to put our kids in a private school, there was not very good schools around the Bible school, so we put children in a private Christian school. That’s another three tuition’s. I’ll be in the Bible school day, so I wouldn’t be able to work or run a business [crosstalk].

Carlie: So less time to earn money.

Ashley: So less time to earn money. So it would be away from our family and friends and our church and things like that. So in the natural, it seemed crazy but on the spiritual side of things, I had peace. I had a desire to go, I wanted to go.

Carlie: That is really interesting because even though the circumstances, we had I suppose you say a word from God and then 10 other reasons why that would be crazy. The more we started to talk about it and talk about it to each other, we were in unity, we were excited. The more we talked about it, the more we dreamed about it, the more we planned about it and that’s one way to test where your desire is coming from. Because if you have a thought or a desire on the inside, but the more you push into that, the more you pursue it, you start to lose your peace. God can lead you in that way too and just by a presence of peace or by lack of peace. I’m a big believer in letting peace be your umpire.

Ashley: It says in Ephesians, right? It talks about peace being an umpire making decisions. So that’s where I was at, I had a desire to go, and you won’t have peace in your flesh, your flesh will free carry, your flesh will be like, don’t do it.

Carlie: Because it doesn’t like change.

Ashley: It doesn’t might change but then I got to thinking about it, the fact that I desired to go to Bible school, it had to be God, it wouldn’t be my flesh that wanted to up and study the word of God full time.

Carlie: Certainly wouldn’t be the devil.

Ashley: It wouldn’t be the devil. So I really believed it was God and God spoke to me through that desire. Now looking back decades later, I can say, yeah, God spoke to me and told me to go to Bible school. In fact-

Carlie: In the moment was it that clear?

Ashley: No and in fact, I’m guilty of this myself, as preachers we are guilty of this, we’ll preach and we’ll say things, we’ll say, God spoke to us and told us to do this, God spoke to me and told me to do this God told me to do this, God told me to do that, I heard God tell me. It sounds like we’ve got a direct line to God. Well we have, but it’s no different to your direct line from God. What happens is that God speaks to us in different ways through desires and through his word and things like that and when it comes to this Bible school move, which was at the time, one of the biggest decisions we had to make God spoke to me through desires.

We went to Bible school for two years at Carrie’s Bible College, graduated there, one of the best decisions we ever made and going to Bible school now, when I tell people about it, I say, God told us in 2006 to go to Bible school and I just leave it there. God told me to get a Bible school. But it wasn’t written in the sky, Ashley go to Bible school, it wasn’t that clear.

Carlie: If we hadn’t have gone, God would of still loved us. The plans of God wouldn’t have been completely shipwreck for our life, we still would have had a good life and God would take care of us. It’s not like we make a mistake, we don’t hear perfectly… newsflash, no one hears perfectly, it takes faith to hear God.

Ashley: And God’s will isn’t that fragile that if you miss it once, that’s it, it’s all over. God’s better than a GPS, than a satellite navigation system, they call them in England because he’ll redirect you. If you miss a turn, he’ll redirect you, if you take another turn he’ll re direct you.

Carlie: Recalculating.

Ashley: Recalculating. God’s so good, he’ll get you there if you’re a obedient to him. Basically he spoke to us through desires. We acted on those desires and now looking back and say, God told us to go there. The same thing has happened lots of times. So desires is a powerful way that God will lead you, basically, when you get close to God, when you start to delight yourself in the Lord full time, when he’s your delight, he’s your focus, he is the person you are really living for and serving a hundred percent.

When you are at that place, you can basically do what you want to do. Now that’s dangerous to say that people who are living by the flesh, if you’re letting your fleshly desires get up on you, then your flesh is going to want to eat that whole pint of ice cream and that’s not good. Your flesh is going to want to kick the cat or whatever, that’s not good but if you are delighting yourself in the Lord and you’re living out of your spirit, you can just do whatever you want to do and God will give you the desires.

Carlie: I think that when we are in relationship with the lord, when we are delighting ourselves in the Lord and we are allowing him to put desires in our heart, when we start to follow those desires, it draws us closer to him, not further away. So if you might say to me, well I just really have a desire to play video games 24/7.

Ashley: Well that sounds like the lord told me that I must pursue a video game career.

Carlie: I’m going to question that because it’s taken all of your time and it’s isolating you, it’s taking you away from relationship and it’s not moving you into you pursuing the things of God. We can apply this to all different kinds of situations, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take that circular job or you shouldn’t move or that you have to be in ministry or any of those things, but whatever the desire is it needs to help you step closer into your relationship with the Lord.

It says in the next verse, commit your way to the Lord and trust also in him and he will bring it to pass. When we are following the desires of the Lord, delighting ourselves in the Lord, allowing him to speak to us through dreams and visions and desires and actually plant those things in us is effortless because he brings it to pass. We don’t even have to force the door open, he starts to open the door ahead of us. We can fully commit the Lord. If God has put a desire in your heart, you can trust him to bring it to pass.

Ashley: Amen. That’s powerful. So that’s just some of the ways God speaks to us. We’re going to be back real soon with some more ways God speaks to us but remember if you delight yourself in the Lord, he’ll speak to you through your desires, praise God, and he’s going to lead you into good things. God is a good God, he only has good things for you and he’s leading you into good plans. Praise God. So God is good, amen. We’re out of time this time, I want to pray for you before we go.

Carlie: Real quick, before we do that, I just feel like there are some people watching and the Lord is leading you here, but get a journal. Some of you are struggling to hear the voice of God because there’s no expectancy when you get before him, but get a journal, get yourself a brand new journal. Go in and pick one out from the store and when you get in your quiet times with the Lord, expect to hear from him. You can hear from God, you are made in his image, you are made to respond to his voice. He is speaking to you and when you sit there with your journal with expectancy, be quiet and listen, because he’s going to show you things. You’re going to call on him, this is Jeremiah 33:3, which he spoke to me the other day, but call on him because he wants to show you things to come that have never even entered into your imagination. Have some expectancy, take time to sit before the Lord and you will start to hear God in a way that you’ve never heard him before.

Ashley: Amen. That’s a good word. We started with John 10:27, my sheep hear my voice. Start proclaiming that over yourself. Say, I’m a child of God, I’m his sheep, I hear his voice and you will hear, praise God. Amen. Isn’t God good? Father God, I thank you for everyone watching today. Lord, I thank you that you love them, you’re with them, you know everything about them and I thank you, Lord. You’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to us load. Lord, help us to hear you clearly Lord. Help us to tune our spiritual ears to you so we can hear you clearly.

I thank you Lord, you meet us where we’re at. I thank you, Lord that even if we make a wrong decision or even if we miss you Lord, you can get us back on track, you can reroute us and thank you for your course corrections. We thank you, you are a gracious God, Lord. You love us and you only have good things oh Lord. We love you today. Thank you for speaking to us Lord and we take time to hear you today in Jesus name. Amen.

God’s good.

Carlie: That’s good news.

Ashley: God is good. We’ll be back real soon with the next episode here with this but remember until next time don’t just settle for living a normal life. When God’s paid for you to be able to live the abundant life.

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Ashley: Hey, today, we’ve been looking at how God speaks to us and how he speaks to us through the desires of our hearts. God can use your desires to speak to you. If we delight ourselves in the Lord, he’s going to give us his desires, praise God. They’re going to become our desires and he’s going to lead us through those desires. So we want to help you with this, we have a resource available. We’ve only been able to go into a little bit of detail during this TV program, but the resource is going to help you be able to hear God’s voice even clearer. So go ahead, see the instructions on your screen, we know you’ll be blessed.

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Ashley: John 10:10 says if it’s going to kill, steal and destroy it’s from the devil. If it’s going to bring life and life more abundantly it’s of God. So good and bad is easy.

Carlie: That’s pretty easy, what’s much more challenging is trying to discern what is good and what is God.

Ashley: Good and good, wow.

Carlie: Because there are lots of opportunities in life, there are lots of thoughts that run through our minds and some of those are good ideas, but they’re not God ideas and if we take up our time and our energy pursuing busy things, but they aren’t God ordain things, we can easily find ourselves getting weary.

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