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Miracles and Healing Made Easy free book by Carlie Terradez

Miracles & Healing Made Easy

God is a good God, and His power is alive and active in the world today. It is His will for everyone to be healed and for miracles to be an everyday experience in our lives. More than that, miracles are easy for Him— “they’re a piece of cake for Jesus!” His healing, miracle-working power is available today, and He’s not holding out on anyone!

You don’t need a special anointing or gift to access the life-giving power of God! His is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe! Miracles & Healing Made Easy is a wealth of that knowledge straight from the Word of God to you. It will enable you to “flip on the switch” of your faith and receive everything that God has for you.

Be inspired as you experience accounts of actual miracles in the lives of everyday believers! This book might just save your life—or someone else’s!

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