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In this Power Hour from March 10th, 2021, Carlie continues her series, “The Jesus Factor.” It is easy to go through life without realizing the true power and authority of Jesus inside of us. We need to stop doing things in our own power and with our own strength. God doesn’t want you to have to live in a place of survival, He wants you to thrive! Carlie then spends time praying for prayer requests sent in during the live stream. Prayers for headaches, peace, anxiety, depression, and organs in the body.

Is Jesus enough?

Do you find yourself reciting lies like these that try to keep you from your breakthrough: Jesus you don’t know what I’ve done. I’m a really bad person. I hate myself! I’m not good enough, not worthy enough. I deserve this. I can do this myself. God doesn’t care about me, if He did then He would have done something. I don’t need God. I hate God. Nothing is going to change anyway. It’s all my fault.

While these statements may contain an element of truth – they are still all lies. None of them consider how God sees us, or what He has provided for us. They all lack the Jesus factor. Jesus changes everything! He takes the worst situations, the lowliest people, the biggest offenders, those who have given up hope, fallen from grace, and sets them on their feet again. He is more than enough to turn every sorry circumstance around for our good! Rise Up!