Chill. You Got This?

Chill. You Got This?

Life can throw you curve-balls that really send us spinning! In those moments, it is imperative to chill, realize that God is on our side, and say, “Lord-You got this!”

Lessons From the Other Side of the Mountain

Moving to another country is a mammoth undertaking of epic proportions. No matter which way we looked at it, hauling three small children and 18 pieces of luggage (most of those filled with legos) thousands of miles to a country we had never visited—without any back-up plan, place to live, or transportation (other than a one-way plane ticket)—appeared (to any ordinary human being) just a tad irresponsible. Except for the fact that we were not then—and still aren’t now—ordinary human beings!

Our journey across the ocean began with a quiet stirring on the inside that we came to recognize was God. The simple, wild idea grew legs as we discussed it, and then it developed into us applying for a visa. Against all odds, including the US Embassy, God made a way for us to step into the plans He had for us.  Knowing that He was making straight the paths ahead—in ways that only He could—gave us the confidence to take the plunge and charter a course into the unknown.

The Mountain in the Way

After living in America for several years, it became time to apply for our permanent resident status or green card. Unsuccessful applications result in applicants having just a matter of weeks to leave the country. By this point, our kids were well settled and barely remembered life back home. What they knew was home to them. But our application was complicated and selected for review at least six times! It didn’t look good.

It was during this long, and stressful, process—when the mountain appeared so huge that it looked like it would fall on us—that God reminded me of something. This adventure was His idea, not mine. This was subtle at first, and momentarily comforting, but soon I was busy fixing the problems and addressing each challenge as it came, on my own.

I Got This?

I got this, I thought. Yeah, well that didn’t go too well for me, and I was far from chill! From somewhere near the bottom of the paperwork pile, I waved my white flag! If all else fails, seek the Lord, right?!

So, what did the Lord say? He showed me a picture of an army, thousands strong, lined up facing me across a valley. To my left and right stood my army, all on horseback ready to charge but hopelessly out-numbered. Every one of them looked at me to give them instruction, depending on me to lead them to victory. No pressure right?! As I wondered how anything good might come of this battle, He asked me a question: “Do you want to know what your horse’s name is?”

What kind of question is that at a time like this? I thought. Then it came to me: my Horse’s name was Holy Spirit! We couldn’t both be leading the charge. In order to win that battle, I knew that I needed to let go of the reins. As they fell from my hands, Holy Sprit began to move towards the army, and one by one every opponent fell away, until none remained. The moment I let go of those reigns, God won the battle!

2 Corinthians 2:14“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.”

No matter what your battle is today, it was His first. Chill—He’s got this!

1 John 4:4“You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”