Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord!
I started listening to Tea Time with the Terradez Ministry about 6 weeks ago and about a month ago, I sowed $50 Into their ministry.
I am so blessed by their openness and natural God given anointing, the couple has and they are sharing with the World!
I was fasting two weeks ago and I asked God to provide the money to pay off my 1,800$ credit card. And during fasting, I kept feeling led to clean up some clutter in my hallway.
There was a box at the bottom, and I felt like I needed to clean and go through things, and I did just that.
I found an unopened check almost 6 mo old. for my daughter, and mail for me.
It was a prepaid college account that never got used. The amount was for the same amount 1,800$, needless to say, I was in disbelief!
I talked to my daughter and said, this college money never applied to your acct. and I called them the next day and the person I spoke to was talking me into a refund for the 1800$.
But, I felt it was worth more though, if It got applied to the college. And it was!
I was still fasting and I felt she was incorrect on just getting a refund.
She had almost talked me into requesting the refund.
I explained nicely, that I didn’t agree with her info. and I would hold off on my decision. She explained it needed to be refunded right away, as the extension from 2 yrs ago, would soon expire and I would lose it all by not getting refund or using plan before now.
The next day, guess who gave a quick word on Tea Time? Yes! Carly! Just two Wednesday’s ago she was praying for healings.
Well, I was very busy that day, but, at the right time I tuned in, Carly stopped and gave a quick word, she said, “full., I hear full…, full coverage.” “The Lord is going to take care of this, and it will be covered.” (I believe were her exact words.) And then she went right back to praying for healings! Faith quickened inside me!
This quick word was for me! I was NOW hopeful and cried, telling my daughter what Carly had just proclaimed on her show.
I quickly pursued getting all the money I was due back from my investment.
After many calls and a trip to the college (that my daughter is about to earn a degree at.) It paid off! Today I received 500$ TODAY!!!
The amount will be 5,000$ over the next 6 mo, that I will receive!
I am getting a 100 fold return on the 50$ seed, I sowed joyfully Into this ministry!
I have heard of other people giving testimonies like this, but this is my first quick financial harvest that cannot be reasoned away, nor soon forgotten!
I will be sowing again, into this ministry!
I Praise God for their contagious faith and loving genuine prayers!
I pray for your faith to rise inside of you right now! I agree for your finances to be exponentially multiplied as well, as you sow, and debts are paid off, so that you too, can be about our Fathers Kingdom business! I pray for God’s power to be in us all to be out of debt and to financially prosper! In Jesus Name, Amen!
I chose to sow into a faithful grounded ministry such as this one!
Expect a harvest when you sow into kingdom ministries such as #TerradezMinistries.
I have heard God’s word through them, I prayed in faith, I sowed in faith, I received in faith, and now I will repeat this faith process, to glorify and grow OUR KINGDOMS Of GOD! Hallelujah! Amen! ALL GLORY GOES TO GOD!
God’s Grace and Love be unto us all,
Renee’ Sullivan