In part 2 of the Violent Take It By Force, Ashley and Carlie explore the book of 2 Timothy and explain how faith is the victory by which we overcome the world!

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The primary scriptures explored in this teaching are 2 Timothy 2:1-2 and Romans 8:38.


Ashley: Hello and welcome to abundant life. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today in the lounge. We’ve got a great program for you today. We’re talking about how the violent take the kingdom of God by force.

Carlie: They just take it.

Ashley: They take it. The violent take it by force. Did you know that God has given you everything you need to live a prosperous, healthy, long, successful life? That’s the truth. Regardless of your circumstances or your feelings, God has provided a way Jesus at his death, burial and resurrection supplied everything you need, praise God, for success. And what we’re looking at today is… Last time we looked at Matthew 11, 11 and 12, which talks about how the violent take it by force. We looked at how you as a new covenant believer, if you’re born again today, if you’ve given your life to Jesus, if he’s your Lord and savior as a new covenant believer, you have more than all the old Testament heroes.

Carlie: Yeah, it’s true.

Ashley: You have more because you have the whole Holy spirit. You have the whole word of God. You have Christ in you, the hope of glory. You have your own prayer language. You have the church. You have all these things that the Old Testament believers didn’t have. And that’s what Jesus is talking about when he says in Matthew 11:11, about how, since those born of women, there is none greater than John, the Baptist. And yet the least in the kingdom of Heaven is greater than him. Because under the new covenant, you have all these things available to you, praise God. You are power packed. You’re fully loaded, fully equipped.

Carlie: Yep.

Ashley: Amen. And then in verse 12, this is Matthew 11, verse 12. Jesus said, “And from the days of John, the Baptist, until now, the kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” And what we was talking about there is that if you believe something, if you believe it’s true, if you believe you already got it, then you’re going to want to take it, praise God, actually take it.

Carlie: There’s no room there for pacivity is there?

Ashley: No.

Carlie: Or even politeness.

Ashley: No. When you believe something, you go after it. We looked at several examples, but basically when you go after something by faith, sometimes it might offend people. Sometimes it might take you out of your comfort zone. In fact favor usually takes us out of our comfort zone.

Carlie: It sure does, yeah.

Ashley: Faith is usually spelled R-

Carlie: Faith and comfortable don’t really go together.

Ashley: Faith is often spelled R-I-S… You have to be careful, so I know how to spell it here. I’m visualizing the word. Faith is spelled R-I-S-K. Risk.

Carlie: You got it. You got it.

Ashley: I got it. I did it. Woo-hoo. So faith is probably… Because it’s risk-taking, praise God. Second Corinthians 5:7 says we walk by faith and not by sight. And when we walk by faith, what we’re doing is we’re bringing the promises of God… We’re taking the promises of God, they’re already ours. See, when you really get revelation that God has already supplied everything you need for life, for all his promises, yes and amen… When you really believe that, you’re going start putting action to your faith.

Carlie: You actually quit asking for them.

Ashley: You stop asking. You just go out and take them.

Carlie: Right. Because the promises of God are yes and amen.

Ashley: Amen. And God’s already said they’re ours.

Carlie: We have a teaching series, this is reminding me, called Possessing the Promises. And that really goes into this subject that we’re talking about in great depth. But God has provided through Jesus, through grace, everything we’re ever going to need for life and godliness. He designed you to be a success. He built you to win. He set you up for success and designed you as an overcomer. Faith creates overcomers. By faith, that is the victory with which we overcome the world.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: There’s nothing passive or weak about that. We were created to dominate in this world, to subdue and to have dominion on the earth.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: That’s actually pretty violent. That doesn’t mean we’re going around as Christian beating everyone up, does it?

Ashley: When you say violent, people think it’s automatic, it’s got to be fighting violence.

Carlie: We’re talking about the violence of faith.

Ashley: Yeah. And the word violent, now if you study out, means to press into, to take hold of, to surround yourself, to crowd into. We use the example of the woman with the issue of blood when she came to Jesus for healing. She had to press into. It’s the same word actually used. She went into the press of the crowd. She had to push her away through to touch Jesus’ tassel.

Carlie: She went well out of her comfort zone

Ashley: She really did. She was in a dangerous situation. And I read this explanation on faith, and this is one of my… What would you call it? What’s the right word for this?

Carlie: Definition?

Ashley: Definition. Thank you. This is why there’s two of us here, see, so when my mind goes blank. Definition of faith. This is one of my definitions of faith. Not the only definition. I know that is faith is a lot of different things and could be described a lot of different ways. There’s a lot of definitions to faith. But this is one that I use that I wrote myself. Can you believe that?

Carlie: All right. Let’s hear it.

Ashley: It’s a bit pressure now, but basically this is what I believe, one of the good ways to explain in this type of violent faith that we’re talking about today, and that is faith is believing so deeply that the kingdom of God, with all its authority and promises, are already ours for the taking, that it drives us to passionate action.

Sometimes illogical, sometimes irrational, sometimes dangerous action. Faith code could be spelled risk. R-I-S-K. But the return on investment for living by faith is immeasurable. Faith will cause us to sometimes do things illogical, irrational, or even dangerous because we believe something so much. And you can go through the Old Testament and New Testament and see how people operated by faith. And they did things that, like we talked about earlier, they’re not going to please everyone, maybe going to offend some people.

Carlie: It’s unapologetic.

Ashley: It’s unapologetic. You might mess with your own logic, your own brain might be saying, “Don’t do that. That’s crazy.” But you know what? Living by faith is the way that we see the promises of God come about. God’s already provided everything we need. Our part by faith is to take them. I remember we went to Charis Bible college, which is Andrew Womack’s Bible school. And I remember one time he was teaching on this similar subject. And he said, “When God tells you something is yours, it’s yours. You don’t have to go and beg and plead.” And sometimes as born again believers, I was guilty of this. I used to go and beg God, “God, please heal me, or please pass me or please do this.”

Carlie: So you’re begging him for something that he’s already said you can have?

Ashley: Yeah. Begging God for something that he’s already said is yours. He’s already given it to us. And Andrew Womack uses the example. He was teaching. I was a student there and I was in class. This was back in 2006. I was in class and he held up his car keys. And he said, “I’ve just got this brand new Jeep Wrangler. I like Jeeps. I like cars. Some people say I’m carnal.

Carlie: He’ll do.

Ashley: I like cars. It’s a dad joke.

Carlie: Move on.

Ashley: A dad joke. And the head of the army said, “I have this brand new Jeep.” And he just picked on me. I was in the crowd of students. He said, “if I said to Ashley, ‘Ashley, here’s my car keys. You can use my car today.’ He wouldn’t have to come up to me and say, ‘Andrew, please can I borrow your car.’ No, I’ve already told him he could borrow it so he could come and just take my keys and use my car.” So he carried on teaching the rest of the lesson. But while he was teaching the rest-

Carlie: You were thinking about it.

Ashley: I got somewhat distracted thinking, “I like cars. I’d like to drive his brand new car.” So I went straight up to him after the class. And I went, “Andrew give me those keys.” No please or thank you, any of that. I said, “Give me those keys.” And he smiled. And he gave me the keys and he said, “Bring it back by noon.”

And he said, “I liked that. I liked the fact that you was bold. I like the fact that you was honest and just came forward and just took those keys.” He said, “I like that.” He said that blessed him because he believed, I believed what he said. You see, when God promises you something, you can take it by force, praise God. The violent take it by force. You can have it. You don’t have to beg. You don’t have to plead. It’s your right to take it. And you can take these things. That’s what Jesus is talking about here by the violent take it by force. He’s saying you can press in. You can go after it. You can pursue it. Praise God. And I’m here to tell you, God has already made a way for you. He’s already provided everything you need.

Now it’s up to you by faith to press in and go after it. Praise God. That’s why the violent take it by force. So I want to move on here. The apostle Paul here gives some real practical tips on how to walk out this life of faith. I love what he does. He is talking to Timothy, his spiritual son, and he gives some real practical tips about how we can actually walk this out. And he gives some examples here. So, if you’ve got your Bibles, this is a Bible based program, Abundant Life. So grab your Bibles if you haven’t got them. We’re going to look at second Timothy today. And this is second Timothy, chapter two. Second Timothy, chapter two. We’re going to start right at verse one. It says… This is Paul talking to his spiritual son, Timothy. I love this.

Second Timothy chapter two, verse one. It says, “You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” Right? Let me just tell you, you can be strong in grace. We can exercise the grace that God’s already given us. God’s already given it to us. That doesn’t mean it automatically comes to pass. Sometimes we think, “Well, God’s provided it. I can just sit back and it’s just going to happen.” And I’ve been guilty of that. I know you may have been guilty of that. God provided, it’s just going to happen. No, we still have our part by faith to be strong and go after these things. So Paul’s encouraging his spiritual son. He says, “Be strong in the grace that you’ve already got in Christ Jesus. Be strong in this grace.” Verse two, he says, “The things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these things to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

Let me stop you there as well. This is very interesting. Paul says to Timothy, he says, “The things that you heard from me amongst many witnesses.” Now, I’ve always thought about Paul and Timothy hanging out one-on-one all the time together.

Carlie: One to one, one-on-one mentoring.

Ashley: One-on-one mentoring. Now I’m sure that did happen. I’m sure Timothy and Paul did spend time together one-on-one, but here’s the interesting thing. Paul’s saying to Timothy here, “The things that you heard from me among many witnesses, the things that I preach,” basically, you could say it this way… I’m taking a little bit of liberty here, but you could say it this way, “The things you’ve heard me preach in my conferences or in my public meetings-“

Carlie: Or in church.

Ashley: Or in church. Or whenever Paul was preaching and teaching people, Paul would teach in the synagogues. He would teach places in a public setting. In the town squares, he would teach.

So he’s teaching in a public setting. There might have been a hundred people, a thousand people there listening. Timothy was there, I can imagine, on the front row, listening. Paul was saying to Timothy, “The things that you heard amongst me, amongst many witnesses, these things teach.” These are the things that Paul said. And I just want to tell you. I want to stop here and take a little side rabbit trail, if you like. A lot of times, people are after one-on-one mentoring. They think, “If I could get around the man of God and just spend some one-on-one time with him, it’d be awesome.”

Carlie: Everyone wants a life coach, it seems.

Ashley: They want that one-on-one attention. And there’s nothing wrong with that desire. But I’m telling you, sometimes that can be selfish because you just want to take someone’s individual time. You could be mentored by people by listening to their teachings.

Carlie: Well, let me just shake the tree a little more here. Sometimes when it comes to the realm of faith, people can get a little bit lazy and we call it mentoring. But really, we want someone to just come and hold our hand and fix our problem.

Ashley: Spoonfeed us.

Carlie: And spoonfeed us. When we’re talking about faith and the exercising of faith, we need to get into the word of God for ourselves. We need to get around believers. We need to get into church, right? And it’s great if you have somebody that can sit with you one-on-one, but taking personal responsibility for getting into the word of God yourself, and being in a life giving church and being around believers that can encourage you in faith and help you walk in the direction that you need to be going and hold you accountable, is huge. It’s been a big part of our life. And I think a big part of the victory that we’ve seen when we… We’ve walked in faith in healing, we’ve walked in faith in finances, in relationships, through tragedy, through trial. And it’s been the word of God and it’s been our church family that have encouraged us and helped us and helped us walk through those things.

Ashley: It really has. You may be saying, “Well, actually, Carlie, you don’t understand. There’s not a life-giving church around me. Things are all…” Let me say a few things. First of all, a church alive is worth the drive. So if you can find somewhere you can get to once a week, we’ve got friends who drive over two hours one way to come to church once a week. They do it once a week because that’s where the life’s at, if it’s a life-giving church. You can go to our website. We have affiliated ministries. We call it Friends in the Ministries. And there’s churches listed there that we personally know and personally endorse. Now, they’re not perfect. And if you do find the perfect church, don’t join it, because you’ll ruin it, okay? So, but they’re not perfect because they might have a people and there’s no perfect pastor and there’s no perfect people.

There’s no perfect church. But get to a life giving church. The churches on our website, we personally endorse. We know them. We know the pastors. They’re life-giving. They’re teaching you these grace messages. They’re teaching you the truth. Praise God. So you can go to our website. Now, if there’s not a church around you, nowadays with technology and things, you can be a part of an online church. You can feed yourself. You can get teaching. You can go on YouTube, whatever you need to go on. You can get good life giving teaching. You can sit under someone’s teaching. You don’t need to be one-on-one with them. And let me just say this. Andrew Womack is one of my greatest spiritual mentors. I’ve spent very little time with him one-on-one.

Carlie: Right.

Ashley: The way I have learned from him is sitting in his conferences, sitting in his Bible school.

Carlie: Listening.

Ashley: Yeah. So, this can happen. You can sit in a conference and because there’s a hundred other people there, you might not feel special. Don’t worry about it. You can receive. And you can receive that mentorship from that man of God who’s there teaching. So Paul here was teaching in a public setting and he said to Timothy, “The things you heard me preach in my public meetings, those things, go and teach,” not the things that you heard me teaching you over coffee. That might’ve happened. But no, the things you heard. So I just want to tell you, you can get under someone’s teaching and be mentored, if you like, by men of God, without having to have one-on-one time with them.

Carlie: Exactly.

Ashley: That’s how it works. Praise God. So find good teachers. I’ve always told you about Andrew Womack. Go to his website.

You can listen to our teachings. There’s lots of good ministries and good teaching out there that you can get hold of. And it’s going to mentor you. Praise God. It’s going to teach you in the ways of the word of God. It’s going to teach you how to rightly divide the word of God, praise God. So that’s what I would recommend. Praise God. And I’m going to… this is our show, right? So I’m going to plug it. We’re here in Colorado Springs, praise God. We go to Charis Christian Center. And our pastor is Pastor Lawson. People don’t understand when I say Lawson, I have to say it with the American accent. Pastor Lawson Perdue.

Carlie: He’s brilliant.

Ashley: He’s our pastor. He’s been our pastor for over 11 years. You can go to their website, Praise God. You can watch them online. I’m telling you, there’s lots of good churches out there. Get under some mentorship, get under a good church, get under some good teaching and let people speak into your life. Praise God. It doesn’t have to be on a one-on-one setting. So have I said enough now? So anyway, Timothy didn’t necessarily have one-on-one time with Paul, how he learned all this stuff. So let’s move on here. Verse three, “You therefore must endure,” and he’s talking about sharing, “hardship as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” Now this isn’t talking about hardship in terms of-

Carlie: That’s not a fridge magnet verse, is it?

Ashley: I know, right? Second Timothy 2:3. “You must endure hardships.” Now there’s not a fridge magnet verse. People don’t like to hear this. And I could tell our viewership is going to go down. What, now, you’re telling me I’ve got to endure hardships? Yes, you haven’t got to endure-

Carlie: Because we live in a world.

Ashley: That’s right. You haven’t got to endure sickness. You haven’t got to endure poverty. I’m going to enjoy these things. They’re not the hardships we’re talking about. We’re talking about the hardships of living by faith. We’re talking about the hard-… You’re going to have some opposition. If there’s no opposition, it’s because, what is it? It’s because you’re going in the same direction as the devil, right? If you don’t bump into the devil-

Carlie: This is what Paul was talking about. This is the fight of faith.

Ashley: Amen. The good fight of faith.

Carlie: The good fight of faith. We’re talking here about exercising faith. That means if anyone’s ever engaged in exercise, there’s some effort.

Ashley: Exercises.

Carlie: It doesn’t exactly excite me to get up and run on a treadmill. I kind of think it’s boring.

Ashley: Right.

Carlie: But I have to endure it.

Ashley: I see some people running. And I say, “Who’s chasing you? Are the police chasing you?”

Carlie: There’s actually a scripture in Proverbs. It says, “The wicked run when no one’s chasing them.”

Ashley: No one is chasing them. That’s terrible. If you’re an excer-… we exercise, okay? So we’re all for physical exercise.

Carlie: Probably not as much as I should, but you have to push through. It’s not necessarily comfortable. You have to kind of… There’s an enduring that happens to exercise and to walk in faith that’s not necessarily comfortable.

Ashley: Right.

Carlie: There is effort in that, isn’t it? It’s the fight of faith. And it says in Hebrews that we labor to enter the rest. There is a laboring. If any women out there have had babies, labor is a hard day’s work, right? But the fruit of that-

Ashley: I would think it was easy.

Carlie: Yeah, it was easy for you, honey. It was easy for you. You just sat right and ate sandwiches, okay? But there is that we labor to enter the rest and faith is how we access the promises of God that grace has provided. But they’re not just going to drop in our lap. There is the fight of faith. There is a pushing through to say, “I’m going to take hold of, with both hands, everything for which Christ Jesus laid hold of for me.” That means pushing past our emotions. That means pushing past our feelings about it. That means pushing beyond seeing, beyond natural circumstances, lies of the enemy, persecution, doubt. When it looks like things aren’t going to work out, clinging and holding on to the promises of God with both hands despite the circumstances. That is the good fight of faith.

Ashley: Well, I just want to say a good fight is the one you win, right?

Carlie: Yeah.

Ashley: And the good news is you’ve already won. Praise God. Romans 8:37 says, “In all these things, you are more than conquerors.” You’ve already won. Jesus has already given you the victory.

Carlie: It’s a fixed fight.

Ashley: It’s a fixed fight. All you’ve got to do is show up. Praise God.

Carlie: Show up and win.

Ashley: You show up and win. But you’ve got to show up. Some Christians don’t even show up. They don’t even get in the game and they wonder why it’s not working out. We’re not condemning anyone. Listen, God loves you. You’re going to Heaven if you’re born again. If Jesus is your Lord, you’re going to Heaven. You don’t have to do any of this. But if you want victory in this life, if you want the promises of God to manifest in your life, if you want to live the abundant life, if you want to live the John 10:10, “I’ve come to give them life and life more abundantly…” If you want to live that on a day-to-day basis, you’re going to have to exercise your faith.

Carlie: Amen. And our biggest fight, it’s not with the devil.

Ashley: Come on.

Carlie: He’s already defeated. Amen. He’s the capitol loser. Jesus already fought that fight for you and won. He’s done. The biggest fight we’re going to have is with our own flesh.

Ashley: [inaudible] Our will against God’s will. It really is. In fact, the biggest fight that Jesus had was his own will against the father’s will. He beat the devil real easy, but when he was in the garden, the Garden of Gethsemane, he had to choose between his will and God’s will. And that was his biggest struggle. Praise God. And he chose God’s will. Amen. But we have our own will and we have our own mind, will, and emotions. And trying to go against those sometimes is the biggest fight. The biggest fight you have is between your ears. Because your own natural mind would try and talk. You out of living by faith. Your own feelings will try and make you feel it’s not going to work and you’re a failure and things like that. There’s things even your friends… Jesus talking to Pete and Pete turned around and said, “Me and the lads have been talking Jesus-“

Carlie: Me and the lads.

Ashley: Me and the lads have been talking. You don’t have to go to the cross. Well, guess what? That was against walking by faith for Jesus. And Jesus turned around and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan.” Jesus had to rebuke his good friends.

Carlie: Yeah.

Ashley: To keep walking the fight of faith, to keep fighting the fight of faith. So Second Corinthians 5:7 says, “We walk by faith and not by sight.” And if we just walk by sight and we just go by our feelings, by our natural thoughts, and what’s going on in our circumstances, we’re not going to see the victories that God has planned for us.

Carlie: Yeah, it’s true.

Ashley: We aren’t going to reach our full potential in Christ. God has awesome things for you in Christ. In fact, I believe there’s someone watching you right now and you’re listening to me and you want to believe. I’m telling you, believe it. God has great plans for you.

Jeremiah 29:11. He has plans to prosper you, plans to give you a long life, a great future, an expected end. Praise God. That’s his plans for you and how can two walk together unless they agree? So agree with God. He loves you. He’s got great things for you. He sees you as a success in Christ. You are a success in Christ. You are awesome in Christ. Praise God. So stay in Christ and keep fighting the good fight. Battle your own will, mind, emotions, and renew your mind to the word of God, renew your mind to what the Lord says. Be spiritually minded. To be spiritually minded, to be carnally minded, is death, right? To be spiritually minded is life and peace. If you are spiritually minded, you’re going to get your mind in line with the word of God, what God thinks about you, and you’re going to start seeing these victories.

You’re going to start seeing your circumstances turn around. Your circumstances will have to change when you renew your mind to the word of God. Your feelings will change. Your thoughts will change. Things are going to change in your life when you re renew your mind, you start fighting the good fight of faith. Praise God. Man, that’s awesome. I think it’s time for testimony. Have you got a testimony there?

Carlie: Oh, I do.

Ashley: We’ll come back to this. Praise God. Because I’m fired up. You can write a testimony. You can go to our website, Leave your testimony, because we love to read out testimonies during our show. It encourages us and it should encourage you because God’s no respecter of person. What he does for one, he’ll do for another. So listen to this testimony and be encouraged.

Carlie: Amen. So it says here, “For two years, Tracy had dealt with a very painful hip tendon injury. After Ashley preached in Melbourne, Australia, Tracy went to get a cup of coffee.” She probably needed one after that, right?

Ashley: What? Are you saying I’m a long teacher? That’s outrageous.

Carlie: “As she walked, she felt the Lord tell her that he had healed her hip and he prompted her to test it. As she began to stretch and even do lunges, she realized that the pain was completely gone.”

Ashley: Come on. That’s awesome.

Carlie: I think what’s fascinating in here is she needed to exercise her faith, which is what we’re teaching on on this subject. She could have just sat there and thought, “Well, I don’t want to be moving because I’ve got hip pain.”

Ashley: Right.

Carlie: I’ve got hip pain and I’m just going to sit here. But there was a stirring on the inside of her to exercise in faith. Faith will cause us to act.

Ashley: Amen.

Carlie: It’s not static. It’s not passive. We’ve been teaching these last couple of shows about how the violent take it by force. Tracy, in this moment, she had to maybe push past her previous experience.

Ashley: Right.

Carlie: Her previous natural knowledge of pain and discomfort. When you’ve been sitting for a long time with a hip problem, you get stiff. She could have even anticipated that hip to hurt. But instead, she had that stirring on the inside where faith grabbed hold of the promise of God. And she did something that she couldn’t normally do. She had to literally exercise her faith, very literally, and she found that she was healed in the exercising of her faith. That’s when she found she was healed.

Ashley: Did she do the lunges in the meeting? I don’t remember that. Is that in there? Does it say?

Carlie: The ogre in the back of the hallway.

Ashley: Now sometimes we’ll have meetings. We have live events and we’ll go out and we’ll have meetings. And we very rarely pray because the people are praying for each other. We’ll teach from the front and we’ll empower people to pray for each other. People will pray for each other. We see people healed. We’ll see people running around the auditorium, we’ll see people jumping up and down and testifying. Praise God. That’s what we love to do in our live event. So come out and see us live. And that was in Australia, in Melbourne, Australia. We literally travel around the world as Terradez Ministries and teaching this good news. So, go to our website, /events, and find out where we’re going to be near you soon.

Carlie: The word of God works everywhere.

Ashley: It works everywhere. Praise God. And, and we have a mandate to take this word, this good news, around the world. So come out and meet us at one of our events. We would love to meet you there. I have a question here, Carlie, before we get back to the word. I have a question here. And this is from Terry. And Terry, I believe is a lady. She asked, “I’m believing for healing.” And she says, “And I’m having a challenge. How do I resist the devil in the area of healing?” So, how do I resist the devil in the area of healing?

Carlie: Honestly, most of our battle is not really with resisting the devil, okay? So submit to God, resist the devil, and he’ll flee from us. Our biggest challenge is resisting our own flesh. The devil hasn’t got time to sit there and whisper sweet nothings in our ear, right? And our biggest challenge is with our own unbelief.

Ashley: The devil does give us thoughts and try and distract us.

Carlie: But honestly, I don’t want to give too much power to the enemy here, okay? Because usually it’s our own thoughts, it’s our natural unbelief. And if we’ve been sick for a long time… This is a big subject, okay? If we’ve been sick for a long time, we have what I call muscle memory in an area. We have past negative experiences. And that’s why I pointed out Tracy here. She previously had this hip injury. Now she could have sat in her chair drinking a coffee and just thought, “I don’t want to move. I’m in pain,” and dwell on everything that was wrong. Instead, she decided to move forward in the things of God. And the longer somebody has been sick for, the more muscle memory they have in there, the more negative previous experience they may have built up.

Ashley: So, they see themselves sick.

Carlie: They see themselves… Yes. The more unbelief that they have to overcome. And so sometimes that is a challenge. Now, if you want to resist unbelief and you want to resist the lies of the enemy operating in your life, the best thing you can do is speak the word of God. Get in the word of God. Find scripture to stand on. Every time a doubt comes to you, every time a thought comes to you, every time a symptom rises up in your body, speak the word of God. By his stripes, I’m healed. We take all three and don’t quit. Just stand on the word of God and be tenacious. Just don’t quit.

Ashley: Be violent. Violently press in.

Carlie: Be violent with it, right? At the end of the day, it is our faith that causes us to overcome. We don’t have to outfight. Don’t get wrapped up. This is a whole destruction of the enemy as well, to make us think we have to spend a whole lot of time fighting him. Jesus already defeated him. He’s a loser and he knows it.

Ashley: A defeated foe. Some people spend more time fighting the devil than serving God.

Carlie: It’s true. So stand on the word of God, find a scripture, speak the word of God. Just don’t quit.

Ashley: Don’t quit. You win if you don’t quit. I’ve read the back of the book. I’ve read the back of the book and we win.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: As long as we don’t quit, we win. Praise God. So that’s also… We’ve been looking today at how the violent take it by force from Matthew 11 and verse 12. I’ve also been looking in Second Timothy, chapter two, about Paul’s advice to Timothy. And we never actually got to verse four. I’m going get to verse four.

Carlie: Next time.

Ashley: And Paul lays out three examples about how we can walk out this faith, how we can walk out our faith. Praise God. He gives us three examples and we’re going to come back next time and go through those three examples. Very practical ways we can walk out our faith and Paul gives us some real practical tips on how we can walk at our faith. Praise God.

Carlie: We’ll do that next time.

Ashley: So, join us next time for that. But right now, I want to pray for you before we let you go. Father, we’re going to thank you for everyone watching today. I thank you for everybody listening and watching. I thank you that they are blessed. I’m thankful they’ve given their life to you, Lord, that you have blessed them. You’ve equipped them with everything they need to walk out everything you’ve called them to do. Hallelujah. I thank you, Jesus.

Carlie: Right now, I want to take authority over sickness, over disease, over pain, over anguish, over despair. Right now, I take authority over those things and I speak healing to mind and healings to bodies, deliverance to people right now in the name of Jesus. We release the power of God in your heart, in your mind, in your soul, right now in Jesus name.

Ashley: In Jesus name.

Carlie: Thank you, Lord.

Ashley: Amen. Take it. It’s yours.

Carlie: Amen.

Ashley: Praise God. Remember don’t just settle for living a normal life when you could be living the abundant life. Thanks for joining us. And we’ll be back real soon with the next program.