3 miracles in bout 24 hours

Three prayers got answered just today. 1. Yesterday on your live broadcast I commented that I wanted prayer for bedbugs. Long story but just in Feb and March I had a really bad case. You never prayed it but I was believing that God would answer and started thanking God.. After hearing on an Andrew Wommack teaching on humility, I realized I was trying to do this praying thing on my own power, essentially in pride. Last night there were no more visible bedbugs. I slept well after praying for good sleep. No more signs of bedbugs!!! 2. I had also, a week ago prayed to find $20. Today I found it! 3. I somehow logged out of my phone and it was asking for a password. I was told there was no way to reset it and I would have to start again, erasing all data. I prayed after many attempts to remember. I asked for a word of knowledge to tell me what the password was. God told me and it immediately worked!!! I cried for joy that God loves me, that He just wanted my heart for His own. He does the rest. Thanks that you have been part of this journey of renewing my mind!! Thanks for the full Gospel!!