I’m so excited today! About a week ago last Friday while listening to T Time, Carlie, you looked at the screen and said, “One of you has been studying for awhile and it’s time for you to step out and teach”. I knew the Lord was speaking to me through you. I had been fasting for about a day and a half seeking the Lord’s purpose for my life right now and was desperate to not lead the rest of my life as I was doing practically nothing bombarded with TV and eating! I’m 60 years old and a retired middle school teacher who misses her students terribly. I KNEW when you said I needed to step out and not be afraid but to take action that it was me. I’ve been listening to T Time from the first day. Actually, I saw you Carlie, in Durant for the Warrior Conference! I bought Brain Training and Healings and Miracles Made easy. When I got home I became a member of Abundant Life and was listening to Wednesday’s Power Hour. I haven’t missed a one!
My faith journey began January 19, 2019, when I listened to Andrew Wommack. I was suffering from terrible pain in all of my joints. I heard you first speak as I began to watch recorded Healing Conferences. Then, I began getting Andrew Wommack’s books, so many of them, beginning with The Believer’s Authority. Through Andrew, I heard about Smith Wigglesworth, so I began reading his books! What a Power House! It was all a little strange for me because at the time, I’d only been baptized in the Holy Spirit for about a year. I go to Duane Sheriff’s church, Victory Life in Broken Bow and they are a little more subdued than Wigglesworth. Lol. But I could not deny the truth of what I was reading, but when things began to really change for me was when I found Kenneth E. Hagin!! Oh my! I listened and listened and brought my husband In on the journey in the evenings listening to him Then, someone told me about Barry Bennett! Finally, last summer while I was serving at Victory Life’s Jubliee, God impressed upon my heart to attend Charis through the eCharis program. It got too hard to keep up with the YouTube videos I had watched or not watched. So I’ve been an eCharis student since August. Albeit a slow one. I still get caught up in Andrew’s books along with the courses. Spirit, Soul, & Body changed everything for me. During all of this time I would receive healing only to lose it again. Finally, the revelation of being risen with Christ helped me immensely and the root of the pain was dead, and I knew it. I knew it was gradual and I kept speaking Words of Life. The wrists, knees, And ankle pain was all gone, and the hip pain would come and go but always decrease. It wasn’t until the daily T Time with you all that I just noticed a couple of weeks ago, that all of the hip pain was completely gone. I could sleep all night on that side! It was incredible!
So that brings me to your speaking to me of teaching a week ago Friday, I think that was the day before our first Power Academy. So I heard God, but I struggled. Okay, I’ll say it I argued with God about how and when and how. But I kept crying out, You show me Lord! I finally realized that I was afraid, and that is unusual for me. I have one former student who goes to my church reaching out to me afraid. I began sending her your Live T Times and she listens to you guys late at night She loooves you guys and you have helped her immensely. God finally used her to help me with the how and when. I decided on Instagram because that’s where all my students are. I didn’t want to because I’m not as familiar or comfortable with it, but God used my student to pull me in that direction. So here comes the testimony! lol lol lol. Thursday about 3 A.M. I had a nightmare. My whole life I’ve dealt with night terrors. This one didn’t make me Shake but it made me feel bad about myself. A woman was yelling at me about how horrible I was and reminded me of an argument me and my husband had had to prove that if such a nice guy feels bad about me that really makes me awful. Something life that. I woke up and was laying there thinking about the dream when guess what…a sharp pain began in my hip. I got mad! It was so obvious to me that it was a lie because I didn’t hurt in my sleep. I whisper yelled at the pain to leave and then I began to recite Psalm 91. When I got to the part about God delivering me from the snare of the Fowler I felt a warmth In my hip and then it was Gone Instantly. I continued to recite the whole Psalm because I was acutely aware that I was being attacked. And then I prayed in tongues until I finally went back to sleep which took a long time. If Satan was trying to stop me he missed the mark because it just gave me courage! I knew I had a breakthrough!
So…I did my first LIVE on Instagram at 8:00 last night and 10 former students participated. I used the majority of Ashley’s notes on The True Nature of God: God is Good! Thank you Ashley! I made it my own because God gave me insights And the example of the woman that suffered 18 years as an example to read of Jesus being a perfect reflection of the Father! I LOVE you guys so much! My students appreciated it and said they really needed it. I’m going to do another LIVE tonight about Brain Training!
I’m sorry this is so long, but I wanted you to know me and where I’ve come from these last 15 months. I’ve gained so much courage and know that I’ve grown since listening and participating with you during T Time, leaps and bounds. This is a courage and belief down deep in my inner man that wasn’t there before. You guys are kind of like a steroid shot that The Holy Spirit is using to strengthen my faith!
God bless you both.
Air Hugs!!