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Carlie Terradez: Do you have a storm in your life that is raging, that you just need to know how to get past? Well, stay tuned and find out how.

Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life? Welcome to the Abundant Life program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

Ashely Terradez: Hello, and welcome to Abundant Life. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today. My name’s Ashley Terradez, and this is my wife Carlie. And today we’re excited, because we’re going to be talking about how to survive a storm, or how to get out of a storm.

If you’re in live very much you’re going to experience a storm. They’re not from God, but God can help us get out of them. Praise God. What have we got today, Carlie, about storms?

Carlie Terradez: Well, I mean, storms are one of those things that everybody encounters at some point. In fact, it’s a promise that we can stand on. Right? Jesus said, “In this world we will have tribulation, but cheer up, because he’s already overcome.” Amen.

Ashely Terradez: That’s not like a verse we put on a fridge magnet, or on a mug, “You will have tribulations.” Jesus, “You will have tribulations.”

Carlie Terradez: It’s not a fridge magnet. No. It’s not going to be on a T-shirt. Right.

Ashely Terradez: It’s not one of them verses that we want to meditate on.

Carlie Terradez: Not really. No. But, challenges, trials, storms, crisis, they happen to everybody. At the end of the day we live in a fallen world, and although we’re not of the world, we are in the world. Right? And so, everybody at some point, if you’ve never had a storm, if you’ve never had a challenge in your life then hold on, because I’m sure you can find somebody that has. Right?

This pretty much, generally just applies to everybody. Everybody has challenges in their life that they need to overcome. Some of those may be big challenges, some of those may be chronic challenges that been going on for a long time, for a number of years. Some of those just momentary.

Ashely Terradez: It could be relative as well. For one person a big challenge, it can feel like a big challenge to them, but to someone else it might be a small challenge. A pastor friend of mine, he pastors and he had someone come to him distraught, a member of his church distraught. I mean, just devastated and he thought, “Wow, what is this storm he’s going through? What is this challenge he’s going through? It must be terrible.”

And when the person in his church told him the problem he almost laughed. He didn’t laugh. He’s know better not to laugh. He almost laughed, because he thought, “If that’s his problem he would have loved that type of problem to deal with.” He personally, the pastor had so much bigger problems going on in his life, that the person in his church problem was so small, yet for them it was a big deal. For them it really upset them, so I guess it can be relative. Right?

Some people, something that seems to be small can be a big deal to them, and it can preoccupy them and make them really concerned and discouraged.

Carlie Terradez: Right.

Ashely Terradez: Storms can be relative. Right? Is what I’m trying to say.

Carlie Terradez: Right. Absolutely.

Ashely Terradez: Challenges can be relative.

Carlie Terradez: Absolutely. I like what the Apostle Paul says, and out of everyone in the New Testament he is somebody that understands what tribulation looks like.

Ashely Terradez: He went through something. He went through [crosstalk].

Carlie Terradez: He went through a few. I mean, how many of us have been shipwrecked or imprisoned, or beaten?

Ashely Terradez: I’ve been also shipwrecked. That was my own fault though.

Carlie Terradez: That’s a whole nother story. That was your own stupidity.

Ashely Terradez: That was my own fault.

Carlie Terradez: And that’s true. Some of the storms in life that we cause ourselves. Don’t we?

Ashely Terradez: That was definitely my own fault.

Carlie Terradez: But Paul went through all of these things and beaten, imprisoned, in famine, in war. In all kinds of tribulations, and then he says, “And these are just light afflictions.”

Ashely Terradez: He called them light afflictions.

Carlie Terradez: Light afflictions.

Ashely Terradez: Beaten with rods, left to the day and the night in the open sea. I mean, you can read them all there. And he called it light afflictions. I guess for Paul, he called those light afflictions. I’d hate to see what heavy afflictions were like for him.

Carlie Terradez: He did. Well, I think the thing is with the Apostle Paul, is he had a heavenly perspective. He had a heavenly perspective, so he knew that those things, even though they were horrible at the time, they were temporal. This life that we have on earth here today is temporary. Right?

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: And when we get to heaven where we’ll realize that’s for all of eternity. That’s for all of eternity. And the life that we live on earth, even though it can be challenging and devastating at times, it’s a sliver in light of eternity.

And so, when we have that heavenly perspective we can look back, even on the darkest days and think, “That’s just a period of my life. That is not my whole life. That is a period of my life.” And so, I think it helped Paul to have a heavenly perspective.

But the main point of this series that we’re about to teach on how to survive the storm, is talking about to use the word of God and apply it in our every day life, because the word of God is full of practical advice. But we have to use it and apply it.

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: And I find that it’s not particularly popular in our grace movement today.

Ashely Terradez: Because you’re telling us to do something.

Carlie Terradez: Because we need to do something.

Ashely Terradez: Unfortunately, an extreme view of grace, is we have to do nothing, we just sit there and literally rest, do nothing. And I want to explain to people, grace has done all the work for us. What Jesus did on the cross, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, he paid for our righteousness 100%. He paid for our healing 100%. He paid for our provision, he paid for our peace of mind, he paid for it all, praise God. And that’s grace. All we have to do, is by faith receive it. We have to do our part in receiving.

Carlie Terradez: Right.

Ashely Terradez: It’s like someone gives you a present, you still have to unwrap it.

Carlie Terradez: Right.

Ashely Terradez: It’s not works, it’s not legalism, it’s not putting people under the law, but we still have our part to play by faith. The promises of God don’t come to pass automatic in our life. We have to play our part.

Carlie Terradez: Right.

Ashely Terradez: And our part is just to believe by faith, but we have something to do. We have control of our thoughts, we have to guard our thoughts, we have to do some certain things to make these things come to pass. We’re not earning our righteousness, we’re not earning our healing, but we have to activate that gift that God’s given us.

Carlie Terradez: Exactly. And there’s a great scripture in Hebrews, actually. Four, verse two. I think you have that one there don’t you?

Ashely Terradez: Hebrews four, verse two puts it this way, “For indeed the gospel was preached to us as well as to them, but the word which they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in those who heard it.” The word did not profit them, not being mixed by faith. They didn’t mix the word with faith, and therefore it wasn’t profitable to them.

Carlie Terradez: Right.

Ashely Terradez: You could actually have the word in your heart, sow the word, believe the word, but if you’re not mixing it with faith then it’s not going to profit you.

Carlie Terradez: Right. And John, here says, “It’s the truth that sets us free.” Right? But only the truth that we know can set us free. And I like that scripture, because it says, “The word that they heard.” And we have to be careful to understand that we need to hear the whole gospel.

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: I mean, for many years Ashley and I were believers, we were Christians, we were assistant pastors of a church, but we didn’t realize that we hadn’t heard the whole gospel.

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: We’d only heard part of the gospel. And so, because we’d only heard bits and pieces of the gospel we didn’t understand a lot of the promises of God and how to access those things.

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: And we had a lot of head knowledge, but we didn’t have a practical application of the word. And so, when storms of life came, when challenges came we responded to those words the same way the world did.

Ashely Terradez: Yep.

Carlie Terradez: Exactly the same way. And we struggled with fear, we struggled with anxiety, we struggled with poverty, we struggled with sickness, because we didn’t understand in that journey, in those tribulations how to apply the word of God to our life.

Ashely Terradez: That’s right.

Carlie Terradez: We knew the word of God, but we didn’t know how to apply the word of God. And this is what this scripture is saying, if we just know the word of God, but we don’t do anything with it, it’s not going to profit us.

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: And that really is our faith response.

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: And faith is our positive response to what grace has already provided. You can know this word of God, you can memorize every word in this bible, okay? But if you don’t know how to use it, it’s not going to benefit you.

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: We have to take the word of God and plant in our hearts, and mix it with faith.

Ashely Terradez: And believe it. Amen. Amen. James puts it this way. He says, “Faith without works, faith without corresponding actions is dead.” And basically, when we believe the word, it’s going to cause us to act. It’s going to cause us to act on that word that we believe. And that’s the truth.

And one of the things, we’re taking a little sidetrack here, but I have to say it. One of the things we believed when we were born again in our early days before we understood the full gospel, is we believed that God was in control of everything. And when you believe that, it’s hard to know how to fight against the storm, because we believed God brought the storms, “Well, if we’re going through a bad time it must be the Lord. It must be God. He must be trying to teach us something through this storm.”

And if you believe that, then it’s very difficult, because now you think the storm comes from God, how you’re meant to resist something that’s coming from God? Right at the start of this series as we’re talking about storms, as we’re talking about trials, and problems, and challenges in our life I want you to know this very clearly. Hopefully you already know this, but if you don’t listen up. \

God is not the author of your storm. God is not the author of your problem. God is not the author of the challenge that’s come your way. That’s not God. God only has good for us. And people say, “Actually, well God uses storms and God uses challenges to teach us.” God is so amazing, he can use a storm to teach us, but he doesn’t bring the storm.

The storm didn’t come from him. In fact, Joseph put it this way. He said, “What the enemy meant for bad God has used for good.” Storms come from the enemy or maybe they come from our own stupidity that we talked about. Maybe it’s just because we live in this fallen world. Trials and tribulations come, storms come, but they’re not from God.

God doesn’t send storms. In fact, God’s so awesome he can turn that around and use a storm to teach us, he can use a storm for our advantage, he can actually use a storm for positive. But the storms don’t come from God.

Carlie Terradez: Amen.

Ashely Terradez: And I want to really clear that up, because we used to believe that it did and it’s hard when you think that God’s causing you to go through something difficult, causing pain, or causing sickness, or causing poverty, then that can really, it can be difficult to believe God.

How can you believe God? One minute you’re not sure if he’s going to put sickness on you, or one minute he’s going to heal you. How can you believe a God like that? [inaudible]. No, God’s a good God. He only has good for us. He’s a loving father and he only has good for his children.

Carlie Terradez: Amen.

Ashely Terradez: That’s what we need to believe right from the start. Praise God.

Carlie Terradez: Amen. That reminds me when our daughter Hannah was diagnosed with a terminal condition we responded to that storm. No one likes to have that a report. It moves you at a heart level. Right? But we’d been believers for a long time and we prayed for Hannah, but we didn’t see any results. And It really comes down to this fact that Ashley’s talking about, that we didn’t know that it wasn’t God that brought that storm.

And in fact, we had people come to us and tell us, “Well, maybe this is God’s judgment on you. Maybe you’ve done something as parents. You’ve been bad parents or you’ve done something before you were saved, or whatever. And somehow God is punishing you and he’s going to take your daughter from you.”

And these were our friends. And we just didn’t know any better. We loved the Lord with all of our heart, we were spirit filled, we flowed in the gift. Right? We knew the word of God to an extent, but we didn’t understand the will of God.

And faith can only operate where the will of God is known. In James, it says, “It’s the prayer of faith that’ll heal the sick. The prayer of faith that will save the sick.” You cannot pray a prayer of faith, if you do not know the will of God.

And so, even though we knew that God loved us, we knew that God loved Hannah, because we didn’t know for sure what God’s will was regarding healing in that instance, we couldn’t pray a prayer of faith in absolute certainty. We couldn’t come boldly to the throne of grace.

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: We couldn’t take authority over sickness and disease, because we wasn’t sure if God was the author of that storm in the first place.

Ashely Terradez: Right. James says, “Submit to God and resist the devil, and he’ll flee from you.” If you’re not sure what’s from the devil and what’s from God, then it’s hard to know what to resist and what to submit to. And sometimes as born again believers we end up submitting to things from the devil, and end up resisting God’s will for us, resisting God’s goodness to us.

And the truth is, God is good. And people say, “Well, Ashley, what about he corrects his children and he chastises?” Yes he does through his word. By his holy spirit. Things like that. He doesn’t put sickness on us to teach us something. He doesn’t give us storms to teach us something. If God was on earth now and he did what he did as a father he’d be on trial for child abuse.

Carlie Terradez: Right.

Ashely Terradez: Putting sickness on his children, and doing bad things to them. No, that’s not God’s nature. In fact, Jesus compared God to a good father and he said, “The best father in heaven, basically, is evil compared to God. That’s how good God is. I’m telling you, God is a good God. He only does good.

And one of the biggest issues is the sovereignty of God. People think, “Well, God controls everything.” We have a wrong understanding of that word sovereign. I’m telling you, God is sovereign, he is all powerful, he’s the beginning from the end. But he doesn’t control everything.

In fact, he’s so powerful that he’s given some of the authority to us. He’s given authority on earth to us and therefore, we have free will.

Carlie Terradez: That’s right.

Ashely Terradez: It’s our free will what we do and what we think on, and our choices we make. He says, “You can choose what you want to choose.” And then we unfortunately gave a lot of our authority to the devil in the garden of Eden, so now this is a fallen world, and now everything that happens in this world isn’t necessarily God’s will.

I know some people say, “Well, no. God controls everything.” I used to believe that, “Well, God’s in control. Don’t worry, God’s in control. Que sera, sera. God’s in control.” Well, why pray? Why do anything? Why even bother to believe God?

Carlie Terradez: If you really believe that.

Ashely Terradez: If you truly believe God’s in control of everything, it doesn’t make sense.

Carlie Terradez: And we wouldn’t resist any storm.

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: I mean, if we really believe that, and that word sovereign in the New Testament, I think it’s in the King James where it says, “God is sovereign.” That is translated as being all powerful, but that is not the same as all controlling.

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: God is all powerful, in that sense, that he is sovereign. But he’s not all controlling.

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: He’s given us free will. Amen? And just in the area of healing and sickness alone, if we really believe that God is sovereign, and as in the sense of being all controlling, rather than all powerful, which is how it’s correctly translated, then we shouldn’t resist sickness. Because, if he really is all controlling then why would we even go to the doctor?

Ashely Terradez: Bring it on.

Carlie Terradez: We should embrace these things. Right?

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: We should, if we really think that poverty is, somehow having a vow of poverty is really from God, then we should wholeheartedly embrace poverty.

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: We shouldn’t be asking other people for money.

Ashely Terradez: We shouldn’t go to work, and we shouldn’t earn money.

Carlie Terradez: As missionaries, and we shouldn’t be asking other people for money, if that really is our true belief. We shouldn’t be going to work.

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: It’s not even logical, that train of thought when we break it down isn’t really even logical.

Ashely Terradez: No.

Carlie Terradez: God is all powerful, but he’s not all controlling. And I think God gets a bad rap because he gets accused of bringing a lot of the storms that he’s never been the author of.

Ashely Terradez: Yeah. I think it’s one of the devil’s cleverest tricks to make people believe that God does bad things. And he says, “The devil can disguise himself as an angel of light.” And I think what happens is, a lot of the time I’ve seen it firsthand, is that the devil will do things and then have us believe it was God that did it.

And that’s not the truth. God is a good God, he’s a good father, and whatever you’ve learned growing up as a Christian I’m telling you, if you think God does bad things, there’s very simple doctrine. God is good and he only does good, and the devil’s bad, he only does bad. It’s as simple as that.

Carlie Terradez: Amen. John 10:10.

Ashely Terradez: Yeah. John 10:10.

Carlie Terradez: Our whole television program is called Abundant Life after the verse John 10:10. It says that, “Jesus comes to give life and life more abundantly, but it is the enemy that comes to kill, steal, and destroy.” It’s not God that comes to kill, steal, and destroy.

If you’re dealing with a storm in your life that is aiming towards death or destruction, or poverty, or lack in some area be that financial or physical, or any other area, that’s not from God.

Because, if the storm in your life, if the challenge in your life is not preparing you and pushing you towards something good, then it’s not God. Right?

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: It’s just not God. Jesus only comes to give us life and life more abundantly.

Ashely Terradez: Amen. In Acts it says, “Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.” And that’s the truth right there. We don’t want to get hung up on the sovereignty of God, but I want you to know I believe God’s sovereign, but not in the way that we often translate the word sovereign.

I believe he’s all powerful, 100% all powerful, but he’s not all controlling. One way it helps me to understand this, is a little illustration. It’s like, imagine a big apartment building, or if you’re watching from England a block of flats as we call it in England.

Carlie Terradez: Wow. You’re bilingual.

Ashely Terradez: A block of flats. I can speak English and American. A block of flats or an apartment building. The landlord owns that whole apartment building. He is all powerful, if you like. He owns the whole building, but he’s not controlling what people do in each apartment. He’s not controlling what they have for dinner and what they watch on television.

Carlie Terradez: Right. They have free will.

Ashely Terradez: They have their own free will in his apartment. God owns the earth, God owns everything in it, but he’s not controlling the residents on earth. He’s not controlling individuals here on earth and that really helps me understand it, because when I used to believe God’s sovereignty in that way, I used to believe that God did everything, it was tough because there I was confused.

Especially with Hannah’s sickness. There I was a loving father, I was thinking, “I’ll do anything to see my daughter well. I would do anything to see my daughter healed, to stop her dying. I would trade places with her, I’d do anything.” And I was thinking, “If God’s such a loving father why isn’t he healing my daughter?”

And I know there’s people watching right now that are in this similar situation. You have a loved one or maybe it’s yourself who’s suffering and you’re thinking, “God, why aren’t you doing this? Why aren’t you doing this?” It’s God’s will for you to be well. It’s not God holding out on you. He loves you and it’s his will for you to be well. He only has good for you.

He’s not the author of that sickness, he didn’t allow that sickness. That sickness is not from him, and he wants you well more than you want to be well. He wants your loved one well more than you want them well. And why I found this out, man it changed everything. It was just two weeks later that we saw our daughter completely healed, because now we knew the truth.

Carlie Terradez: Amen. And if you’re thinking, “Well, where is this evidence in the scripture?” Let’s look in third John two. It says, “Beloved, I pray above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” There we are. There’s two key storms that people deal with. Prosperity or lack of finances, if you lack prosperity, and sickness joined together and God is saying, “I want you to be well, I want you to be prosperous.”

But those things happen as your soul prospers. How we overcome storms in our life has a lot to do with how we approach them. How we think about those things. And certainly understanding the will of God for our life to be in health and to be in wealth. The two biggest challenges I see Christians facing today is really foundational to how we respond to those challenges.

If we don’t know that it’s God’s will for us to prosper and be in health, and all of these things, we’re going to live life like a victim.

Ashely Terradez: That’s right.

Carlie Terradez: And those storms of life will just wash over us. We’ve been through many storms in our life looking back now we can see that we’re in a different place today than we were 10, 15, 20 years ago.

Ashely Terradez: Right.

Carlie Terradez: How we respond to the storms today is vastly different to how we responded to storms 20 years ago, because now we understand what the will of God is in those areas, and then we understand as believers we have authority against the storms that come against us.

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: And that was a huge mindset for us.

Ashely Terradez: It really was. Now we know how to believe. Now we know God’s will. When you know God’s will, when you know someone’s will about something you know exactly how to believe, you know what to resist, like I was saying in James four, six.

Carlie Terradez: Four, seven.

Ashely Terradez: Four, seven. James four, seven. Thank you. We have to submit to God and resist the devil. Now we know what’s from God and what’s from the devil. We know what to submit to and we know what to resist, and it changes everything. Now, we haven’t arrived.

Our friend Andrew Womack puts it this way, “I haven’t arrived, but I’ve left.” We may have left in these areas, but we certainly haven’t arrived. But when you know the truth, when you know the full gospel, when you know the true nature of God, it changes everything, because when you know the true nature of God, you know that storms aren’t from God, that God wants you out of that storm.

You know these basic truths about God wants you well, God wants you healed, God wants you to prosper and provide for you. When you know these things it’s easy to set your faith in that direction. It’s easy to know exactly what to believe for.

And it’s very simple. Jesus took all that bad stuff to the cross. In second Corinthians 5:21, “He took our sin.” He took your sin and my sin to the cross and dealt with it and gave us his righteousness. In first Peter 2:24 it says, “He took stripes on his back, he took pain in his body so that we could be healed.”

In second Corinthians eight and nine, second Corinthians eight and nine he became poor, that we might become rich. We can receive his riches because he took on our poverty, and on, and on. Jesus took those bad things to the cross, praise God, and now we get all the good things. We get all the spoils if you like.

It’s almost too good to be true. And that’s the gospel. Through our relationship with Jesus we get all the good things that God has for us. And when you’re in a storm that’s one of the first things you need to understand. The storm is not from God, God did not allow the storm, and God is with you in trying to get out of the storm.

He wants you out of that storm. Amen.

Carlie Terradez: In fact, he wouldn’t have given us authority on the earth as believers if he meant for us to live as victims.

Ashely Terradez: Right. That’s right.

Carlie Terradez: Right?

Ashely Terradez: We’re victors not victims.

Carlie Terradez: Exactly. Exactly. And we have authority. In the very beginning, and if you look back in Genesis when God created mankind he said, “Go forth, subdue the earth. Go forth and multiply, and subdue the earth and take dominion over it.”

Ashely Terradez: Yep.

Carlie Terradez: That means that word dominion is the same word that we get authority from. It’s talking about to rule and reign, as in a magistrate.

Ashely Terradez: Yeah.

Carlie Terradez: Right? To take dominion over something. To have authority over the things of the earth. And a lot of the storms that come, some of the storms that are in our life are of our own doing. We’ve mentioned that. But even in those situations we still have authority.

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: Even if, it’s a storm that maybe we’ve caused ourselves. I meet people sometimes that are sick through their own doing. I remember meeting a man one time, he was an elderly gentleman and he was in a wheelchair. He was about 80 years old and he was really struggling with a lung condition. He had emphysema and different kinds of lung issues there.

He was on oxygen and I asked him if he wanted me to pray for him. And he says, “Well, the thing is, I’ve caused this myself.” And what happened was, he just felt like he was full of condemnation. He says, “I was a lounge singer.” He was a musician and a singer who played in bars and lounges all across the country, and was just chain smoking and tobacco smoking.

And so, this lung condition that he was suffering with, he felt like he brought that on himself. That storm in his life was something that he was living with, because he felt like it was his own fault.

Ashely Terradez: It was self-inflicted.

Carlie Terradez: It was self-inflicted.

Ashely Terradez: It was like through bad choices.

Carlie Terradez: Through bad choices. And so, he felt like he was not worthy to receive ministry, to receive healing, because he brought it on himself. And when we ministered to him, we ministered the love of God him. Even if the storm in your life is a result of something you’ve done God is bigger than your storm.

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: God is bigger than that. You can have deliverance from those things, even if you’ve done something, you’ve lived a lifestyle that’s been ungodly, unhealthy in some way. I mean, for heaven sakes most of the population of America I think is overweight. Right?

I mean, we’ve had to go on diets. Okay? I’m just saying, we all indulge, we all abuse our bodies to a degree in some areas. None of us live perfectly. But nevertheless, God can deliver us. That’s the grace of God. Right?

Ashely Terradez: Well, let me ask you this. If that man, because he smoked, felt that he wasn’t entitled or wasn’t worthy to receive God’s healing. Is he saying then if he lived a better life he was more worthy to receive God’s healing?

Carlie Terradez: Well, exactly. That’s what he was saying.

Ashely Terradez: See, how do we receive God’s healing? Paul talks about it in Galatians. We receive all these promises, just like we received Christ through faith. It’s not about us, it’s not about what we’ve done. In fact, God’s promises and God’s love for us is in spite of us, not because of us. It’s because of how good he is.

Carlie Terradez: Amen.

Ashely Terradez: When we come to Jesus it’s all about what he’s already done for us. It’s not about what we’ve done. Yeah, it’s certainly not good to abuse your body and to make bad decisions, and do things. There’s definitely worldly consequences. But when we approach God, we approach God through Jesus. When we approach God, it doesn’t matter what we’ve done in the past, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, that he sees Jesus in us. We come to him with Jesus, not in our own works.

If we think that, and this is where it can be double edged, because you get some people that live a bad lifestyle if you’d like, and they say, “Well, I’m not worthy to receive healing.” Then you have people in the other extreme that say, “Well, I’ve been good. I’ve done all these things right. I’ve read my bible, I fasted, I’ve prayed, I’ve confessed. Why aren’t I healed?”

They’re also trusting in their works to be healed. That man wasn’t being healed, because he felt like he wasn’t worthy. Some people aren’t healed because they think they are worthy to be healed. The fact is, it doesn’t matter who you are. You’re not worthy in your own strength. Jesus made you worthy.

Carlie Terradez: Amen.

Ashely Terradez: And unless we rely on what Jesus done for us, we’re not going to receive anything from God. In fact, everything that we receive from God, comes through Jesus.

Carlie Terradez: Right. And that’s what we ministered to that man. I know you were there, and we ministered love. Love conquers condemnation. Amen?

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: Even if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart. That’s what it says in John. And as we ministered the love of God to this man he realized that it wasn’t through his life, it wasn’t because of his worthiness that he could receive healing, but because of what Jesus has already done for him.

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: And when he understood the will of God for his life suddenly he wasn’t prepared to live with that storm any longer. And so, we ministered to him and the man was, I mean, it was awesome. He took his oxygen off, he got out the wheelchair, he was walking up and down. In fact, it was so fun, because when the power of God is working in your body it just doesn’t touch one area, it touches everything.

And as the power of God went through that man’s body he didn’t tell us this when we prayed for him, but his spine, he had scoliosis as well. His spine straightened and as he stood up he said, “My pants are too short.” And I mean, he grew a couple of inches and his pants were too short. It was so neat.

The power of God worked [inaudible] delivered him from that storm when he realized that he didn’t have to live in condemnation, even though the storm might have been self-inflicted.

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

Carlie Terradez: It was powerful.

Ashely Terradez: Faith works by love. Right?

Carlie Terradez: Amen. Faith works by love.

Ashely Terradez: That’s when he understood that it was through God’s love that he was going to receive, not through his own actions. He was able to receive. Praise God.

Carlie Terradez: Amen. Amen.

Ashely Terradez: we’re here to tell you, you know what? God wants you to receive, he’s got good things for you and we receive things through Jesus, through what he’s already done for us. Not through our good or bad [inaudible] lifestyles, no. It’s through what God’s already done for us. Praise God. And God wants you to receive his promises. He wants you out of that storm. Amen?

Carlie Terradez: Amen.

Ashely Terradez: We’re out of time this time. I want to pray for you before we go. Father God, I thank you for everyone listening and watching this show. I thank you Lord, that you don’t bring storms. I thank you Lord, you’re not the author of bad things in life, you only have good for us.

Carlie Terradez: Amen.

Ashely Terradez: I thank you Lord, your will for us is good and to have an expected end. Good plans. Good things.

Carlie Terradez: Amen.

Ashely Terradez: And I thank you Lord, we embrace those good things you have for us. Healing, righteousness, and prosperity, and peace. Amen.

Carlie Terradez: Amen. And I just come against the lies, of condemnation. We just break those from you right now. It’s the truth that sets you free.

Ashely Terradez: Amen. Amen. There is no condemnation for you in Christ Jesus. Amen? Praise God.

Carlie Terradez: Thank you Lord.

Ashely Terradez: Amen. Well, thanks for being with us today. We’ll be back real soon, but until next time remember don’t just live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. We’ll see you next time.

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Ashely Terradez: Hey, thanks for being with us today. This is part of a series we’re teaching on how to survive a storm. If you’re going through a storm or you know someone who’s going through a storm in their life, a challenge, then I’d encourage you. Get this entire series. It’s going to really bless you, and it’s going to really help you survive a storm. And not just survive a storm, but get out of the storm.

God wants you out of the storm. He didn’t bring the storm, and he wants for you to be out of that storm so you can prosper in his name. Go ahead, the instructions are on the screen, get the whole series, you’ll be really blessed.

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Ashely Terradez: Just like Jesus gave you healing, Jesus also gave you prosperity in your finances, so whatever your situation is, you can receive the prosperity of the Lord.

Carlie Terradez: Because Jesus came, not just to give us life, but to give us life more abundantly.

Ashely Terradez: Amen.

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