The Holy Spirit is a crucial ingredient to living a victorious Christian life. However, this third person of the Trinity has traditionally been the hardest for believers to grasp.

When Jesus ascended into Heaven, He left us the gift of the Holy Spirit to be our Helper, Comforter, Teacher, and much more! In this series, Ashley and Carlie Terradez dive deep into the truth of who the Holy Spirit is, why we need Him, and how we can receive Him into our everyday lives.

This five-part series covers:

  • the role of the Holy Spirit
  • how the Holy Spirit functions in your life
  • inviting the Holy Spirit into your life
  • the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • the power of praying in tongues

Discover the Holy Spirit’s vital role in the Trinity and your daily life. By fully receiving God’s help, you can live a life of faith, power, and victory!