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will the real you please stand up

Will the Real You Please Stand Up?

Will the Real You Please Stand Up?

Healing Comes

There is incredible healing power that comes when we know how precious we are to the Father. As we discover how much He loves us, we unwrap our purpose and find why we are here! Will the real you please stand up?

As the tears rolled down her weathered cheeks, dropping into her lap, something miraculous began to unravel…

The Enemy of Feeling Unloved and Unworthy

Jeannie’s brain was being eaten up by the enemy inside her.  However, the real enemy wasn’t even the cancer her doctors saw, but rather the hopelessness which consumed her every thought.  Her frail body still contained a flicker of the life that had once been the real Jeannie. Yet, now it was barely present— represented by her physical shell, but absent inside. As Jeannie’s family wheeled her towards me, my heart sunk. Their desperation was evident, and the mission was clear. This lady was dying, and only Jesus could heal her. The question was not if Jesus could heal her, but if Jeannie was still in there enough to want it.

I crouched down in front of her, our faces almost touching. Her soft breath moved my stray hair as we simply sat still for a moment. The bustling room was filled with the chatter of a thousand conversations, but there was only one Voice I needed to hear in that moment. Where are you Jesus?  Where are you in this lady’s heart? How did she get to this point?

Love overcomes. It never fails. Tell her of my love. She feels unworthy.

Love Always Wins

It was the love of God that reached deep inside of her that day and found hope. That hope was bruised but not crushed, downtrodden with disappointment but not defeated. Jeannie’s healing began with a whisper of truth—the truth that sets us free.

The truth says we are chosen by God and accepted in the beloved. We are heirs of His promises. God planned for us, protects us, and dearly loves us. Did you know that He formed you with a future written in His book and set you apart for great and wondrous things? We are destined to reign! God equipped us with power over the enemy!

We are justified by the Most High God, who loves us with the tender heart of a Father and strength of a King.  The truth that sets us free says that we are worthy to receive all that He has for us because of what He has done.

John 8:32 – “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

As Jeannie’s tears fell, they transformed from tears of sorrow and hopelessness to tears of joy! The joy of the Lord became the strength that Jeannie needed (Neh 8:10). The real Jeannie lifted her head. I knew it was done. The enemy could keep her bound no longer: I was looking at a free woman! A woman who took ahold of the truth with both hands and wouldn’t let it go. This woman had let go of the enemies in her own mind, and had instead allowed the Healer to come in. Here was a woman who came dying and left walking. A woman who was now free from cancer!

Stand Up

The Lord had asked, Will the real you please stand up? In response, the real Jeannie stood up that day.

What will you do with the truth? Will the real you please stand up?

Helpful nudge: Galatians 5:6 is a great place to start!





Will the Real You Please Stand Up?