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Who determines the size of the harvest? Learn how planting financial seed opens up doors for the Lord to provide more than enough for your own needs!


Carlie: Do you need a little bit more supernatural abundance in your life? Then stay tuned because this is for you. This is going to be a powerful message. So hold on tight.
Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the Abundant Life? Welcome to the Abundant Life program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.
Ashley: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life. Hey, thanks for joining us today. We’ve got a great program for you today. We’re excited that you’re here with us. My name is Ashley Terradez, this is my wife, Carlie. And what we’re looking at is supernatural increase. We’re actually looking at how you can receive the supernatural increase of God.
We already looked at the fact that Jesus paid for your financial prosperity, just like he paid for your sin, paid for your righteousness. In 2 Corinthians 5:21, he took your sin to the cross and you get his righteousness in exchange-
Carlie: That’s a good deal.
Ashley: … It’s a great deal. It’s the gospel.
He also took our sickness 1 Peter 2:24, and many other verses, but he took pain in his body. He took stripes on his back so that we could receive his health and healing.
It’s the same of our finances. He took out our poverty. He took our lack to the cross, 2 Corinthians 8:9, says, “For you know the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Yet though he was rich, for our sakes he became poor. That us, through his poverty might become rich.”
So, he took on our poverty, our lack, and we take on his riches and abundance. Praise God.
So, that’s the good news. That’s the gospel. And that’s what we’re looking at today. We’re looking at how you can receive abundance from God. How you can receive supernatural resources, supernatural provision. And we’re looking through some stories here about supernatural provision in the Bible. We’ve also shared some personal testimonies about how we’ve received god’s supernatural abundance, and I’m telling this is an exciting program.
So, if you believe in God [inaudible] … In fact, let me challenge you with this. We all should be believing God for more, no matter where you are financially. If you’re in debt, if you’ve got no money, if you’ve got a bunch of money, it doesn’t matter. We should always be believing God for more because the more we have, the more we can give.
2 Corinthians 8:9 puts it this way, it says that, we always have in all sufficiency in all things, that means our own needs met, but also having an abundance for every good work. So, we should always want to have an abundance for every good work so we can give into ministries, churches, missionaries, benevolence, people in need. So, we should always want more.
And these stories we’re looking at is how God supplies people’s needs supernaturally. So, last time we looked at the, we’re going to carry on looking at the story of the widow woman and Elisha. This is in 2 Kings 4. So second 2 Kings 4. And last week we looked at the first part of the story and we established that in this story, the first thing was that the man of God, Elisha, asked the widow, “What do you have in your house?”
And what we looked at last time was often we look for the supernatural, the spectacular. And God is supernatural, but he’s really spectacular when it comes to giving us provision. A lot of the time he’ll just use something in our hands. He’ll use our current job. He’ll use our current circumstances. He’ll use a small business idea. He’ll use something that’s seemingly unspectacular.
And the man of God here, Elisha, said to the widow woman, “What do you have in your house?” And we found it very interesting, right? That God often meets our needs through natural means that we already have in our hands.
Carlie: Right, actually-
Ashley: We looked at some-
Carlie: … we’ve seen that work in our lives many times.
Ashley: … We looked at some examples, when we first went to Bible college and buying and selling stuff and things like that.
So, God will often meet our needs through things we would have access to. Through promotion in our job, through a small business idea that we might have, through a hobby, through connections, through people, things like that.
So, don’t overlook these seemingly small opportunities by looking for the big time. I know some people, they miss it because they’re looking for the big spectacular. And often they’ll say, “Well, I’ve been offered this second job,” or, “Maybe I want to start this business idea online but it’s only going to make a few hundred dollars,” or, “It’s only going to make a few thousand dollars. That’s not enough.” And we looked at the fact, you know what, in God’s hands, it can be enough. Just like the feeding the 5,000 and things like that.
There’s times-
Carlie: They’ll despite small beginnings.
Ashley: … Don’t despise small beginnings. Amen.
So, God can take seemingly small things and put his super to our natural and give us increase, praise God.
So, that’s what [inaudible] was up to. Was looking at that the fact that the widow woman was asked, “What do you have in your house?” And she said to Elisha, she said, “All I have in my house is nothing but a little bit of oil, but a jar of oil.” And sometimes we come to God and say, “God, all I have is my ability to tutor,” or, “All I have is my passion for photography. All I have is a basement full of junk that I could sell. All I have is I love driving and I could … ”
Whatever it is, we need to give that to God. And the widow woman here almost missed it because she was like, “All I have is this.” Reminder for the feeding of the 5,000, what happened there with the loaves and fish, how did the disciples put it?
Carlie: Well, they just felt like they didn’t have enough. That the loaves and the fishes … They said, “What is so few among so many. his isn’t going to be nearly enough to get the job done,” but Jesus’ response to them was, “Well, give it here. I’m going to bless it.” And he took it and he gave thanks. And when he gave thanks, he handed it back to the disciples and he said to them, “Go give the people as much as they want.” Not even as much as they need, but as much as they want. And then afterwards he said, “Go collect up the fragments.”
You see in Jesus’ mind when he was giving thanks he was already planning for an abundance. He was giving the disciples their instructions of what to do with the to-go boxes.
Ashley: The 12 baskets of left overs.
Carlie: Exactly. There was more than enough because Jesus, when he saw this seemingly small provision, he didn’t see a lack. He saw an abundance. And when the others saw the abundance, they didn’t question the provision. See people question the provision when they can’t see the abundance.
But Jesus, from the very beginning, he didn’t see a lack in those small beginnings, in those few loaves and fishes, he saw potential. And if we can start looking at what seems like not enough and rather than seeing it as lack, seeing it has potential, we’ll have the same results. God will add a little super to our natural and before you know it, we’re going to have baskets of abundance that we just have to collect the leftovers.
Ashley: One thing Jesus did with the feeding of the 5,000, he took those loaves and fish and it says, he looked up into heaven, he looked up, and in fact if you study that out, he’s actually talking about, he looked into the spirit realm.
He looked beyond the natural. And we need to look beyond the natural and realize God supplies our needs according to his riches and glory, Phillippians 4:19. God supplies our needs according to his riches in glory, according to the kingdom riches. Not according to the US economy. That’s why prosperity, financial prosperity works in any circumstance.
I’ve seen it work in third world nations, in developing nations. I’ve seen it work with people in prison cells. I’ve seen it work with single parents. I’ve seen it work with people with minimum education. People who are illiterate, can’t even read and write. I’ve seen them prosper financially because the prosperity of the Lord isn’t based on them, it’s based on his riches in glory and that’s accepting his riches, his provision.
And when God provides for us, he doesn’t just give us just enough. He’s not El cheapo, he’s El Shaddai.
Carlie: He’s the God of abundance that takes a few loaves and a few fishes and turns it into 12 fragments of leftovers after thousands of people have eaten.
Ashley: That was the original all you can eat buffet. We’re talking about these were men, 5,000 men, could have been as many as 15,000, 20,000 people total, if you include-
Carlie: Including women and children.
Ashley: … women and children, and they all ate until they were full. Not just enough, till they were full. They came back for seconds. They just kept eating, kept eating, kept eating, and there was 12 baskets left over.
So, when God provides your needs, he wants you to have enough and extra. He wants you to have enough to give away as well. So that’s God’s way of doing it, but he will often use something seemingly small. God’s a humble God. He likes to take small things, seemingly small things and put his super to them. And he gets the glory for it, praise God.
And he does this time and time again. He picks people that the world would overlook. He picked King David as the smallest of them all. The least likely. He picks people that are the least likely to succeed. He picks things that seemingly are insignificant and praise God with his glory on them, with his supernatural power in them, they turn into something glorious and they can do amazing things. So, it’s awesome.
Carlie: Yeah, I love about that story, the feeding of 5,000. I’m just reading it. There’s a few accounts, but I’m reading it here in John 6. It says, “Jesus took the loaves and when he had given thanks, he distributed them to the disciples and the disciples to those who are sitting down. And likewise they’re distributed the fish as much as they wanted.”
See the multiplication happened in the hands of the disciples. Jesus blessed it. He instructed them what to do, but the miracle happened in the ordinary people’s hands. Wow, that’s powerful.
Ashley: Amen [crosstalk].
Carlie: God multiplies what’s in our hands after it’s been blessed.
Ashley: That’s good. 2 Corinthians 9:10 puts it this way, 2 Corinthians 9:10 says, “He’ll give seed to the sower and bread to eat and also increase the seed you have sown.” So, he’s like once we have that seed and we sow it gets increased. It doesn’t happen first, increase doesn’t happen first.
It would’ve been nice if a big truck backed up and there would have been enough food for 10,000 people just delivered, a big delivery. However many thousands of pizzas that would be. We did a recent event and we fed everyone. How many pizzas did we have to buy? Was it-
Carlie: Well, we fed 500 people pizzas so it was quite a lot of pizza.
Ashley: … It was like 50 pizzas. We ordered a lot of pizzas. But anyway, that didn’t happen here. If it was in faith, I guess we could have just ordered one pizza and just shared it out.
Carlie: Great. Have at it, honey.
Ashley: We did like 50 or 60 pizzas. And anyway, my point being and the food wasn’t delivered first and then they distributed. No, as they distributed it, as they gave it, as they ripped it, broke it and gave it, then it increased. It’s a little bit like our giving. As we give, then it increases. Then the seed increases, praise God.
So, that takes faith. If it was all delivered first, and then we give, it wouldn’t take faith. This is a side note but when people talk about giving, they say, “Well, when I have extra, I’ll give.” And that’s not the case. If you’re not giving now of what you have, you probably won’t give when you have extra.
The point is, if you can’t afford to give now, you can’t afford not to give. By giving you’re actually putting them finances out there and they can be increased back to you. Whereas if you wait until you have enough, you’re never going to have enough finances to give. That’s just how it works.
So, back to this story, the widow woman in 2 Kings 4. So, the first point that I made is that God used what was already in our house. The man of God asked her, “What’s in your house,” and she said, “I’ve got some oil.” And then he gave her some specific instructions.
So, the first point is, God’s going to use what’s in your hands. He’s going to use things seemingly insignificant. The second point is, he’s going to give you instructions we need to follow. He’s going to give us instructions. That may be generic instructions from the word of God, or it might be specific instructions through us hearing him or for someone else speaking to us. But God’s going to give us some specific instructions.
Every time there’s supernatural increase in the Bible, God gave specific instructions to the people to follow. I’m thinking of John 2, John chapter two with the water in the wine. Jesus said to the servants, “Get these water pots, fill them with water.” He gave them a specific instruction.
Carlie: Because they had to do something naturally-
Ashley: They had to do something natural.
Carlie: … in order to initiate that supernatural move.
Ashley: Yep. They had to do something natural in faith. And this is sometimes where we miss it because we think, “Well, it’s all done. Grace has paid for it all.” Yes, grace has provided it all, but we by faith have to reach out and accept it, reach out and appropriate it.
Carlie: As a response.
Ashley: Yeah, as a response. It’s like someone gives you a gift, you have to unwrap it. If I gave my son a PlayStation and he had to unwrap it, he’ll say, “Well, my dad made me work for this PlayStation. I had to unwrap it.” Now unwrapping’s the easy bit.
Carlie: First world problems.
Ashley: First world problems, right? Unwrapping it’s the easy bit. So, really what we’re doing is just unwrapping what God’s already provided for us. So, God’s already provided for you. It’s our job to unwrap it and part of that is going to be doing things like fill up the water pots, or boil some empty jars or bring those loaves and fish to me.
What happens is is something natural happens, but God gives specific instructions. And in the feeding of the 5,000, he said, “Sit them down in groups of 50, give me the loaves and fish, sit them down in groups of 50.”
In the water into wine, he said, “Fill those water pots up with water.”
Here in the oil, Elisha says, “Go out and borrow as many jars as you can. Knock on all your neighbors houses, borrow every gravy boat, every bit of Pyrex, every bit … Them dishes at the back of the corner of your cupboards that you’ve never seen used, pull them ones out-”
Carlie: Those Pyrex that don’t have any lids that match anymore, bring those out.
Ashley: … Yeah, “All the plastic containers you can find. All the Tupperware you can find. I don’t know if they have Tupperware here in America, but all the Tupperware stuff you can find. All them bowels and dishes you can find, bring them all out. Vases, gravy boats, the lot, and watch what’s going to happen.”
So, Elisha gave the widow woman a specific instruction. You could say it was a word from the Lord. She had to follow it.
Now here’s the thing, this is the point that we made last time, but often God’s instructions to us do not make logical sense, but don’t worry. It’s okay. Most of the things in the kingdom of God don’t make sense logically –
Carlie: Just hold on.
Ashley: … to a natural mind, that’s right. I think it’s Colossians 1:13, Colossians 1:13 said, “You was translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of the son of his love.”
So what happened was when you got born again, you actually changed address spiritually. You used to belong to the earth, but now you don’t belong to the earth anymore. Now you’re a citizen of heaven. Now you’re one spirit of the Lord. Now you’re seated with him in heavenly places. Now you’re ambassadors here on earth.
So, now spiritually speaking, when you got born again, you changed address and you moved kingdom, and now you live in heaven and you live in the kingdom of God. You don’t live in the world anymore. You don’t do things the world’s way anymore. And when you change kingdom, you have to change your ways of doing things.
Carlie: You have to change your thinking.
Ashley: Change your way of thinking, because there’s different principles and ways of doing things in different … We found this out the tough way, right? When we moved here from England-
Carlie: Yeah, they drive on the wrong side of the road here.
Ashley: … They drive on a different side of the road.
Carlie: Oh, it’s different, sorry. Not wrong.
Ashley: Different. Just different. We drive on the left, they drive on the right. Is that what they say? They drive on the right, we drive on the wrong.
But in England, I’d grown up driving on the left side of the road. I come over here to America, and first time I was driving, first week, I’m driving down the wrong side of the road, on the left side of the road, minding my own business, having a great time. I look up and I see these three cars coming head on towards me. Three cars, head on towards me-
Carlie: All on the wrong side of the road?
Ashley: … on a three lane boulevard. And you know what my thought was?
Carlie: What the deal?
Ashley: What are these three crazy people doing driving on the wrong side of the road. They’re going to get someone killed.
And then I realized, no, it’s me. I’m driving on the wrong side of the road. So, I had to turn around, do a quick U-turn-
Carlie: Did they wave at you?
Ashley: … they they told me I was number one.
Carlie: See.
Ashley: It was very kind of them. but my point being this, I don’t have to understand why America drives on the right and England drives on the left. I don’t even have to agree with it. I could say, “Bless God, I’ve driven all my life on the left. I feel more comfortable driving on the left.”
Carlie: I’m going to carry on driving on the left.
Ashley: “I’m going to carry on driving on the left.”
And I could carry on trying to drive on the left side of the road here in America. And do you know what would happen? I’d be dead, imprisoned, or-
Carlie: Arrested.
Ashley: … in a wreck by now. Yeah. It wouldn’t work for me.
Carlie: You know, sometimes I still try and drive on the other side of the road.
Ashley: Do you really? By accident?
Carlie: Sometimes I’m coming out of the supermarket or something and I-
Ashley: And you forget.
Carlie: … go to get in the car and I get in the wrong side of the car.
Ashley: You do get in the wrong side of the car [inaudible].
Carlie: Yep. Happened the other day.
Ashley: Because when you’ve done something for 10 or 20 years, trying to change your thinking’s difficult. My point being this, when you got born again, you moved address. It was like, I moved from England to America. You moved from the world to heaven. And what happens is there’s different ways of doing things.
You don’t have to understand why there’s different ways of doing things. You don’t have to understand at all how they work.
Carlie: We don’t even have to like it.
You don’t have to like it, you just have to get with the program. It’s as simple as that.
And one of the things is, is when God tells you to do something, it’s often not logical to your natural thinking. Let me give you some examples. The word of God says, you want to be first, you got to be last. You want to get back at your enemy, you love them. You want to be the rule of all, you got to be the servant of all. The greatest leaders, the greatest servant. You want wisdom, you speak in tongues, you speak in Babel. You want more money, you have to give away.
Proverbs 11:24, Proverbs 11 verse 24 says, “There’s one who gives yet increases more, yet there’s one who withholds more in his right and it leads to poverty.”
These things are powerful. We know they work. They are kingdom principles, but they don’t make sense to our logical mind. So, often God will speak to us and what will happen is we try and logic it out and try and work it out in our logical brain. And we think, “That doesn’t make sense, that can’t be God.” When often God wants to do it because, you know why? It takes faith obey God. If it doesn’t take faith then … Without faith, it’s impossible to please God.
So, God told this widow woman here, “Go and gather a bunch of jars.” Now it didn’t make logical sense. She only had the little pot of oil. Why would she go and borrow all these jars? Why would she go to all her neighbors, “Can I borrow some empty jars?”
“I just need them. God told me to get them.”
It seems a bit crazy. It doesn’t make logical sense, but she went ahead and did it. I tell people, you know what? Obey God and leave all the consequences to him. Obey God and leave all the the consequences to him.
And let me just add this in as well, while we’re here. Oftentimes when I hear from God, or really all the time when I hear from God, I’m never 100% sure it’s God until afterwards. And I want to make sure people understand this because as preachers, we can be guilty of saying, “God told me this. And God told me that. And God told me this.” And it’s like we have a direct line with God. But it’s not really like that is it?
We know it in part and prophecy in part. And if we knew a 100% then it wouldn’t be faith, but I think you’ll like this. If it smells like God, if it sounds like God, if it matches up to the character and nature of God, if he’s in his word, then I’m going to go with it. And I’m going to say, “Holy spirit and everything in me, I think this is the Lord speaking to me, but show me if it’s wrong.”
Ashley: [crosstalk] for it.
Carlie: Yeah, I’m believing for a green light until the Lord gives me red light.
Ashley: That’s good. Well, they say three-quarters of God’s name is go.
Carlie: Right? Well, go, do it.
Ashley: Go and do it. So, really, for me, I don’t know 100% until afterwards. After I’ve obeyed God, I can look back and say, “God told me to do that 100%.” But at the time I’m usually only 90% sure.
Carlie: And this is important because you’ve given the illustration here, when God’s trying to get abundance to us supernaturally, that he gives specific instructions. I’m sure there are people watching, they’re thinking, ” Well, how do I hear what my specific instructions are from the Lord? How do I know that it’s God speaking to me?”
Because the widow woman here, she had a prophet of God come talk to her. There are prophets today. We can get a word from a prophet, right? But we also-
Ashley: There’s also non-profits, you have to be careful.
Carlie: … Yeah, some of them are non-profits. But more commonly God speaks to us in other ways, right?
Ashley: Amen. We have his word to go on. She didn’t have the complete word of God. We have the complete word of God that we can go to and we can find advice and counsel in the word of God. It’s amazing. Even though the word of God was written thousands of years ago, there’s parts of it that can jump. You know, this is a living word. It can jump out and answer your questions specifically, right there. It can answer your questions specifically for that problem. It’s amazing.
Or we can seek counsel from people. It says that there’s a safety in the multitude of counselors. So, if you know mature Christians that you can trust, you can ask their advice and they can speak to you. You can ask the Lord directly obviously, and ask him to speak to you, but the Lord will speak to us and give us specific instructions.
Carlie: Actually, I find that some of the most specific instructions I’ve ever received from the Lord, I went up in praying in tongues.
Ashley: There you go. Pray in the holy ghost is awesome. When you pray in your prayer language and you pray in tongues, you’re praying hidden wisdom. You’re praying perfect prayers. And it’s your spirit praying directly to God’s spirit and it’s bypassing your natural thinking. So, your natural brain doesn’t get in the way and you can pray perfect prayers to God and you can hear much clearer from God, even though you don’t understand what you’re saying in the natural, your spirit knows what you’re saying. And you can pray for the interpretation.
And I’ll often pray in tongues about something and then it’ll be later that day or maybe the next day I’ll have an idea. And Carlie will tell me, “That must be God, you’re not clever enough to think of the idea on your own. It must be God.” But yeah, we can hear God like that.
God is going to show you specific instructions on what to do and how to do it. He’ll give you specific instructions. Maybe from his word, maybe he’ll speak to you directly, but he’ll give you instructions. And then you need to decide to follow them.
So, this widow woman, she used what was in her hand, what was in her house already. She obeyed the instructions because Elisha told her what to do and she did exactly what Elisha told her to do. She followed the instructions.
Carlie: Elisha.
Ashley: Elisha, sorry, yeah. Elisha. Exactly what Elisha told her to do, she did. And then in verse four, it says that, 2 Kings 4:4, it says, “and when you’ve come in, you shut the door behind you, you and your sons.” Okay? So, the specific instructions even said, “Shut the door behind you.”
Carlie: Shut the neighbors out.
Ashley: This is very important. Shut out unbelief. If you’re believing God, you cannot be believing God and listening to unbelief at the same time. She had to close the door so it was just her and her sons, no one else around, because otherwise unbelief would’ve gotten in.
If she didn’t shut the door, nosey neighbors would be like, “What you doing? What you putting all those pots out for?”
Carlie: That’s not going to work.
Ashley: That’s not going to work, “What, you think … You’ve only got a little bit of oil. That’s not going to work.”
No, she had to shut out unbelief. And so many times I’m thinking about when Jesus went to heal the centurion’s daughter. He threw out all the people that ridiculed him, right? There was so much unbelief in the room, Jesus threw them all out, said, “You leave.” And he only went into the room, him and a few of his disciples.
There is a time when you have to shut out unbelief. It may be physically not being around certain people of unbelief. There might be some friends of yours or family members that are constantly speak speaking unbelief, “You can never get ahead. You always get sick this time of year. This faith stuff doesn’t work.” Those types of people, you need to limit the input they have.
Carlie: I think it’s harder actually when it’s family members-
Ashley: It’s very difficult with family members.
Carlie: … because sometimes the reason people are speaking unbelief isn’t because they they think it evil towards you then, they love you. But oftentimes, it’s, I say sympathy will kill you. Sometimes people just struggle because they’ve always known you. They’re the closest to you. They’ve seen your struggles. They don’t want you to be disappointed.
They don’t want you to go out on a limb and believe God. And what if it doesn’t work? And their just outwardly voicing their natural concerns out of a place of love and compassion, but it’s not in line with the word of God.
So, we’re not saying that people mean harm to you necessarily. Sometimes our loved ones, our family and friends, they’re the people that we love the most, but they find it the hardest to sometimes see what we’re seeing.
And here’s the other thing, when God calls us to step out in faith on something, he doesn’t necessarily speak to other people with the same passion and vision about that specific thing that he’s spoken to you about. The neighbors in this instance, they hadn’t heard what this widow woman had heard. They weren’t there when the prophet gave her that those instructions, all they were were outsiders. They were spectators. And there will be some people in our life, in our journeys that are spectators. They’re not part of the race, but they’re watching. And so we need to have wisdom and discernment about which people to involve in some of these things, and which people to shut the door on.
Ashley: That’s right. And we’re blessed. We have a believing family. Just in case they’re watching, we’re not talking about our own personal family, but I know a lot of people have family that don’t believe or maybe believe differently, and friends.
Sometimes it’s the people closest to us and Carlie’s right, they mean best. They mean, well. Peter and Jesus. Peter was one of the closest disciples to Jesus and Peter said to Jesus, “Hey Jesus, I don’t think you’ve got to go the cross-”
Carlie: “That whole going to the cross thing, don’t worry about that.”
Ashley: ” … yeah, we got another way. You don’t have to go to the cross.” Well, that actually tempted Jesus because he didn’t want to. In his flesh, his flesh didn’t want to go to the cross. We can see that in the Garden of Gethsemane, when he was basically asking God to take this cup from him. So, him in his flesh, he didn’t want to go to the cross. He knew how painful it would be.
And he turned around and when Peter said to him, “You don’t have to go to the cross, we could find another way.” You know it was Jesus’ choice to go to the cross or not. And he was tempted by Peter’s remarks. So, he turned around to Peter and said, “Get behind me, Satan.” He pushed that remark out. He didn’t want to let that remark in. That’s where he says, “Be careful how you hear.”
So, sometimes we’re going to get some unbelief come in and we need to make sure we’re shutting it out. There’s some other things, practical things you can do. Personally, I don’t just sit there and listen to the news and listen to television and listen to the world’s information. Garbage in, garbage out. And I believe in filling myself with the word of God with truth, I’m not saying you’ve got to go and excommunicate yourself and live in the mountains somewhere on your own, but I’m talking about why sit there and take hours of the world’s information in when the world’s information a lot of the time is all about lack and sickness and disease and all the negative stuff?
Negative news sells much better than positive news. So, a lot of the time the news networks and things are going to be feeding you negative stuff. If it’s a show, it might just be an innocent show, but the commercials will kill you. The commercials will tell you how you’re going to get this disease and that disease, “You need these tablets, them tablets. You need this mortgage. You need this car or these things to be happy and be content.” They’re teaching us lies through these things.
Carlie: They’re filling us with unbelief.
Ashley: Filling us with unbelief. So, shut the door on unbelief, make a decision. Me and Carlie made the decision to shut off regular television from our house probably 15 years ago and that’s really helped us.
We watch things through these set boxes that you can actually decide exactly what you watch and when you watch them. But we don’t have regular television in our house. We don’t want just the noise of the world entering our house. We specifically don’t listen to things that are going to feed unbelief and feed doubt. We shut the door to unbelief and we fill ourselves up by faith.
Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So, we want to hear the word of God. We want to hear from teachers that are teaching the word of God. We want to surround ourselves, our closest friends are believers, right? Who are believing God for big things. They’re our closest friends. So, that’s where you want to be.
So, this lady, she shut the door on unbelief. The first thing is she used what was in her hand, what she had available to her, she listened to the word of God, she listened to God’s instructions, and she went ahead and did it. And then she shut the door to unbelief. She closed her door and she shut out unbelief so that she could stay in faith rather than let unbelief come in.
There’s just some of the things she did we’re going to be back and finish off this story and go through some of the other things she did to receive a supernatural miracle. If you don’t know the story, you can read ahead in 2 Kings 4. You’ll find out that she received a supernatural abundance so large that it was enough to pay her debts off, her original need, plus she had an abundance.
And that’s what God wants for you. Wherever you’re watching today, wherever you may be, God wants you to receive a supernatural abundance. And this isn’t just limited to finances. He wants to bless you in your health, in your relationships, in your marriage, in your relationships with your children and parents. He wants to bless you in your finances. He wants to bless you in every area of your life. Amen?
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: Isn’t God good?
Carlie: Good deal.
Ashley: Awesome. Let’s pray five before we let you go.
Father God, I thank you for everyone listening and watching today. I thank you, Lord, your will for us is to prosper in every area of our life. I thank you, Lord, you want us to prosper and want us to be in health.
And I pray for every person listening to my voice now that they’ll be bold enough to believe your promises to step out in faith and trust your word. Trust what you say and do it. I thank you, Lord you’re going to show us how to practically shut out unbelief. To close the mouth of the enemy. To close that the unbelief voices that come against us and to do your word by faith.
And I thank you, Lord, we’re going to be people who are believers and people who do your word by faith in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Carlie: Amen.
Ashley: Isn’t God good? Praise god. Well receive that today because God’s got good things for you. We’ll be back to finish this story real soon but until next time, remember, don’t just live a normal life when you could be living the Abundant Life. We’ll see you next time.
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Ashley: Just like Jesus gave you healing. Jesus also gave you prosperity in your finances. So, whatever your situation is, you can receive the prosperity of the Lord.
Carlie: Because Jesus came not just to give us life, but to give us life more abundantly.
Ashley: Amen.
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