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In this first session of their series on the book of Philippians, Ashley and Carlie uncover some life-lessons about placing our confidence in Jesus Christ. He is going to complete the work that He started in you!


Announcer: Why live a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. Welcome to the Abundant Life Program with Ashley and Carlie Terradez.

Ashley: Hello and welcome to the Abundant Life Program. We’re so glad you’re here with us today, praise God. We got a great show for you today. We’re excited that you’re here and we’re actually starting a new series is going to be on Philippians. We’re looking at life lessons in Philippians. So my name is Ashley Terradez and this is my awesome wife Carlie.

Carlie: Hi.

Ashley: Say hello, Carlie.

Carlie: Hello.

Ashley: I know, we’re so glad you’re here with us today. Before we get started, I want to tell you about a few things real quickly. First of all, our website it’s You can go to, and if you go to our website today, we’re actually giving away Carlie’s confession card. Carlie wrote this, and this is all confessions about who you are in Christ. This is a great resource. I use this regularly, we have testimonies from people all over the world, literally who use this and really find freedom in Christ.

So what it is, it’s just a list of verses of who you are in Christ written in a fun way. You put your name at the top and it says things like I’m a party waiting to happen. 1 Peter 1:8, I’m always on God’s mind, He thinks about me constantly. Psalm 139 and so on, and so on. A bunch of verses, this will really help you, so go to our website, We’d love to send you this as our gift today, praise God.

Carlie: Amen. You can’t beat the price on that one.

Ashley: [crosstalk] no refunds, it’s free. [inaudible], praise God. So we’re excited, we’re going to be looking in Philippians and we’re going to be doing this for several shows, just some great life lessons. We’re trying to make this practical. We want to help you to live the abundant life, praise God. And we’re not saying we’ve arrived, but we’ve left. And we’ve started to live out what God promised and I’m telling you what, there’s no other way to live. Jesus prayed the price… Paid the price, I guess he prayed as well, but he paid the price for you to live the abundant life, praise God.

So we’re going to look at the first verse we’re looking at today is Philippians. If you got your Bibles, Philippians 1:6 is the verse we’re going to be using, that’s our anchor verse today. Philippians 1:6, and it says, “Being confident in this very thing that he has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” And that’s powerful, we use the New King James [inaudible] here, and sometimes we use some different translations, but to being confident in this very thing that he who has begun a good work in you, will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. And today’s lesson we’re going to call, be confident, be confident in God.

Carlie: So we’re not talking about our own confidence, our confidence in the flesh, we’re talking about placing our confidence in Jesus.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: And you know, something amazing happens when we start to look at every good thing that Jesus has put on the inside of us, man, our face starts to come alive. I’m thinking in Philemon 1:6 it says that, “Our faith becomes effective by the acknowledgement of every good thing that is in us in Christ Jesus.” That’s a powerful tool that we have as believers today.

Ashley: Amen. So actually looking at what we’ve already got on the inside of it or what Jesus would have done. So if you’re born again today, hopefully you are born again. If you’re not born again-

Carlie: We can help you with that.

Ashley: … then please contact us. We would love to lead you to Jesus, praise God. But if you’re born again, we’re assuming that most of you watching are born again, you already have everything you need to have confidence on the inside of you. You’ve got Jesus living on the inside of you, praise God. So you should have confidence and not only confidence in God, confidence that God is going to complete the good work that he started in you. God wants to complete a work in you, He wants to make you like his son Jesus. Now on the inside and your spirit, you are already like Jesus.

I’m thinking of 1 John 4:17 says, “As he is, so are we in this world.” That’s 1 John 4:17. You are identical to Jesus in your spirit. Let that sink in, it took me a while to let that sink. When I heard that first of all, I thought, this can’t be right, but you know what? That’s the truth, and maybe we will teach on this another time, but the truth is in your spirit, you are just like Jesus. But God wants to go form your soul, your mind and emotions to be like Jesus’ as well, praise God. And that’s the good work He started in us.

Carlie: I just looked the scripture up that we read actually in the amplified version, I like this version. It says, “And I am convinced and sure of this very thing that He who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ right up until the time of his return and developing that good work and perfecting and bringing it to a full completion in you.” That just adds more richness to it, isn’t it? A full completion.

Ashley: A full completion. That’s awesome. And I have a great verse here is, 1 Thessalonians 5:24, this is 1 Thessalonians 5:24. It says, “He who calls you is faithful, and He will also do it.” So He who calls you is faithful, He’ll also do it. The message paraphrase puts it like this, this is the message version of the message paraphrase. It says, “The one who called you is completely dependable.” I mean the one who calls you is completely dependable. If He said it, He’ll do it. If God said it he’ll do it, and that’s the bottom line right there. If God said it, He’ll do it. And God has said, He’s going to complete the work in you, so he’s going to do it. And you might say, well, actually, what if I mess up? Or what if someone else comes into my life and causes it to hinder?

What if I make wrong decisions or wrong choices? Let me tell you, every single one of us alive who’s ever lived before makes mistakes and has messed up. The only person who’s never made a mistake is Jesus, He’s lived in this earth. He’s the only person. But outside of Jesus, every New Testament character, every Old Testament character, every Bible hero you can think of, every hero of today you can think of, heroes of the faith, they have all made mistakes and they’ve all messed up. You know what? God still completed the work in them.

Carlie: Right. And you know, that should give us confidence anyway, as believers, because that’s taken the focus off of our performance and our abilities and what we can do and placing that responsibility back on God. God has put precious promises on the inside of us. He says He’s going to complete the work in us. Well, what work is that? Those are his promises. God has a plan and a purpose for every believer, for every person on this earth, actually. But as believers, that’s more real to us.

God has a plan and a purpose for your life. And you know what, when God gives us a plan and a purpose, it’s because he knows who he has called us to be. But at the same time, it takes the pressure off us because we know that it’s God that’s going to be playing that plan out. When we come into agreement with the plans and purposes that God has for our life, man, we can almost sit back and rest a little bit there knowing… Not to say that we’re not participating in it, our part is to participate, but the responsibility for that outcome is God’s plan and God’s purposes.

Ashley: That’s a big difference, right?

Carlie: It is a big difference.

Ashley: Because so often in my life, I felt burdened, like I’ve got to make this happen. So maybe God will give me a word and say, this is what’s going to happen. And I’m like, how am I going to make this happen. And I feel that responsibility. How am I going to get there? How am I going to make this happen? Whatever it is. I know some of you watching, God’s called you to ministry, I know some of you God’s called you to business, God’s called you to all different things. You’ve got visions, you’ve got dreams on the inside of you. Let me tell you they’re from God, you know if they’re from God or not. So I want to confirm to you, you know who you are, who I’m talking to, those visions and those dreams God’s put in you, they’re from God and he wants to complete those in you. So don’t give up on those. Don’t give up on those visions, don’t give up on those dreams that God gave you, praise God. He’s given you those because he wants you to strive for them, but the responsibility is not yours. You haven’t got to make it happen. In fact, when we make it happen-

Carlie: We make a mess.

Ashley: … we make a mess, right? We try and make [crosstalk] like Abraham, God showed Abraham, gave him a promise. If you’re going to have… Your descendants are going to be like the stars of the sky.

Carlie: He’d be the father of many nations.

Ashley: Father of many nations, like the grains of sand for example, he’s going to have so many descendants. When it didn’t happen for Abraham, he got impatient. It didn’t happen, he was like, what’s going on, what’s not happening? Guess what? He tried to do it in the flesh.

Carlie: He tried to help God out a little bit. Then he had an Ishmael.

Ashley: That’s right. And it caused issues. There’s so many times when we can get ahead of God. So the responsibility isn’t yours. Okay. Your responsibility is to be obedient to God. But God’s responsibility is actually to perform His word. He says the word and He performs it. All we have to do is stand in faith, believe in Him, and when He tells us to act, we act.

Carlie: I’m just thinking of a time. Sometimes we can take a word from God and make a whole paragraph out of it, right? Especially if it looks like things aren’t coming to pass quickly enough, just like with Abraham and Sarah. We just got to hurry along the little process, we are just going to help you out a little bit there Jesus. I remember when we had a word from God to move to America, this is a decade ago, and we were living in America, we were working in the ministry and were following the plan of God for our life. And this verse really means something to me, because I feel like I’ve lived it. Having our confidence in Jesus rather than trying to hold the reins.

And we were going through a whole visa process and it just… We’d come over to America on a visa, we were applying for our green card, we’d run into some hiccups, that whole immigration process is just a minefield anyway. As many people I know can relate to that. And you feel like things are so out of your control because you’re beholden to the authorities. And there really isn’t much you can do. During the application process for our green card, we were specially selected, randomly selected they said, but we were specially selected for extra interrogation.

We were applying as religious workers and apparently there’s… Unfortunately a lot of food in that category, unfortunately. So we were selected for a special investigation, randomly selected. And so we got the letter through saying that we needed to go for an interview and we have three children. And at the time they were quite young, they were like eight, nine and 10, I think. And they said, you’re going to come for this interview, we’re going to separate the five of you into separate rooms, and we’re going to video you.

And each child and adult is going to have their own officer with them. And they’re going to basically… He didn’t use the word interrogate, but that’s really where they were going. And yet that horrified me. I remember being really concerned, the children were young and it just seemed like you really are going to separate our children from us to interview, is that… There was a lot of fear there, and I really prayed about it.

I’m like, Lord, you know what, it was your plan for us to come to America. You told us to be here, we followed you all along, and here we are. There are some giants in the land. I don’t know what it was. I mean, as a parent, I guess I was just feeling fear. I could feel my heart beating fast every time I thought about this interview. I felt my body getting in check with that, my emotions were going there, and I just felt in fear about it. We’d been here for several years at that point. I’m thinking through all of the consequences of a negative outcome, if they were to send us back to England, it’d be uprooting our kids from school and just… Our whole life that we’d built in America, we’d have two weeks to turn it around and leave.

And to me, I just felt the weight of that responsibility. And I know you did too, but just from a mother’s perspective, when the baby cubs are in danger, there’s that mama bear that rises up on the inside of you, you know? But as I prayed about it, I was like, I’ve got this, I’ve got this covered, remember? You can be confident in my word.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: And this is really important. I had to place trust in God that he was going to complete the work that he had sent us to do. That it wasn’t going to be me. And he said, don’t worry about it, this is just a formality. So we travel, it was early in the morning. I remember packing the kids out really early in the car, we travel, we get to the big city, we go in for the interview. You’re not allowed to take anything in with you. So we kind of got there early anticipating a long wait with fidgety children.

Ashley: Right. Everything, you have to give up everything at the security point. Even your cell phones and watches and everything. It’s like, what’d you do sitting in a waiting room without cell phones?

Carlie: I know, how are you going to entertain your children? So we go in and we’d been in there like 10 minutes and the officer comes out and they’ve got all of our paperwork, and we’ve been given a schedule like when they were going to call us in in intervals and things. And he said, oh, Terradez family, you can all come in together. This won’t take a minute, don’t worry, so this is just a formality. And I’m like, oh Jesus, you’re just that good, right? You’re just that good. And when we were in and out and back in the car within like 20 minutes. It was supernatural. We had to come to a point where we were trusting, you know what Jesus, you’ve brought us through this, and even though it looks like there are some giants in the land, even though it looks like maybe these things are completely out of our control and things aren’t necessarily going to go the way we want, we are going to trust You. We’re going to place our confidence, not in us, but in You that you will bring to completion what You started in us.

Ashley: We had a word from God, God spoke to us clearly. We had a word from God that we was going to live in America and stay here. And you know what? Because we had a word from God, we couldn’t just make that up. I’ve made this mistake and I know maybe you have, where you think, well, I want to do this, and it’s not a word from God. When God gives you a word, you know when God gives you a word. You can stand on that. And you can say, you know what? It doesn’t matter what the circumstances looked like, it doesn’t matter if it looks like we’re not going to make it, we’ve got a word from God, we’re going to the other side, whatever that may be. And you could think about so many situations in the Bible where people had a word from God and the circumstances looked like that word wasn’t going to come about.

But you know what? You can stand on that word for God and put demand on that and say, no, the circumstances is going to have to change. Things will have to change. I’m standing here, this is the word we’ve got from God. So we had a word from God, we’re going to stay in America. And even though it looked like there was… We might not get the [crosstalk] you know what? We stayed in America for His good.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: My experience of the visa process is a little different because, although I came to the interview and that was all good, I had to have the medical deal done. And that was, let me just tell you that was…

Carlie: You are such a baby.

Ashley: Let me just tell you, I said to my nurse wife, I said, during this inspection or whatever they call it, what do they call it? Medical wherever?

Carlie: Examination.

Ashley: Examination. What were they doing? I was like are they going to strip me naked, are they? And then she was like, no, it’s a little bit of blood tests or something they do.

Carlie: Blood pressure.

Ashley: I walk in there and the nurse comes in and gives me a gown, she says, here you go, strip off.

Carlie: You knew you were in trouble at that point.

Ashley: I knew I was in trouble then. Let me just tell you the things I did to have to live in America, if you’re an American citizen, you should kiss your passport.

Carlie: Value it.

Ashley: I had to pay for it dearly, not just with money, I had to pay it with dignity right there. Anyways, if you want to become an American citizen, they actually check you out.

Carlie: They do. Every inch of you is investigated. [crosstalk]. You’re making me blush.

Ashley: So have confidence. We’re talking about confidence in the Lord. You know what? God, you can have confidence in His word, praise God. Now there’s general word… The word of God is for you, but then specific words is given to you. Have confidence that He is going to finish this work to completion, and really the only person who can… So what about the devil? What about other people coming against me? They can’t stop the word of God coming about in your life. They can’t stop the promises of God working in your life, praise God. Really the only people that can limit the word of God in their life is his us, it’s you. The only person that can limit the word of God in your life is you. And in Psalms 78:41, it says, “Again and again, they tempted God and they limited the Holy one of Israel.” You know, this is Psalm 78:41. They limited God. Because God’s given you free will, you can actually limit the word of God in your lives. If you choose not to follow the word of God, if you choose not to go after the word that he’s given you, or believe the word that He’s given you, then it won’t come to pass.

Carlie: We can be confident that He’s going to complete the good work that He’s put in us.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: So this is why it’s really important to be in alignment with God’s word, because when we’re in alignment with God’s word and God’s plans, there is protection. We can have confidence in those. God’s never going to lead us to do something without giving us the ability to do it.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: That’s really important. He’s not going to tell us to do something. You know, God does not set us up for failure. He’s always going to lead us into truth. He’s the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth. He’s going to lead us in the paws of righteousness. He’s going to lead us in the way of protection. And you know what, when we’re following the plans and purposes of God for our life, I mean, that’s where we’re going to have the most success, we’re going to be the most fulfilled, the most happy. And this really does come out of our relationship with him, doesn’t it?

Ashley: Amen. It really does. It flows that relationship with God. In your relationship with God, he’s going to speak to you, he’s going to show you what he wants you to do. And like Carlie said earlier, take the burden off yourself, you haven’t got to make it happen. I’m thinking of like Joseph, God gave Joseph a word early on in his life and said, your whole family going to bow to you. And I’m paraphrasing here, but you know what, Joseph, he spoke that out early. And because he spoke that out early, he had ended up getting thrown down a pit and sold as a slave and everything else. You know what? Sometimes we get ahead of God. It worked out fine for him in the end. Moses, God told Moses, I’m going to use you to set my people free.

I’m going to use you to set the Egyptians free, you know what happened? He got ahead of God. He saw an Egyptian who’s been nasty to an Israelite who was… These were actual slaves then, and Joseph went after that Egypt and killed him. Now he got ahead of God. And there’s times we can get ahead of God. Okay. So you have to be careful about that. But the good thing is, God’s better than a GPS system, right? Even if we get ahead of God or if we take a wrong turn, because some people, they get in fear that they haven’t got the confidence in God’s word or God’s promises, and they get in fear. And they’re like, what if I make a wrong choice?

And maybe they think, well, I must’ve made a wrong decision the now, everything’s not going to work out. So they think, I made the wrong decision, maybe you’ve known you’ve made the wrong decision. I think there’s people watching at home, you know you’ve made a wrong decision, you know you’ve maybe missed God, like we all have, right? You’ve known, God asked you to do something, maybe it was a year ago, maybe it was 10 years ago, and you didn’t do it. You know what? Don’t start getting in fear that now it can’t come to pass.

Carlie: That’s condemnation.

Ashley: Amen. God can bring it to pass. Just like a GPS system. You know, we will use them GPS systems. If you’re in England, we call them satnavs, satellite navigation. but you know, you put them on in there and it sets you out to a route, and I don’t know about you, sometimes I’ve taken a wrong turn. Sometimes I’ve missed it and I’ve taken a wrong turn, I’ve got in the completely wrong direction. But what happens? It recalculates and gets you back on track again. And you don’t have to go back all the way back to that 10 years ago, when you made the wrong turn or a year ago when you made the wrong turn. God’s so clever He can get you back on track a different way. He’s got hundreds of ways of getting you on the right track.

Carlie: It’s just a course correction. It’s not a restart, it’s a course correction.

Ashley: Course correction. So we’re not going to do everything perfectly, we’re not going to follow God perfectly, but as we try our best to be obedient to His word, I’m telling you, He will direct our paths. He will guide our steps. And you could be confident that even when you make a wrong decision or you’re not obedient to His word, praise God, as soon as you repent and say, God, I want to be obedient again, He gets you back on track, praise God. And that’s just how great God is. I don’t understand how he does it, but He’s God, praise God.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: And in my life personally, there’s been so many times I know that I’ve missed God, man, I should’ve done this or should have done that, and you know what? As soon as that happens and I recognize that, it’s very simple, you just say, I’m sorry, God, you repent, and you say, God, I want to believe your word again. You get back on track and God through His Holy Spirit will get you back on track quickly. And praise God. It’s like God’s B plan is as good as His A plan.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Isn’t that amazing?

Carlie: Amen. He never has a daft plan. They’re all good. I’m just reading this. This is in John 10:27-28 says, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me. And I give them eternal life and they shall never perish. Neither shall anyone snatch them out of my hand.” Now this is really important because as His children, as his sheep, he says that we know Him. We are trained to know the voice of our father. And the more time we spend in that relationship with our father, the more clearly we’re going to get to hear Him and understand Him and know what good works He’s calling us to do so that we can follow them. That following, that’s the obedience part of those. We’re going to be listening to the Lord developing our relationship with Him to the point where we can hear Him more clearly, knowing that, that’s a journey in itself.

It says in the scriptures, we know in part and we prophesy in part and we can learn to hear God more clearly. And the confidence that we can have is that, even if we don’t hear God 100%, God’s grace is sufficient for us.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: Amen? And He can guide us. The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. It doesn’t mean that we’re going to walk the walk perfectly. But the more time that we spend with the Lord, hearing his voice, the more in tune we’ll be with him. And the more we’ll be able to walk with confidence and boldness in the plans that God has for us, knowing that they’re from Him. But that following part, once we’ve heard that following is important, isn’t it? That obedience part is important, and stepping. That’s what takes faith. It takes faith to follow God, right?

Ashley: Amen. Amen. It’s like a grace has provided it. Every promise of God, grace has already provided it, praise God. And it’s already 100% grace is done it. It’s provided everything you need, every promise of God. The provision is already there. But our part through faith is to believe that. It’s to believe God and trust God, and actually have confidence in God to do that. And you know what?

That’s our part. And you know, faith causes us to act. Faith of our actions, James says faith without corresponding actions or works is dead. And if we really believe God’s promises, we really believe God’s already done it, then we’ll do our part, and that is to be obedient and to walk that out, praise God. But God’s going to give us everything we need. It’s a no brainer really, all we’ve got to do is just walk in the love of God and be obedient to him, praise God. And we can’t lose for winning.

Carlie: Amen. That’s a good deal. It’s a good deal. There’s another scripture I’d like to read. This is in Job 23:14 it says, “For He performs what is appointed for me, and many such things are with Him.”

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: You know what? There are things that has been appointed for us. There are good works that have been appointed to our life. And we can fully trust God that He is performing those things, which are appointed for us. And there are many such things are with him. I think sometimes we’ll find ourselves, we’ll cover this more as we go through the book of Philippians, but sometimes we start to compare our life or our journey to other peoples.

Ashley: Right.

Carlie: We start to think, well, maybe I should be doing what they’re doing or maybe my life doesn’t look like it should look if I compare it to them. God has a plan and a purpose for us that’s tailor-made. It’s for our life. And the more time we spend with Him, the more confidence we can have that we understand what God has called us to do, but that’s a journey, isn’t it?

Ashley: Yeah. It really is.

Carlie: It’s a journey. And I think it’s a journey of discovery. And now, we can look back and we can share our testimonies. Just coming to America was one of those. And we can look back and we can say absolutely 100% God said, we heard from God and God said, but hindsight’s a wonderful thing. So I just want to encourage you if you’re watching this thinking, I just don’t hear God that clearly, I just don’t know if God’s speaking to me or not.

How can I have the confidence in the good works that He’s called me to do if I don’t even know what works he’s called me to do? That’s a journey of discovery, isn’t it? And as we look back, we can say 100%, that was definitely God. But isn’t there that point in that discovery where we think, you know what, it looks like God, and it sounds like God, and it smells like God, and I have that peace on the inside that I think it’s God, but it’s only really afterwards we put that action to that faith that we can say 100%, that was God, right? And I think sometimes we… Especially preachers, we look back with rose tinted glasses like, oh, we never doubted?

Ashley: [inaudible] back and say, no, God told me definitely 100%. But at the time when God talks to you, sometimes you’re not 100%. In fact, most of the time, I’m not 100%. I might be 90%, I might be 95%, but then it takes faith to take that step and do what God’s told you to do. And then looking back, you say, yeah, God told me to do this. But at the time it takes faith. It’s always going to take faith to do God’s will, whatever that is, its always going to take faith. And for those of you who don’t know, or God hasn’t given me a specific calling yet, God hasn’t given you a specific vision, you know what? Do the will of God and the word of God. One of the things you can do is 1 Thessalonians 5:16.

This is the will of God for you right now, wherever you are. I don’t care if you’re in full-time ministry, if you’re a stay at home parent, if you’re… Whatever you’re doing, in business, whatever it is, this is the word of God for you. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks. For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. So do that first of all, that’s the first thing. And then God will give you more specifics. But so many of us don’t even do that.

Carlie: Start there.

Ashley: Start there. So rejoice always, always be rejoiced, always be thankful in the Lord, pray without ceasing, be in constant communication with Him. God wants your fellowship. God loves you. I tell people this, He doesn’t just love you, He likes you, He likes your company, He likes you, He wants to be in fellowship with you. So that’s why he created you. So have that prayer life.

In everything give thanks and pray without ceasing, that’s the will of God for you, praise God. So I tell people to do that first, if you don’t know what else to do, do that, and that will get you on the right track. You do that for a while consistently, praise God. God will give you some specific words for your life. Amen?

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Good deal. So praise God. We are out of time. If you have a testimony.

Carlie: I do have a testimony actually. Let me just find this.

Ashley: If you’ve got any testimonies you want to tell us about, then you go to our website, We’d love to hear from you. Click the contact button there and tell your testimony, tell us how God’s been good in your life, praise God. We do say, keep them short. Some testimonies they’re pages and pages, which is fine.

Carlie: They’re excited.

Ashley: Summarize. If you could summarize the testimony that would really help, praise God. It would help us in the office to read them, but then Carlie what have we got there?

Carlie: So this is a lady that has written in, and we were talking about, sometimes it looks like there are some giants in the land. It looks like God has called you to something and it’s not working out. And this lady, her and her husband were believing for a child. They were trying to conceive, trying to get pregnant. And they’d had a disappointment. They knew the word of God, they knew that God said the fruit of your womb is blessed, right? They were standing on the word of God, but they had a setback. She says in July of 2015 they got pregnant for the first time, but then they had a traumatic miscarriage and that… Hope deferred could make the heart sick. We can let that separate us in our relationship, put a barrier almost between us and God through disappointment or offense, not that God hold back on us, but sometimes, we can almost be afraid to hope again, right?

But she said they got through that. They’d been trying to conceive on and off for a year straight. They came to an event that we were teaching at, she said she was so filled with fear that it would happen again or that she was completely infertile. This is a fear that she’d had since she was a child. But that day we spoke out a word that God was healing infertility. And she just took a hold of that word. She said, “That day we agreed with your word, and I felt a shift within me. I got home. I took a test that minute, and it was negative.” But you know what? She didn’t get disappointed, she stuck with it. She said, “For the first time I got really mad, mad that the enemy was stealing from me.”

She said, so they stood on the truth of that word. They refuse to let themselves entertain that feeling of disappointment. They stood on the word that they received in that event, that they were healed from infertility despite the circumstances. She said, “I should have had a menstrual cycle on the last day of the conference.” And three weeks later, she still hadn’t gotten her period. She said, “I took a test today and we were pregnant.” Amen. I’m so excited.

Ashley: That’s awesome, praise God.

Carlie: Amen. Praise God. That’s awesome.

Ashley: What God did for them, He’ll do for you too, praise God.

Carlie: The word works.

Ashley: The word works.

Carlie: He is perfecting it.

Ashley: So have confidence, praise God. We want to pray for you as we leave, you have confidence in God, the work that he started in you, he’s going to complete. So Father God, I pray and I thank you for everyone watching today. And I thank you, Lord, that the good work you’ve started in them, you’re going to see through to completion till the day of Jesus Christ. And we agree right now for everyone watching, praise God, that you’re going to have confidence in God and God alone. And he’s going to pull you through praise God, wherever you’re going through. And he’s going to finish that work to completion.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Praise God, thanks for watching. And you know, why live an ordinary life? When you can live the abundant life, we will see you next time.

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