Perfect love casts out all fear

Hi, I just want to thank the Lord & your ministry for my testimony. There are many parts to my whole story but in short anxiety & panic (fear) has been an on again off again issue in my life for almost 20 years…I thought I was free one before years ago but it only got worse after my father passed away last year…
that said the Lord has always used dreams most often to speak to me, I had been seeking Him more consistently the last few months as I had many important family things coming up that I wanted to be a part of…one night after prayer I heard the verse “Perfect love casts out all fear”
So I knew that was my verse to stand on, and I sure was standing on it BUT I just wasn’t fully free, I still felt stuck & couldn’t shake it. Long story short I had a dental issue on a Saturday & knew I had to go to the hospital (I haven’t liked hospitals or small rooms etc) and fear had me freaking out….then I went on FB hoping for something when your video or live (I don’t remember) was playing and it was so powerful, I remember hearing everything so clearly and then I heard “Perfect love casts out all fear”…and then how the enemy tries to stop us (which I’ve heard & know but it hadn’t “clicked” fully before)…and literally I felt something lift & at the same time I got mad….
Next thing you know I’m praising the Lord & I went to the hospital (which afterward is another testimony because the Lord healed my abscess that they couldn’t help)….ever since that day I’ve been able to go everywhere & haven’t missed any family things, most importantly my son’s wedding! (This happened late August, and I am overjoyed)
I tried to shorten this & could have included so much more (testimonies within this testimony)….
Thank you & God Bless,
Jennifer from Wisconsin